I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 622 - Creating Life

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Chapter 622: Creating Life

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Tina’s tiny body recoiled slightly in fear from Yi Xi’s roar of surprise, and she grabbed onto An Lin’s hair as she pressed her body against his neck, as if she was a little scared of the fatso standing before her.

A sheepish smile appeared on Yi Xi’s face when he realized that he had let his emotions get the better of himself.

He then turned to An Lin with an envious expression. “Not bad, An Lin… What’s going on with this beautiful fairy here?”

An Lin replied with a gentle smile, “Her name is Tina, and she is my beast pet. Tina, this is Yi Xi, he is the top pill refinement master in Dou Shuai Palace as well as one of the best pill refinement masters in the entire Heavenly Court!”

Yi Xi’s lips twitched upon hearing this. “Beast… beast pet? You lucky b*stard! How did you convince such a beautiful fairy to become your beast pet?!”

An Lin: “…”

Tina’s eyes widened in shock again. “Giant An Lin, how could a man so fat refine pills? Could it be that the more you look like a pill, the better your pill refinement skills will be?”

Yi Xi: “…”

“Don’t be rude, Little Na. Big Brother Yi Xi’s figure is great,” An Lin scolded.

“Oh…” Tina pouted as she fell silent obediently.

Yi Xi ma.s.saged his brows as he heaved a forlorn sigh. “Alright, you win… I sent a jibe your way, and Tina immediately stood up to retaliate in your stead. There’s nothing I can say against your combo.”

A spritely smile appeared on Tina’s face. “I was telling the truth anyway!”

“Alright, let’s get down to business.” An Lin smiled as he pulled out a fifth-grade immortal-pill coupon and said, “Please refine for me a fifth-grade wood-type immortal pill with the most life-force energy imbued within!”

Yi Xi’s eyes immediately lit up. “Are you going to demonstrate your pill-consumption technique again?”

“No, it’s for Tina,” An Lin replied.

Disappointment appeared on Yi Xi’s face upon hearing this, but he still began the pill-refinement process nonetheless.

The immortal pill he was going to refine was Azure Emperor Immortal Flower Pill, a type of fifth-grade immortal pills, which was a pill that was refined from extracting the essence from four different types of immortal flowers before combining them through the use of the Azure Emperor Immortal Vine. The pill had the ability to bring one back from the brink of death and was imbued with extremely potent life-force energy.

Yi Xi’s hands flashed through the air as he manipulated a white Divine Flame. A series of extremely valuable medicinal ingredients floated into the air as his round body went through a series of agile motions, as if he were dancing. Even the Divine Flame also began to dance.

Tina was completely dumbstruck by the scenes unfolding before her eyes. The dance was not very pleasing to look at by any stretch of the imagination, but this was the first time she had ever seen such an agile fatso!

Before they knew it, the pill had been refined.

The newly-refined white pill exuded a powerful immortal aura as it floated in the air while glowing with a brilliant light.

Boundless life-force energy fluctuations proliferated from the pill while countless projections of immortal flowers blossomed around the pills, creating a scene of unrivaled beauty.

“So pretty…”

An Lin and Tina exclaimed in unison as they stared at the pill while appearing completely transfixed by it.

Yi Xi presented the pill to them while feeling quite pleased with himself. The moment the pill was successfully refined was the moment during which he derived the strongest sense of accomplishment.

An Lin pulled out an immortal-pill coupon as payment for the immortal pill before he hurriedly bade farewell to Yi Xi.

He was about to witness the event that he had been eagerly antic.i.p.ating.

Back at the dorm room.

Tina chuckled as she held the ma.s.sive immortal pill in her tiny hands. “When I last ate an immortal pill, it was even bigger than I was, and it took a long time to nibble away at it. It should be a lot faster for me to eat this now.”

An Lin nodded. “Go on then!”

“Oh, right, before you create a life, let me into your world first,” he added.

He felt like it would be an unimaginable experience and opportunity to witness the creation and birth of life.

As Tina pressed her palm against An Lin’s forehead again, a powerful summoning force swept toward him.

An Lin was struck by a rush of dizziness before his consciousness appeared in Tina’s world again.

