I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 850 - In-Laws

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Chapter 850: In-Laws

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Divine Bat Emperor, you really are my lucky star!

Dominic was just about to sell An Lin and the others out when he heard a peal of joyful laughter erupting from his daughter’s mouth, and he involuntarily turned to look at her.

f.a.n.n.y was laughing extremely happily, as if she had already forgotten about the disappointment and sadness from losing the pill refinement compet.i.tion. She had lost the glory of being crowned champion, but she had received something more important.

“Hmph! How dare they try and swindle my daughter? Prepare to receive retribution!”

Dominic gritted his teeth with resentment, but he was still looking at the vibrant smile on her daughter’s face.

His heart throbbed with pain, but he was also a little elated. This was a very strange feeling.

“Hey, Pill Sage, are they in Pill City or not?

“Pill Sage? Hurry up and tell me!”

Dominic could only vent his rage on the Divine Bat Emperor. “They’re not here! F*ck off!”

The Divine Bat Emperor: “…”

The Pill Sage was renowned among all the super mighty figures for his peculiar personality.

Hence the Divine Bat Emperor didn’t think much of his unprovoked outburst. As for what the Pill Sage had said, there was no reason for it not to believe him.

After all, why would the high and mighty Pill Sage lie for the sake of a bunch of unrelated people?

“Let’s go to the next place.”

The Divine Bat Emperor spread its huge blue wings and turned toward another direction. Its ma.s.sive body soared through the air as it continued to pursue An Lin and the others.

Thus, a crisis was averted due to f.a.n.n.y’s smile.

Dominic looked at the vibrant smile on f.a.n.n.y’s face, and he too smiled.

It had to be said that f.a.n.n.y looked really beautiful when she smiled.

An Lin appraised f.a.n.n.y from a purely platonic point of view, and even he had to admit that her beauty was flawless.

f.a.n.n.y was a ghost, but she had the appearance of a human. She was a little golden and s.h.i.+ny, but that only seemed to give her a peculiar sense of beauty. Xiao Ze was certainly into it, so they were a very good match…

In the eyes of mighty figures, interspecies relations.h.i.+ps really weren’t much of a problem.

For example, Xu Xiaolan’s mother was a human mighty figure while her father was a dragon, thereby giving her her True Dragon and Divine Phoenix bloodlines. Of course, she now also had a vermilion bird bloodline.

An Lin was thinking when he had children with Xu Xiaolan in the future, wouldn’t his kids have a quarter dragon bloodline? Dragon babies…

What a stimulating thought.

Just as An Lin was fantasizing about his future, the Pill Sage came over to extend a greeting.

“Sect Leader An Lin, I’ve heard many things about you,” Dominic spoke with a graceful smile.

An Lin swallowed nervously. He didn’t know whether this Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure was resentful toward him for making a bet with his daughter in order to create a chance for his disciple.

“Pill Sage, we’re in-laws from now on, so there’s no need to be so polite. You can just refer to me by my name,” An Lin replied.

Dominic’s face convulsed slightly. Xiao Ze’s shamelessness appeared to be something that he had learned from An Lin!

“Don’t try to get all chummy with me! My daughter might dump your disciple tomorrow!” Dominic spoke with a thunderous expression.

An Lin wore a buoyant grin throughout. He had achieved everything he had come here to achieve, so there was nothing for him to be unhappy about.

Dominic’s chest constricted upon seeing his joyful expression, and he was tempted to send a voice transmission talisman to the Divine Bat Emperor and sell An Lin out…

“Be honest with me? What happened between you and the Divine Bat Emperor? Those beasts have concealed their auras, but they can’t escape from the detection of my divine sense,” Dominic asked.

An Lin paused momentarily before replying, “Hmm, it’s nothing much. We just had a minor battle with some of his subordinates.”

Dominic chuckled coldly. “Hehe, would the Divine Bat Emperor personally chase you all the way to the Opposite Sh.o.r.e Realm just over a minor battle? The Divine Bat Emperor just contacted me and inquired about your whereabouts.”

