I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 543 - Breaking Through the Illusion

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Chapter 543: Breaking Through the Illusion

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Everything was so realistic here that the line between illusion and reality in An Lin’s heart was slowly becoming blurred.

The thought of staying here forever flashed through his heart for an instant, but he quickly repressed that urge.

Even if this was an alternate reality, there was another world where Xiaolan as well as his friends and family were all waiting for him. He couldn’t just abandon them!

Thus, the question arose again. How could he go back?

An Lin’s brows furrowed as he fell into deep thought. He had heard that in some illusionary realms, the target could kill everyone they knew within the realm, thereby shattering the core of the illusionary realm, which would enable them to successfully escape.

But was this really just an illusionary realm?

Even if it was, An Lin couldn’t bear to strike down his friends and family under such realistic circ.u.mstances.

Besides, what if they were real?!

Divine Inspection Technique!

An Lin’s eyes became snowy white as he surveyed his surroundings in an attempt to find a flaw or weak point of this world. However, his efforts were all in vain as there was no sign of any spell techniques around him.

Maybe he could try to break through this world through his own strength…

Origin Energy of the Netherworld!

Black mist emanated from his body as his aura began to climb explosively. At the same time, Golden Void Lightning began to revolve around his Evil-Slaying Sword as he slashed out a dazzling sword projection into the sky.

The Golden Void Lightning sword projection lit up the entire night sky as it streaked through the air. Finally, after traveling for an indeterminate distance, the lightning energy began to slowly dissipate…

That didn’t work either…

An Lin withdrew his Origin Energy of the Netherworld with a disappointed expression on his face.

“An Lin, could it be that you don’t know how to go back?” Xu Xiaolan also came to this realization upon seeing An Lin’s expression, and an expression of concern appeared on her face.

An Lin smile a little awkwardly before a thought suddenly occurred to him. He then pulled out his Vermilion Bird Mirror.

“Mirror mirror in my hand, tell me where I am and how do I get back?”

The Vermilion Bird Mirror shook slightly before a crisp, tender voice said, “Master, you’re on Tai Chu Continent! Go back? Where do you want to go back to? Get your wife to lead the way and don’t bother me again!”

An Lin: “…”

Xu Xiaolan covered her mouth as she chuckled lightly. “You still dare to ask that mirror questions? Don’t you know her bad temper? You’re going to lose sleep if you keep talking with her.”

An Lin grimaced upon hearing this. “There’s no way my mirror can be so irritable.”

Xu Xiaolan seemed to come to a realization and a sense of loss appeared on her face. “That’s right… You’re not him…”

An Lin didn’t have time to get caught up in emotions. He still had to find a way to break out of here.

A thought suddenly occurred to him. He turned his eyes upon the black tower at the center of the city.

“Xiaolan, I have to leave here!” An Lin leaped onto his brick.

“You’re going to come back, right? You, or him.” Xu Xiaolan looked up at An Lin with a hint of panic in her expression.

An Lin faltered slightly before looking down at Xu Xiaolan.

She looked back up at him with an earnest gaze as tears s.h.i.+mmered in her eyes.

An Lin’s heart trembled, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he gave her a slight nod before flying toward the black tower.

Despite the fact that it was nighttime, the entire city was extremely well-lit and throngs of people walked through the streets, as if this were a city that never sleeps.

A white light flashed at the top of the black tower, as if it were a divine lighthouse lighting up the night and giving people direction.

An Lin flew toward the black tower, and he caught sight of the two red-robed guardians as he approached.

One was tall and thin, and the other was short and stocky.

The two guardians appeared quite young, unlike the elderly guardians he had encountered in real life, but he could tell that they were one and the same from the outlines of their faces.

“So you’re here. How do you feel?”

A smile appeared on the short and stocky guardian’s face, as if it was completely unsurprised that An Lin would appear here.

An Lin faltered slightly while a peculiar emotion welled up in his heart. “Who are you? And what is this place?”

The stocky guardian explained, “We are the guardians of this Qi Lou City. No, to be more accurate, we are the guardians of the entire Yang Lou Nation! This is the Qi Lou City of Tai Chu Continent.”

A cold smile appeared on An Lin’s face. “Qi Lou City has already been reduced to rubble and ash; this world is just an illusion.”

The stocky guardian shook his head. “What is a reality? And what is an illusion? Everything here is perfectly realistic, so how can you refer to it as an illusion?”

The tall guardian also turned to look at An Lin before speaking in an indifferent voice, “You have two choices now. You can try to blend into this world, in which case you would become the only An Lin in this world and live a happy life here. Alternatively, you can kill everyone you know here, thereby severing the karma here in order to completely separate yourself from this world and return to your original world.”

An Lin’s heart trembled upon hearing this. However, a thought then suddenly occurred to him, and a smile appeared on his face.

Did he really only have two choices just because they said so?

An Lin wasn’t going to submit to that. He still had a trump card which he hadn’t used.

Divine Simulation Technique!

Countless galaxies flashed across his eyes. Eventually, the realm that he was in flashed into his eyes.

Invisible ripples proliferated through the air as every single detail between heaven and earth was reciprocated into his mind. A vast stream of information flowed into his brain, telling him what was justifiable, and what shouldn’t exist…

The two red-robed guardians’ expressions s.h.i.+fted upon detecting this invisible ripple.

The ground in front of them had already been blasted open at this moment.

An Lin leaped into the air, and his body shot forth like a rocket to reach the top of the black tower.

He instantly activated his Origin Energy of the Netherworld, and Golden Void Lightning crackled around his Evil-Slaying Sword before he slashed a mighty sword projection toward the black tower.

The source of the brilliant white light at the top of the black tower was struck by his lightning sword projection, and the entire night sky was painted gold by the explosion of golden lightning.

Countless Qi Lou City residents looked up at the golden lightning flas.h.i.+ng at the top of the black tower with shocked and puzzled expressions on their faces.

In the distance, Mu Yudie and An Mingchuan held each other’s hand as they stood side by side while staring up at the tall tower. The golden lightning had already exploded into a dazzling and beautiful golden ball of lightning.


The tip of the black tower was annihilated by An Lin’s sword strike.

The s.p.a.ce around him began to twist and crack open while the world around him suddenly began to dim and blur before his eyes…

Darkness fell over his eyes as he blacked out into nothingness.

The two red-robed guardians looked up at the spot where An Lin had disappeared with complex expressions on their faces.

The stocky guardian shook his head with a forlorn sigh. “So be it. His heart does not want to remain in this world, so there’s no point in forcing it.”

The tall guardian nodded in agreement. “He had already given up on pursuing the illusion, so there was no way it could have become his reality.”

Within the darkness.

An Lin’s body shuddered as he slowly came to his senses.

He opened his eyes to find a blinding expanse of white before his eyes!

An Lin focused his gaze and discovered that this was a fragment glowing with white light.

The fragment seemed to be both realistic, yet illusionary. It appeared to be realistic at first sight.

However, as soon as one established the concept that it was realistic in one’s mind, it would become illusionary. But just when one thought that it was illusionary, it would become realistic again.

An Lin blinked with curiosity.

What is this thing?

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 543 - Breaking Through the Illusion

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