I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 529 - Fall of the Title of Poison Lord

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Chapter 529: Fall of the t.i.tle of Poison Lord

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

An Lin chortled with glee upon seeing this. “Haha, how do you feel now? Do you understand the might of the Poison Lord now!?”

The Blood Tribe looked up at An Lin with the blush still lingering on her face as her red eyes rippled seductively. “Yes… you are indeed mighty…”

What’s with that expression?

An Lin’s lips twitched as he failed to understand what was going on.

Was that the normal reaction of Blood Tribe cultivators to being poisoned?

Weren’t they supposed to roll their eyes over, froth at the mouth, and faint on the spot?

What was this h.o.r.n.y expression on her face!?

Right at this moment, the Blood Tribe woman suddenly half-knelt onto the ground with her brows slightly furrowed. A pained expression appeared on her face, and she clutched at her chest as her body trembled.

An Lin’s worries were instantly swept aside upon seeing this. This was the proper reaction to being poisoned.

The Blood Tribe woman spoke, seemingly with great difficulty, “Your… your blood…”

A faint smile appeared on An Lin’s face, and he was just about to ridicule her further when a bone-meltingly seductive voice sounded.

“I love this taste… It feels like it has purified my entire being…”

When the Blood Tribe woman raised her head, An Lin was greeted by the sight of her extremely seductive blus.h.i.+ng features. Her robe loosened slightly at her chest to reveal a snowy white, bouncy semi-sphere.

An Lin drew a sharp intake of breath and immediately averted his gaze before calming his emotions. He turned to meet the woman’s scorching gaze with an astonished expression. “Don’t you have a feeling that you’re about to die?”

A gentle, alluring smile appeared on the Blood Tribe woman’s face. “I do…”

An Lin heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing this. Thank G.o.d.

“I feel so good right now to the point that I could die,” the Blood Tribe woman said as she amended her words.

An Lin: “…”

She stood up, and it appeared as if she had already recovered. Aside from her panting breath, the blush on her face, and the seductive glow in her eyes, she appeared to be back to normal.

An Lin retreated a few steps, and his body was tightly-wound as he stared cautiously at the woman before him.

The Blood Tribe woman still hadn’t collapsed after such a long time. Could it be… that his blood had failed?!

An Lin was struck by a burst of anxiety and a sense of loss.

His biggest weapon against the Blood Tribe had just disappeared.

His enemy might have been severely wounded, but she was not going to be an easy opponent.

The life force of the Blood Tribe cultivators was extremely powerful, so it was going to be exceedingly difficult to kill a Blood Tribe Return to Void Stage mighty figure like her.

He would probably have to use all his trump cards to stand a chance at winning this battle.

This was going to be a tough fight…

The Blood Tribe woman stared at An Lin with a complex expression before shaking her head. “Don’t be nervous; I won’t hurt you. You helped me purify my body, after all. Now… my body and my soul are both extremely averse to the idea of hurting you…”

An Lin’s mouth fell open as he began to doubt his hearing.

“You say your blood is lethal poison, but what you don’t know is that your blood is the most delicious blood in the world. It is imbued with the power of the heavenly dao and has the power to purify everything impure from this world…” The Blood Tribe woman stared at An Lin with a scorching expression. “The weaker cultivators from the Blood Tribe would perhaps be unable to endure this power of purification, thereby causing their bodies to crumble and disintegrate during the purification process. However, if you can endure all that, the blood would then become the perfect medicine for purifying one’s body and soul…”

An Lin was shocked into silence. Was that really the case?

He recalled back to all the Blood Tribe cultivators he had poisoned, and their symptoms did seem concurrent with what she was describing. They all frothed at the mouth before dying, but their blood did not turn black, and the cause of death did appear to be more like bodily disintegration.

His blood was also effective against evil and impure creatures such as the Demons of h.e.l.l, so this purification explanation did make sense…

An Lin’s eyes widened in shock. “So that means… I’m not the Poison Lord, but instead the Medicine Lord?”