An Lin: “…”

“Thank you, in-law!” An Lin immediately expressed his grat.i.tude.

He knew that the Pill Sage had lied for him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be bringing up something like this. As such, he really was feeling quite grateful toward him.

Dominic continued to chuckle coldly. “You say we’re in-laws, but you’re keeping something like this from me? I have to take responsibility for my daughter’s safety, so you better be more transparent with me.”

An Lin’s eyes lit up. “So you admit that we’re in-laws?!”

Dominic drew a sharp intake of breath. Was that the point?

But it did appear as if he had slipped up…

d.a.m.n it! Maybe he should just kill them all right here, right now!

“In-law, I won’t keep anything from you then. This is what happened; we entered the Vast Land of Blood mystic realm, then came out and battled the Nightmare Mud Man and its subordinates,” An Lin explained.

“You’re still calling me in-law?!” Dominic resisted the urge to flare up. “What happened then? I know of the Nightmare Mud Man, that’s a powerful Return to Void Final Stage mighty figure.”

“We then killed the Nightmare Mud Man, hmm, and we accidentally killed the flaming falcon and the dark dragon ape as well. And then it looked like that Divine Bat Emperor was very angry and decided to chase us down,” An Lin continued.

Dominic drew another sharp intake of breath. “You sure are bold!”

From what he had just described, he had slain three Return to Void Stage mighty figures, one of which was at the Return to Void Final Stage! This was a big event, even in the context of the entire continent!

A smile suddenly appeared on his face. “But the main reason the Divine Bat Emperor is pursuing you is probably because of that middle-aged man… and Gluttony, am I right?”

He turned to look at Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ as he spoke.

Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ didn’t avert his gaze. Instead, he met it with a tranquil gaze of his own.

“I’ll fess up, in-law. This does indeed have a lot to do with that middle-aged man. Which is why we desperately need to refine a few pills before escaping from the Opposite Sh.o.r.e Realm.” An Lin heaved a resigned sigh.

Dominic nodded.

For some reason, he was not as averse to hearing the words “in-law” after hearing it a few times. Had he gotten used to it?

This An Lin was a very tricky man!

Dominic immediately granted An Lin and the others entry into the Pill Tower to source all the ingredients they needed.

However, he had a condition; they had to dissuade f.a.n.n.y from going back with them. He would consider sending his daughter there at another time after they returned to the Four Nine Immortal Sect and everything died down.

Xiao Ze was also against the idea of having f.a.n.n.y embark on such a dangerous trip, so he agreed to Dominic’s condition.

They soon gathered all the required ingredients.

With the protection of Pill Sage, they decided to refine the pill inside the Pill Tower.

Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+’s secret recipe created a third-grade spirit pill, but the concealment abilities it imparted on the consumer were extremely shocking and could last for an entire day.

The Divine Poison Frog volunteered as the first experimental subject, and everyone discovered that after the Divine Poison Frog had traveled over fifteen kilometers away, Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ was unable to detect its location. Not only that, even the Pill Sage was unable to detect its presence!

This was simply extraordinary; even the Pill Sage was shocked by this.

And then, something even more surprising to An Lin and the others happened.

The Divine Poison Frog really did disappear…

That’s right, the Divine Poison Frog took advantage of the pill’s powerful concealment effect to disappear and never return again…

An Lin stared into the night sky and lamented all those times he had spent with the frog. However, he could understand its decision. It was not a good idea to continue following An Lin’s party.

After all, the Divine Bat Emperor’s target was An Lin and the others, so the Divine Poison Frog’s departure was the best thing it could do for itself, as this would allow it to completely escape from the Divine Bat Emperor’s pursuit.

Unless the Divine Bat Emperor suddenly became r.e.t.a.r.ded, it wouldn’t bother chasing down a frog.

“The traveling frog has finally embarked on its journey.”

An Lin shook his head as he farewelled this fleeting friend in his heart.

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 850 - In-Laws

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