I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 743 - Flexing is Extremely Satisfying

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Chapter 743: Flexing is Extremely Satisfying

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

An Lin’s white robe danced in the wind, and he remained tranquil and calm in the face of the Holy Trinity Fiendcelestial.

He pointed a finger toward the sky, upon which the entire sky was lit up by a golden, divine glow, and everything in this world seemed to slow down and become more sluggish.

This effect also acted on everyone’s senses, including those of the Holy Trinity Fiendcelestial. It too felt as if everything within this world had slowed down, and even its own fearsome speed of movement appeared to be as slow as a snail that was crawling uphill.

The dragon head and phoenix head looked up into the sky involuntarily, where the clouds had parted to reveal a divine sword.

The divine sword’s radiance lit up the entire world, and countless tiny chains bound themselves over the sword. The chains had the appearance of golden stars, and they obscured the sword so that no one was able to see what the sword truly looked like.


A sharp ringing erupted across heaven and earth, and it was like a piece of heavenly music to everyone’s ears, but a sense of extreme fear welled up in the Holy Trinity Fiendcelestial’s heart upon hearing it.

It immediately half-knelt onto the ground as it roared and clamped its hands over its ears.

When it raised its head again, they discovered that the divine sword had well and truly descended upon this world. The hilt of the sword transformed into the heavens, controlling the will of the sky, while the blade of the sword transformed into the earth, sealing and restricting all evil creatures.


Boundless, inexhaustible sealing power surged directly from heaven and earth toward the Holy Trinity Fiendcelestial. The countless golden chains bound their body, and the power of heaven and earth pierced through their chest before beginning to seal away all of their powers.

The anguished wails of the dragon head and phoenix head slowly diminished as their awareness grew more and more blurry.

A pair of crimson eyes suddenly opened before staring up into the sky.

The human head had awoken, and it stared up at the divine sword in the sky with shock and horror. “Ahhhh! It’s so terrifying! What the h.e.l.l is this? Brother Phoenix, Brother Dragon, save me!”

However, there was no response from the other two heads. The only response was a golden sword projection that was imbued with paramount power.

The golden sword projection pierced through the human head before merging into its body.

The human head’s eyes rolled over again as its head lolled to the side before it fainted.

Another pillar of green light, which was imbued with the power of heaven and earth, descended from the sky before enshrouding the Holy Trinity Fiendcelestial’s body like a green coc.o.o.n.

The divine sword vanished and silence resumed.

A white-robed man remained standing in the air, and his entire body seemed to be glowing with a dazzling light.

Everyone turned their eyes toward him with differing emotions. However, one emotion was constant among everyone, and that was reverence!

“Such a technique should only belong in the heavens. Mr. An Lin is truly an exceptional talent who is able to summon the power of the heavens!” Su Wenjun exclaimed in admiration.

“So this is An Lin? I had thought that all the legends about him were surely exaggerated out of proportions. But seeing him now, I can clearly see that those legends do not do him justice!” Long Kui was very headstrong and very rarely expressed admiration toward any men, but she had been well and truly won over by An Lin this time.

Celestial Maiden Fei Ying’s eyes were rippling with emotion. “A temperament that allows him to remain calm in the direst of situations, and powers that allow him to flip heaven and earth on its head with a single gesture! A man like this presents such an overwhelming sense of security!”

Bai Ling opened her mouth in an attempt to also chime in with some compliments of her own, but she found it too embarra.s.sing, so she quietly shut her mouth.

An Lin clasped his hands behind his back as he pondered how he was going to wrap things up. However, a voice sounded in his head again.

“Ding ding ding! The Realm Creation Evil Vanquis.h.i.+ng Sword’s third technique, G.o.d-Slaying Strike, is ready! You can flex when you’re ready!” Black Spirit Snake’s joyful voice sounded.

An Lin blinked in confusion upon hearing this.

G.o.d-Slaying Strike? He hadn’t prepared any lines for an attack like this!

However, he had no way of contacting Black Spirit Snake, so he could only make something up on the spot.

He pointed a finger toward the Holy Trinity Fiendcelestial before speaking in a slow voice, “I have one more sword strike known as the G.o.d-Slaying Strike. It summons the power of the Heavenly Dao to strike down anyone who dares to stand before me. Even a G.o.d would fall to this strike!”

