I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 389 - : Feeding An Kirin

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Chapter 389: Feeding An Kirin

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Can you tell me which types there are?” An Lin’s eyes immediately lit up.

Yi Xi paused for a second before replying, “The seventh-grade immortal pill, Spirit Battle Immortal Pill, can materialize the power of spiritual slashes in one’s sea of vital energy, the sixth-grade immortal pill, Divine Frost Wolf Pill, can materialize the power of the frost wolf in one’s sea of vital energy, the third-grade immortal pill, Heavenly Scorching Realm Pill, can materialize the power of heavenly flames in one’s sea of vital energy, and the second-grade immortal pill, Extreme Soul Pill, can materialize a battle soul in one’s sea of vital energy.”

An Lin was a little disheartened after hearing this introduction. Even the cheapest among those pills would be the seventh-grade immortal pill, Spirit Battle Pill. This sure was an expensive experiment.

“Let’s try the seventh-grade immortal pill, Spirit Battle Pill first!” He finally decided after momentary thought.

“Alright, one Spirit Battle Pill coming right up!” Yi Xi was extremely excited. He had just received half a mooncake made by Chang’e and now he was about to have the pleasure of spectating another one of An Lin’s pill-consumption performances, it had to be his lucky day today!

An hour later, a pill br.i.m.m.i.n.g with immortal aura was handed over to An Lin.

He had spent two hundred and fifty thousand spirit stones for this pill, but it was still just within a tolerable range for him.

He didn’t think too much and immediately swallowed the pill on the spot.

Yi Xi’s eyes glowed as he looked on in delight. “As expected of a pill-consumption might figure, your grace and resolution in pill-consumption are unmatched! Even after swallowing the pill, your expression remains nonchalant, as if you had just eaten a lolly instead of an immortal pill… You truly are a leading pioneer in the field of pill-consumption!”

An Lin: “…”

The immortal pill began to take effect quickly after An Lin activated his Evergreen Technique to speed up absorption.

An extremely pure flow of energy strengthened An Lin’s body and at the same time, a series of blades of wind seemingly imbued with the power to cut through everything slowly formed a vortex in his sea of vital energy.

An Lin’s heart rate accelerated as he surveyed his sea of vital energy and yelled internally, “Dumb kid, go eat the vortex over there!!”

As expected, An Kirin also immediately noticed the vortex of blades. He giggled excitedly and flew up to the vortex before slapping at it with his chubby little hand.


The sea of vital energy surged and the vortex dissipated from the slap…

An Lin: “…”

An Kirin yawned after slapping the vortex into non-existence and laid back down onto the sea of vital energy to continue his slumber.

An Lin’s heart throbbed with a dull ache. What a waste of money!

Could it be that An Kirin’s consumption of the power of the moon was only a coincidence and that he was completely unable to consume any other forms of energy?

The power of spiritual slashes was not that easy to get rid of and the vortex slowly began to reappear elsewhere in the sea of vital energy. From now on, all of An Lin’s immortal spells would be imbued with the power of spiritual slashes.

An Kirin didn’t take notice of the vortex after it reappeared and continued to sleep as if nothing had happened.

Yi Xi had a rough idea of the outcome from An Lin’s dejected expression. “Was that a failure?”

An Lin nodded with a grave expression.

Yi Xi was also a little dejected. He didn’t know just what An Lin had failed at, but a pill-consumption mighty figure like him should have been able to trigger phenomena between heaven and earth with every pill they consumed. The fact that this didn’t happen was a strong indication that he had failed in his experimentation.

He offered up some words of consolation. “Mr. An Lin, alchemy is a path which is fraught with failure and disappointment. But you can’t lose heart and you can’t give up!”

An Lin: “???”

He was just consuming an immortal pill, what was this about the alchemy?

However, An Lin was fully in agreement with one thing Yi Xi had said: now was not the time to give up!

“Mr. Yi Xi, please refine the sixth-grade immortal pill, Divine Frost Wolf Pill for me!” An Lin spoke with determination.

“Alright, I’ll do that right away.” Yi Xi’s eyes lit up. As expected of a pill-consumption mighty figure, they wouldn’t always eat pills, but every time they did, it would be a relentless feast!

After another hour, the Divine Frost Wolf Pill was successfully refined.