He looked around at the world around him before giving Tina a thumbs-up. “Let’s do it.”

“Alright, I’m going to eat this immortal pill to create life now.” Tina chuckled.

An Lin flew up into the sky using his Cloud Riding Technique, and he soon experienced the changes happening around him.

Everything was very quiet initially, but a scintillating light suddenly burst forth from the tip of the black tower at the center of Qi Lou City as the nine b.a.l.l.s of light began to revolve around the tip of the tower, like planets around the sun.

An invisible ripple proliferated throughout heaven and earth, sweeping toward infinity and beyond.

The aura of life was born from nothing, just like a cycle of life and death.

Vitality was born amid the dead and barren landscape as heaven and earth began to tremble while countless laws began to reconstruct themselves.

At that moment, An Lin’s entire body felt carefree and at ease, as if his soul had been purified.

At that moment, he felt like he was a true life form. Tina had granted him a body before, but he was still not a complete life form. However, with the vitality appearing within heaven and earth, his existence in this world was completed.

Heaven and earth were completely transformed, as if the world were born from chaos once again. Life was bestowed upon this deathly and barren world as part of a process of almighty creation!

The sun felt warmer, and the breeze carried with it an aura of life.

Plants began to sprout from the soil around him.

A fast-forward b.u.t.ton seemed to have been pressed all of a sudden as more and more microscopic organisms began to appear like a time-lapse video.

“Master, the creatures of this level are still quite simple organisms, so I’m going to accelerate the flow of time,” Tina informed.

An Lin was shocked to hear this.

She could even control time? That was something even Dao Integration Stage mighty figures on Tai Chu Continent would struggle to do!

“This won’t affect me, right?” An Lin asked.

F*ck, it would be quite ironic if he came in to witness the creation of life only to die from old age in the process!

“No, no, my time manipulation will only be effective on the living creatures of this world,” Tina explained patiently.

An Lin nodded as the flow of time around him began to accelerate even further.

Everything progressed along at extreme speed, as if this were a video that had been accelerated by hundreds of millions of times its original speed.

An Lin flew out of Qi Lou City, where the world outside was consisted of a completely bleak and desolate landscape.

However, a biosphere began to take shape as the flora and fauna grew, mutated, multiplied, and diversified.

The structure of the land also began to change. There were now gra.s.slands, deserts, forests, lakes, rivers, mountain ranges stretching as far as the eyes could see, and bottomless canyons.

Bugs, mammals, and all types of prehistoric fish and flying creatures began to appear.

This was the miracle of creation.

An Lin flew over this continent while spreading his divine sense as far as it would go to observe the miracle of life.

He experienced the lives of countless creatures as well as the miraculous cycle of life and death.

As the number of creatures expanded, Tina’s time-manipulation skill was becoming more and more taxing on her body.

“Phew… Let’s stop here for today, Giant An Lin. The power from the immortal pill has been used up, and all my power has been exhausted too. Let’s allow the world to progress at normal speed for a while,” Tina suddenly said.

An Lin slowly came to his senses as his mind extricated itself from the mindboggling miracles taking place around him.

He turned his eyes on a mountain where a rabbit that was even taller than a grown man bared its sharp fangs before pouncing on a wolf and biting its head off.

An Lin had never seen a creature like this before. This was a very interesting and very unique world…

After surveying the world around him with his divine sense for so long, he too was quite exhausted.

“Alright, Little Na, get me out of here,” An Lin said while ma.s.saging his brows.

His vision darkened before coming clear again as he reappeared in his dorm room.

The moon and stars had already appeared in the sky.

A day had pa.s.sed before they knew it, and they had ditched a whole day of cla.s.ses too…


It could have even been a few days. After all, he did not know whether this was still the same day as when he entered Tina’s world.

Forget about it, sleep comes first.

An Lin was utterly exhausted, and he almost instantly fell asleep as he collapsed onto his bed.

Tina was so exhausted that her tiny body huddled together like a ball. Her tiny little hands were still latching onto An Lin’s hair. Meanwhile, her golden wings dimmed like a light switch being turned off as she too fell into a deep sleep.

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 622 - Creating Life

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