Everyone’s expression s.h.i.+fted upon hearing this. They were astonished that he still had something up his sleeve!

Bai Ling’s expression also s.h.i.+fted as she looked up at An Lin with confusion in her eyes.


A golden divine sword fell from the sky and parted the entire heavens.

It was imbued with boundless sharpness, and everything in its path crumbled before it even descended. This was a true killing technique; it was a sword strike of a G.o.d of Slaughter!

An Lin was still pointing at the Holy Trinity Fiendcelestial when he suddenly felt an extremely potent sense of impending doom engulf his entire body.

He immediately knew that something was amiss, and he looked up at the sky just in time to see a golden bolt of lightning pierced through the sky at an extreme speed before tearing through his divine body and puncturing his chest!

This was indeed a G.o.d-Slaying Strike. However, it had descended to slay War G.o.d An Lin!


An Lin felt as if all his internal organs had been pulverized by this sword strike, and the divine sword forced his body to crash onto the ground below, where it left a ma.s.sive crater before dissipating into specks of golden light.

Heaven and earth suddenly fell completely silent as everyone stood rooted to the spot in shock.

What had just happened? Had An Lin accidentally directed the divine sword toward himself?

Or could it be that An Lin wanted to emulate the Holy Trinity Fiendcelestial’s self-mutilation?

The golden light dissipated.

A lithe and graceful woman who was wearing a black dress and had long, black hair that danced in the wind was sitting on top of An Lin.

She held a large golden sword, which punctured the right half of An Lin’s chest, and a hint of a smile lingered on her face.

“An Lin!” Bai Ling’s expression s.h.i.+fted drastically as she charged toward An Lin.

Even Da Bai, Su Qianyun, and the others ran toward An Lin from the distance!

The woman snapped her fingers and a spatial barrier of over a thousand feet in radius enveloped the two of them.

This spatial barrier seemed to be indestructible, and even Bai Ling was unable to break through it.

“Black Spirit Snake, could you take it easy on my back? It hurts…” An Lin said with difficulty.

“Hehe… was it satisfying to flex like that?” Black Spirit Snake chuckled lightly as her serpentine lower body wound tightly around An Lin’s arms and waist, creating an inescapable bind.

That’s right. The woman who had suddenly stabbed An Lin was none other than Black Spirit Snake, who had allowed him to flex earlier!

Never would An Lin have thought that his flexing would screw himself over in the end.

“Please forgive me, Black Spirit Snake!”

Even though he didn’t even know what he had done wrong, tears still welled up in An Lin’s eyes as he implored with a sincere expression.

He knew that Black Spirit Snake had already spared his life and wasn’t really trying to kill him. Otherwise, the divine sword would’ve sunk itself into his heart instead of the right part of his chest.

“A price has to be paid for using my power to flex…” Black Spirit Snake’s lips curved up in a smile as she slowly withdrew her sword before putting it away into her storage ring.

Blood gushed out in a frenzy from An Lin’s chest, but Black Spirit Snake very thoughtfully placed a beautiful hand over the wound on his chest to prevent excessive blood loss.

“What do you want from me?” An Lin asked with a resigned expression.

“I’m not asking for much…” Black Spirit Snake inched her ridiculously beautiful face toward An Lin’s ear as she whispered, “I want your egg!”

An Lin’s entire body shuddered upon hearing this.

So that was what she was after!

Outside the spatial barrier, none of the Return to Void Stage mighty figures could hear the conversation between Black Spirit Snake and An Lin, but they could see Black Spirit Snake reaching around for the White Fox Divine Box on An Lin’s back!

They finally understood what was going on now. That mysterious woman was also after the phoenix egg.

Wasn’t that what everyone else was here for as well?

How dare she skip the queue and reach for the egg ahead of everyone else?

“That b*tch! That’s my egg!! I have dreams of drawing the smile of the Death G.o.d on that egg!” Duan Hunzi clutched his face with despair in his eyes.

Celestial Maiden Fei Ying clasped a hand over her chest. “My heart is bleeding…”


Black Spirit Snake opened the White Fox Divine Box, and the phoenix egg appeared before her eyes.

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 743 - Flexing is Extremely Satisfying

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