I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 856 - Escape and Counterattack

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Chapter 856: Escape and Counterattack

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The Ghost Tribe mighty figure was caught off guard by the surprise attack and could only use its arms to protect itself as the lightning fell.

Boom boom boom!

The terrifying explosion of energy forced the Ghost Tribe mighty figure into retreat and destructive lightning flashed through its body while relentlessly breaking down its cells.

“There are more enemies? A black dragon at the pinnacle of the Return to Void Intermediate Stage?”

It scanned its a.s.sailant with its divine sense as its expression s.h.i.+fted again. “How is that possible? How could a black dragon at this cultivation base be capable of unleas.h.i.+ng such fearsome lightning techniques?”

Before it had a chance to recover from its shock, Xiao Ze unleashed over a hundred more bolts of lightning, which crashed down toward it.

The lightning in the sky was quite powerful, but it was not enough to cause any substantial concern. However, as they fell from the sky, the bolts of lightning grew more powerful for some reason.

“d.a.m.n it!” The Ghost Tribe mighty figure had no choice but to evade the bolts of lightning.

The members of the Ghost Tribe were extremely fearful of the power of yang. Unfortunately, lightning was imbued with the power of pure yang, so it was not an exaggeration to say that lightning spell techniques were among the most effective spell techniques against the Ghost Tribe. Hence, it was unable to ignore these attacks.

Just as it was frantically dodging the black dragon’s attacks, Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ and Meng Zhi had also rejoined the battle as they both unleashed spatial seals at once.

Meng Zhi’s cold expression gave way to shock and bewilderment upon seeing the man standing atop the dragon’s head.

Why was he here? What was he doing in a place like this?

“An Lin?” Meng Zhi was getting nervous for some reason.

She couldn’t forget this man.

After countless simulations, every one of them gave her the same verdict, and that was that An Lin had foiled their efforts in securing the Holy Vermilion Flame. Furthermore, the Holy Palace Leaders had most likely fallen because of An Lin!

There was no other mighty figure involved; it really was An Lin who had slain them!

This was a terrifying notion. One had to realize that Qing Li, who was a Return to Void Final Stage mighty figure, was among the Holy Palace Leaders he had slain! Just how powerful would he have to be to have slain her without even giving her a chance to escape?

An Lin was currently standing atop the head of an extremely powerful dragon, and he was facing a mighty figure at the Return to Void Pinnacle Stage with no hint of fear on his face. This only worked to further vindicate her thoughts.

An Lin was definitely concealing his true strength!

“Long time no see, High Priestess,” An Lin greeted her with a calm smile.

The last time they had met, he was just a noob who had almost been killed by Meng Zhi in one attack.

However, he now had the courage to directly face the High Priestess.

Upon seeing the calm and collected expression on his face, Meng Zhi became more even grounded in her belief that An Lin was concealing his true strength. Otherwise, how would a Soul Formation Final Stage cultivator dare to stand before her and talk to her like this?

The Ghost Tribe mighty figure was trapped by dual spatial seals, and it immediately unleashed countless evil spirits that swept toward An Lin and the others.

Everyone’s expression s.h.i.+fted as they bombarded the evil spirits with one spell technique after another.

“Fortify the spatial seal! Don’t let it get away!” Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ yelled.

Meng Zhi gritted her teeth as she unleashed the power of the extreme frost divine dao, which instantly engulfed the s.p.a.ce within a radius of several dozen kilometers from her. Any living being within this s.p.a.ce would be quickly frozen solid, or even frozen to death.

Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ also completely unleashed his blood power to create a cage of blood.

Just when the two of them thought that the Ghost Tribe mighty figure would struggle for its life, it suddenly transformed into a streak of black light before flying toward An Lin and the others at a terrifying speed!

“c.r.a.p!” Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ immediately realized what it was doing as he gave chase.