An Lin held the white immortal pill in his hand to find that a frosty aura was emanating from within. The mighty howl of an ancient wolf erupted from the immortal pill, causing An Lin’s heart to tremble in awe.

“As expected of a sixth-grade immortal pill, just its aura alone is enough to inspire awe and reverence. It looks like my three hundred and fifty thousand spirit stones were well-spent after all.” An Lin chuckled lightly before placing the immortal pill into his mouth.


This time, a frosty aura spread throughout his whole body, making every single one of his cells shudder from the cold.

His bone density began to increase, and his muscle fibers also became more powerful. A powerful aura burst forth from his body before quickly receding.

At the same time, the projection of a divine wolf appeared above his sea of vital energy.

The divine wolf’s body was entirely blue, and it raised its head with the pride of a powerful monarch.

Its head was then swallowed by An Kirin.

The golden baby was extremely animated as he waved his limbs around and tore the divine wolf into shreds with his bare hands. The divine wolf was reduced to streams of frosty aura which was then completely engulfed by the golden baby not long after!


A rumble sounded in An Lin’s sea of vital energy and a snowflake insignia surfaced on the golden baby’s forehead. At the same time, a number suddenly appeared on his chest which quickly changed from 0.745 to 0.805. Following this, three Tai Chu characters also appeared beside the number: Frost is full.

“Yes, success!”

An Lin was extremely excited after witnessing the golden baby’s increase in body weight, and he leaped up in delight.

However, he was suddenly struck by a bout of stomach discomfort. Perhaps it was due to vigorous exercise after just consuming an immortal pill, but his stomach suddenly began to throb with intense pain!

“Ow, that hurts!” An Lin gripped his stomach in pain.

“What’s wrong, Brother An Lin!?” Yi Xi was given a fright and immediately latched onto An Lin before activating a healing spell technique, thinking that this was an after-effect from excessive pill consumption.

An Lin shook his head. “I’m ok… barf!”


A golden baby fell to the ground and immediately began to bawl his eyes out.

“Waah… That hurt… Waah…”

Both An Lin and Yi Xi fell silent.

An Lin stood rooted to the spot, clearly not expecting something like this to happen.

However, he had seen this scenario once before, so he was relatively calm.

In contrast, this was the first time Yi Xi had witnessed this, and his eyes were about to bulge out of his head. He looked at An Lin, then at the golden baby bawling on the ground, and his whole body trembled.

He only managed to force out a sentence after a long while. “Mr. An, no, Senior An Lin! Eating pills can result in childbirth?!”

An Lin: “…”

Yi Xi had only heard that An Lin had recently reached Soul Formation Stage, but he knew nothing about An Lin’s newborn child. Hence, he was extremely shocked at this scene, to the extent that he felt like his world had been tipped on its head.

A certain shackle seemed to have been unlocked in his mind, giving him access to a whole new world!

An Lin gently cradled the golden baby from the ground and explained with a solemn expression, “Pill consumption won’t result in childbirth. This is a spiritual object which suddenly appeared after I reached Soul Formation Stage.”

A scorching heat flashed through Yi Xi’s eyes and his voice began to tremble, “Could it be? Could it be the legendary alchemy Soul Formation, the pill-spirit domain!?”

This time, it was An Lin who fell into a state of shock. He had resigned himself to the notion that he had no domain, but Yi Xi was now suggesting that he did have a domain and that domain was closely connected to the golden baby. This new notion had him completely dumbfounded.

Holy f*ck, was this really a legitimate explanation? It sounded like Yi Xi might have a point!

“Could Senior Yi Xi please explain to me what this alchemy Soul Formation and this pill spirit domain are?” An Lin asked excitedly.

Elder Yi Xi blinked with a confused expression. “How would I know? I just invented those terms on the spot! Shouldn’t you be the one to explain to me what’s going on here, Senior An Lin?”

An Lin’s chest constricted at his words. How was he supposed to explain anything?

An Lin felt a crus.h.i.+ng sense of despair as he looked down at the golden baby who had stopped crying and was sucking on his own thumb.

Vice-Princ.i.p.al Yu Hua didn’t know what was going on, Soul-Beast Xiao Chou didn’t know what was going on… The path he was walking had already become so crooked that no one knew what was going on with him anymore!

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 389 - : Feeding An Kirin

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