“That’s right, your blood is the most delicious medicine in this world.” The Blood Tribe woman stared at An Lin with a scorching gaze, and she implored him as she licked her red lips, “Can you let me suck another mouthful… just one mouthful. I’ll do anything…”

An Lin really wanted to tell her to not move so that he could get away from here.

However, he thought about the situation and realized that the Blood Tribe woman’s behavior was quite peculiar.

After all, if she really did crave his blood, then she could just take it by force. She would be able to suck all of his blood she wanted if she were to subdue him.

However, she didn’t do that. Instead, she chose to plead with him for his blood.


It looked like the Blood Tribe woman was speaking the truth, in that both her body and soul were averse to the idea of hurting him after drinking his blood.

With a spell technique, An Lin extracted a large drop of blood from the wound that was about to heal on his neck. He then asked with a smile, “You wanna drink this?”

The Blood Tribe woman nodded with desire burning in her eyes. “I do… I do!”

“Then use your storage ring and that blood-jade coffin as an exchange!” An Lin chuckled.

The Blood Tribe woman faltered slightly after hearing this, and tears began to swim in her eye. “You’re a bully!”

However, she still plucked a crimson storage ring off her finger before tossing it to An Lin. “The blood-jade coffin is just over there. Go get it yourself.”

An Lin caught the storage ring, but it took him a long while before he came to his senses.

Did he really just use one drop of blood to exchange for everything a Return to Void Stage mighty figure owned?

Was his blood that valuable?

An Lin was feeling a bit overwhelmed by unexpected joy, and at the same time, he was also lamenting over all the valuable blood he had shed in the past! His emotions were suddenly in extreme conflict…

He pushed the drop of blood suspended in the air toward the Blood Tribe woman.

She opened her mouth and eagerly swallowed the drop of blood before narrowing her eyes with an expression of contentment and bliss.

An Lin: “…”

Xue Zhantian immediately carried the blood-jade coffin to An Lin.

Without the stabilization of a spell technique, the coffin was easy to move around. Xue Zhantian also made sure to clean away all the fecal matter on the coffin lid in a thoughtful gesture before carrying the coffin over to An Lin.

An Lin stowed the coffin into his storage ring before turning to the Blood Tribe woman, who appeared to still be basking in sheer bliss. “Alright, I’ll be taking my leave then.”

His goal was to obtain all the belongings of the Blood Tribe woman.

Now that he had achieved that objective, there was no point in remaining here, so he might as well leave.

An Lin began to depart atop his brick with Xue Zhantian by his side.

The Blood Tribe gritted her teeth before also flying into the sky to follow behind An Lin.

An Lin: “Why are you following me?”

“I… Can you let me drink a little bit more of your blood?” The Blood Tribe woman stuttered, “The taste of your blood has changed my life. If you let me drink more of it, I will be sure to repay you…”

“Hehe…” An Lin sneered coldly, “You want to drink more of my blood? Forget about it! You’re not getting any more!”


The Blood Tribe woman nodded in disappointment before falling silent.

Fifteen minutes later, An Lin looked behind him with an exasperated expression. “What the h.e.l.l do you want?!”

The woman averted her gaze before replying in a soft voice, “I’m just traveling.”

“Traveling my a*s! I’ve made so many twists and turns already, but you’re still following behind me. You call this traveling? You’re stalking me! Are you an obsessive female stalker?” An Lin roared as the veins on his head bulged out.

“Obsessive female stalker?” A smile appeared on the Blood Tribe woman’s face as she said, “That’s a really good use of that term!”

An Lin’s chest constricted as he was struck by a spell of dizziness from rage.

“I won’t allow you to drink my blood, so there’s no point in following me.” An Lin dismissed her in a feeble voice.

“There IS a point.” The Blood Tribe woman retorted stubbornly, “You’re going to get injured in battles, in which case you will bleed, and I will then be able to feast on the blood you shed.”

An Lin almost blacked out and fell from his brick.

F*ck! Her logic was watertight! What should he do?

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 529 - Fall of the Title of Poison Lord

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