I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 528 - My Blood is Poisonous

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Chapter 528: My Blood is Poisonous

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The air around the coffin began to warp and s.h.i.+mmer as the four Divine Flames continued to burn stronger.

Indescribably high temperatures engulfed the blood-jade coffin, but the Blood Tribe woman’s expression remained completely tranquil and calm, having not even broken a sweat.

On the contrary, An Lin’s forehead was pouring with sweat!

Fifteen minutes later, An Lin withdrew his Divine Flames as he panted heavily, having just used up almost all the power within his body.

He had to leave some energy in reserve in case the Blood Tribe cultivator in the coffin decided to launch a counterattack.

An Lin swallowed a Blood Spirit Pill before turning an exasperated gaze on the blood-jade coffin.

A taunting sneer appeared on the face of the woman in the coffin.

The blood-jade coffin then glowed with an even brighter red light as it seemed to accelerate its life-force energy absorption from the purple gra.s.sland.

An Lin stood beside the blood-jade coffin while feeling at a bit of a loss for what to do. If he continued to let the Blood Tribe mighty figure within the coffin regenerate like this, the roles of hunter and prey would probably be reversed the next time the coffin lid opened.

Should he leave now?

An Lin was reluctant to pa.s.s up such a good opportunity to land the killing blow. This might also be the best way to procure more golden Realm Essence Crystals as well… After all, there was no faster way of procuring Realm Essence Crystals than murder and robbery!

At least, that was the case in An Lin’s eyes.

The woman in the coffin was a Return to Void Stage mighty figure who had been in the Ancient Tai Chu Realm for close to ten days. Surely she had some Realm Essence Crystals saved up…

Just as An Lin was hesitating, Xue Zhantian’s stomach suddenly began to rumble.

“Master, I have to excuse myself.” Xue Zhantian flapped his wings as he flew into the air.

“For what?” An Lin blinked with curiosity.

“I ate that ice-type spirit fruit too fast and now my stomach is feeling a bit odd, so I have to go take a dump…” Xue Zhantian replied sheepishly.

An Lin’s lips twitched slightly. This was the first that he had heard of someone getting diarrhea from eating spirit fruits.

However, a master plan suddenly occurred to him, and his eyes lit up.

“Litte Tian…” A mysterious smile appeared on An Lin’s face.

“I’m here!” Xue Zhantian swallowed nervously as he wondered to himself what bizarre plot An Lin could be hatching.

“Aren’t you going to take a dump? Just do it here…” An Lin chuckled as he pointed to the lid of the blood-jade coffin.

Xue Zhantian: “…”

“Master… do you take me as some sort of shameless, brazen snow soul beast?!” Xue Zhantian glowered at An Lin with his big, watery eyes.

An Lin shook his head. “No. You’re a fearless warrior who leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit for victory!”

Xue Zhantian had no response to this.

“I’ll give you five spirit fruits once you’re done!” An Lin offered an incentive.

“Alright, whatever. I’m not defecating in front of other snow soul beasts anyway, this is just a Blood Tribe cultivator…” Xue Zhantian flew toward the blood-jade coffin with a determined expression on his face.

That’s right, what he was doing now was exactly the same as a human defecating in front of a wild animal. Justifying it through that thought process made the whole thing a lot less shameful for him!

“Little Tian, go over in that direction a little, right, that’s good, right over her head. M-hm, right there, perfect…”

Xue Zhantian finally a.s.sumed the correct position after following An Lin’s instructions.

Xue Zhantian floated ten centimeters above the blood jade coffin as his fur parted slightly to reveal a small hole, and then…

The Blood Tribe woman’s calm and collected facade completely crumbled as her eyes widened with incredulity and horror.

Right at this moment, grey fecal matter began to pour down.

Could you imagine what it was like to have someone take a dump right over your head?

Even if there was a semi-transparent coffin lid in the way, the experience was still quite a harrowing one.

Shame, humiliation, disgust… Countless negative emotions welled up in her heart.

This was a very terrifying psychological attack.

The Blood Tribe woman finally exploded in rage!


The coffin lid exploded open, knocking Xue Zhantian far into the sky above.

