I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 621 - Let's Create a New World Together

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Chapter 621: Let’s Create a New World Together

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The bright and vibrant sun hung high in the sky, basking the ground below in warm sunlight.

White clouds drifted on a background of blue sky, and a light breeze blew past as the clouds danced while they transformed into a series of different shapes.

An Lin appeared on a wide street in the city, which was paved with smooth, flat bricks, with shops on either side of the street.

He was suddenly caught in a daze as he realized that this was the street that he had once walked together with Xiaolan by his side.

This was Qi Lou City; the very same lively and bustling Qi Lou City from countless years in the past.

However, there weren’t any living creatures here.

All the plants growing on the side of the streets were also all dried and withered.

An Lin looked up at the sun before taking a deep breath.

The feeling this place gave him was exactly the same as that illusionary realm. Everything was extremely realistic, as if this were reality itself… No, perhaps this was indeed reality; an alternate reality that existed within the mirror!

“Giant An Lin, my world is barred from high-level life forms, so you can only unleash Spirit Nurturing Stage power,” Tina said with her spritely voice. It was as if she were right beside An Lin, causing him to flinch with surprise.

An Lin looked around with astonishment on his face. “Where are you, Little Na?”

“Me? I am this world, so I’m everywhere!” Tina chuckled.

She is this world? My G.o.d!

He then asked again, “This is just a projection of my consciousness. How does it possess power already? Didn’t you say that a consciousness couldn’t interfere with a materialistic world?”

“Heehee, that’s because I granted you a body! You’re not just a projection of your consciousness, but instead, you are a living being here!” Tina replied in a triumphant voice.

An Lin began to verify this by a.s.sessing his own body, only to find that it was exactly the same as it usually was. The only difference was that he had an ordinary but still powerful body as opposed to his body of the War G.o.d.

He leaped into the air using his Cloud Riding Technique, and vital energy surged as he flew in the sky.

“Haha, this place even has vital energy?” An Lin chuckled with surprise.

“Uh-huh. Vital energy is just like earth, wind, water, and fire. They are all the most basic matter in a world, so they came into existence as soon as this world was born!” Tina paused for a few seconds before continuing, “When life is born into this world and the laws become even more perfect, I can perhaps try to draw you into this world as a life form. Which means that your whole body would be able to enter this world!”

An Lin was greatly startled upon hearing this. “What do you mean? My whole body can enter this world?”

“That’s right. It’s just like the transmigration that you mentioned to me before!” Tina’s voice was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with excitement, and it was obvious that she was eager to make this a reality.

An Lin fell silent upon hearing this. Life forms could actually transmigrate here? This wasn’t an illusionary realm anymore; Tina was planning to construct a real world… An illusionary realm could facilitate transmigration of consciousness alone, but transmigration of life forms could only be achieved in a complete world!

“How are you going to create the matter within this world, Little Na? Don’t you need Realm Essence Crystals for that?” An Lin asked with concern.

“There are already Realm Essence Crystals within the fragment of the realm core as well as the life essence of nine Return to Void Stage mighty figures. These were all left behind by the two grandpas who were trying to construct a new world.

“However, the world I want to create is different from the concept they had in mind. My world is going to be a combination of illusion and reality. It will be just as realistic as a real world, but it will be able to avoid the erosion of spatial laws, and I can bring creatures of my imagination to life here…”

Tina continued to talk about her plans for this world while An Lin listened diligently.

An Lin knew that Tina had essentially become a G.o.d-like existence to this world.

No one had ever been able to fuse a fragment of the realm core into their body, so she had opened up a brand new world. It was exactly because of this that she had a terrifying amount of control over this world. To refer to her as a G.o.d of Creation was no exaggeration.

An Lin flew through the air above Qi Lou City to find that it was at least a hundred square kilometers in area.

The black tower still stood at the center of the city with nine b.a.l.l.s of light suspended in the air above the tip of the tower in a circular formation, as if they were nurturing something.

Those nine b.a.l.l.s of light were most likely the life essence from the nine Return to Void Stage mighty figures Tina was referring to.

An Lin continued flying out of Qi Lou City and was greeted by the sight of bleak and desolate plains stretching as far as the eyes could see.

He couldn’t help but ask, “Little Na, just how big is your world?”

“Umm… It has a radius of about five thousand kilometers. That’s the biggest I can expand it to for now. As for whether I can expand it further in the future, that remains to be seen,” Tina replied.

A radius of five thousand kilometers…

An Lin’s face convulsed upon hearing this. That was f*cking ma.s.sive!

The area of this world would be around eighty million square kilometers, while the area of the Earth was about five hundred million kilometers, so this place really was ma.s.sive.

He was very eager to develop this world.

“Let me out, Little Na, I’ll get an immortal pill for you right away!” An Lin spoke with excitement.

Another rush of dizziness struck An Lin as everything fell into darkness.

The light slowly returned, and he was greeted by the sight of a set of perfect, miniature features.

“Heehee, what do you think, Giant An Lin? Was it impressive?” Tina’s emerald eyes glowed with antic.i.p.ation as she flew in front of An Lin’s face with a vibrant smile.

“It is extremely impressive.” An Lin patted Tina’s head with a doting expression and said, “I’m going to make a trip to Dou Shuai Palace now.”

Tina flew onto An Lin’s shoulder before wrapping her tiny arms around An Lin’s neck with a smile. “Little Na wants to go and see what immortal-pill refinement looks like!”

An Lin did not refuse, and he flew toward Dou Shuai Palace on Da Bai’s back with Tina in tow.

Da Bai descended through the clouds before arriving in front of a ma.s.sive, glorious building.

“Wow! What a ma.s.sive palace! It’s like a mountain!” Tina’s emerald eyes were wide with excitement.

An Lin smiled as he looked up at Dou Shuai Palace, and he recalled that he was just as excited as Tina when he visited Dou Shuai Palace for the very first time.

He was a regular customer here, so he received the VIP treatment as soon as he walked into the palace as an adorable pill boy and pill girl led them straight to Yi Xi.

“How have you been, Mr. Yi Xi?” A wide smile appeared on An Lin’s face when he saw Yi Xi’s familiar, round body.

“Haha, I’m still much the same as I have always been, Mr. An Lin. But I heard about you pummelling Emperor Ziwei. Your legendary feats have inspired much awe and reverence from me!” Yi Xi was also quite excited to see An Lin as he carefully sized up An Lin, as if he was trying to attain enlightenment just by looking at him.

“Sigh, that battle was all for nothing.” A dejected expression appeared on An Lin’s face as soon as he thought about Emperor Ziwei’s inheritance… or lack thereof.

“Why do you say that? That battle has made you famous across the entire Heavenly Court! There are a lot of immortals talking about you, and there are even many Celestial Maidens who have developed an interest in you, hehehe…” Yi Xi spoke with a suggestive expression.

Tina’s mouth gaped open as she caught sight of the round ball of a man standing before her. “A Giant G.o.dfiend with the same bloodline as Xue Zhantian?!”

An Lin: “…”

Yi Xi faltered slightly upon hearing this before turning to discover a fairy whose features were the epitome of perfection, and he too let out a yell of surprise and said, “Holy f*ck! What a beautiful fairy!”

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 621 - Let's Create a New World Together

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