“I’ll kill you!”

The Blood Tribe woman roared with rage as she pounced upon An Lin at extremely formidable speed with her fingers curled into claws.

Her fingers tore through the air before carving out a lethal crimson trajectory that threatened to tear An Lin’s body apart.

An Lin was already prepared, and he unleashed his Wind Sword technique the moment the coffin lid flew into the sky, so he struck even faster than the Blood Tribe woman did!

He dodged the Blood Tribe woman’s crimson fingers before slas.h.i.+ng out a peerlessly sharp white line diagonally across her body. The Evil-Slaying Sword slashed through her black robe, leaving a trail of blood in its wake.

So fast!

The Blood Tribe woman was shocked that a Soul Formation Stage cultivator was capable of unleas.h.i.+ng such a fast attack. However, she still had over a hundred ways to crush a Soul Formation Stage cultivator!

The Blood Tribe woman came off second best in their first exchange, but she immediately grasped at the air as she turned to An Lin.

The s.p.a.ce within a radius of a thousand feet was instantly congealed.

This was the spatial sealing technique that only Return to Void Stage mighty figures were capable of.

An Lin’s body was completely sealed in just an instant.

A satisfied smirk appeared on the Blood Tribe woman’s face. “How naive of you to think that you could defeat me with your pitiful cultivation base. Even if I was on the brink of death, I could still kill you with a single finger…”


A sharp crack suddenly sounded before a red streak of light flashed through the air, tearing apart the Blood Tribe woman’s spatial seal before puncturing her head!

“How…” The Blood Tribe stared at An Lin with incredulity on her face.

An Lin turned and immediately slashed his Evil-Slaying Sword down toward the woman in a merciless strike.

The woman retreated at blinding speed as she fought to settle her emotions. As expected of a Blood Tribe Return to Void Stage mighty figure, her life force was so fearsome that she was basically unaffected even after the Realm-Piercing Nail punctured through her head. Not only was she able to stage a retreat, but she was also able to simultaneously conjured up blood swords with her hands to defend herself against An Lin’s strikes.

“Hehe, are you really at the Return to Void Stage? Your spatial manipulation power is so frail and rusty. You can’t even beat me in a contest of power and speed. You must be one of the weakest Return to Void Stage cultivators to ever live!” An Lin taunted as he attacked.

The Blood Tribe woman’s chest rose and fell with rage as she glowered at An Lin with her crimson eyes.

She let loose a light yell, and the blood churned within her body as she was forced to use a mystic technique to drastically boost her aura.


Her body transformed into a crimson streak of light before cras.h.i.+ng into An Lin’s Evil-Slaying Sword.

An Lin was knocked flying by the force of the collision and the Blood Tribe woman pounced on him at extreme speed to bite down on his neck as he flew back through the air!

An Lin could feel the woman suck a large gulp of blood from his body. Who would have thought that the woman would be able to bite through his body of the War G.o.d with just one vampire tooth left?

He feigned a panicked expression while he lashed out with his sword.

The Blood Tribe woman reacted extremely quickly, and she immediately released An Lin to avoid the sword strike.

“Ohohoho… your blood is so sweet, little boy…” The Blood Tribe woman extended her bloodstained tongue to lick her lips in a seductive manner.

“Drink some more then,” An Lin replied with a triumphant expression.

A hint of confusion appeared on her face. “What do you mean by that?”

An Lin wiped the blood from his neck with a smile. “My blood is lethal poison to all Blood Tribe cultivators. You’re pretty strong so… you might last a minute?”

The Blood Tribe woman faltered slightly upon hearing this before chortling with mirth as she clutched her lower abdomen. “Hahaha… Are you trying to be a comedian, little boy? Do you think I would believe in such a crude, blatant lie?”

She swept her golden hair behind her ear as she raised her chin with an arrogant look in her eyes. “Lowly trash like you don’t understand how powerful the life force of us Blood Tribe cultivators are. There is not one creature whose poison can kill me!”

Just as her voice faded, her body trembled slightly, and a peculiar blush appeared on her face.

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 528 - My Blood is Poisonous

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