The Ghost Tribe mighty figure wasn’t trying to break free; it was trying to capture An Lin and the others as its hostages!

This was indeed the best way to proceed. After all, if it tried to fight fire with fire, it would most likely be slain by him and Meng Zhi. However, it could try and turn the tables immediately by taking An Lin and the others as its hostage!

“Kukuku… To think that even a Return to Void Intermediate Stage dragon and a few pieces of Soul Formation Stage trash would dare to stand against me! I’ll kill you all!”

The Ghost Tribe mighty figure let loose a sinister cackle before flas.h.i.+ng forward at an extreme speed, giving An Lin and the others almost no time to react.

However, it suddenly felt a searing pain in its stomach.

“Pfff!” It had no a*s, but its back suddenly erupted like a waterfall!

“Ahhh…!” The Ghost Tribe mighty figure felt something erupting from its back, and at the same time, boundless sorrow suddenly welled up in its heart. “Waah… What did you do to me? Waah…”

The Ghost Tribe mighty figure sobbed like a disconsolate poltergeist.

Its questions were answered by two bolts of monstrous lightning.

The lightning struck its body, and it was blasted flying again.

Meng Zhi’s expression s.h.i.+fted upon seeing this. This An Lin was indeed no ordinary cultivator.

An Lin, one the other hand, was very disappointed.

He had planned to unleash the Make You Cry and Make You Poo spell techniques on Meng Zhi. After all, it was thrilling just to think about a G.o.ddess like her sob her eyes out as she sh*t her dress. He was extremely eager to make this a reality.

“Waah… Go! Capture them for me!” The moment the Ghost Tribe mighty figure was blasted away, it also waved its hands before releasing countless evil spirits that swept toward An Lin and the others.

Powerful evil spirits obscured the entire sky before transforming heaven and earth into a horrifying realm of ghosts that swept toward everyone like a tidal wave!

“This is enough to capture a Return to Void Intermediate Stage mighty figure!”

The divine tool in the Ghost Tribe mighty figure’s hand suddenly glowed with a black light as the evil spirits became even more powerful. Their bodies appeared to have become more substantial, and their claws whistled viciously through the air.

“Howl!” Devastating lightning erupted forth from Xiao Ze’s body before cras.h.i.+ng down upon the evil spirits. Each bolt of lightning was able to kill a few evil spirits at once.

However, there seemed to be no end to the evil spirits, and they continued to approach An Lin and the others!

The Jade Bone Immortal b.u.t.terfly, the Peerless Saber Demon, and Gluttony also entered the fray.

The immortal b.u.t.terfly unleashed poisonous mist, which melted away the oncoming evil spirits. The Peerless Saber Demon relentlessly unleashed its Single Strike of the Ocean and Second Strike of the Ocean. Gluttony fought in the most straightforward manner, by opening its cavernous mouth and engulfing hundreds of evil spirits at once. Its eyes then rolled over into the back of its head as it collapsed onto Xiao Ze’s body.

Meanwhile, the Ghost Tribe mighty figure tried to keep Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ and Meng Zhi at bay as if its life depended on it.

So close! Just a little bit more!

Right at this moment, An Lin and Xu Xiaolan suddenly held hands.

Silence abruptly descended upon heaven and earth.


A terrifying explosion instantly engulfed all of the evil spirits between heaven and earth.

A red sun suddenly appeared in the sky!

Crimson phoenix flames imbued with the power of annihilation and slaughter erupted outward explosively, and all the evil spirits were burned to ashes as they let loose bloodcurdling howls.

The Ghost Tribe mighty figure’s pupils contracted as its mouth gaped open.

Two Soul Formation Stage cultivators could create an explosion like this by holding hands?!

The crimson explosion eradicated all of the evil spirits it had summoned; even its own body was caught in the shockwaves as it stumbled back in retreat.

It was also at this moment that a silver figure broke through the flames before flying toward it.

The silver figure spread open its hands, and a purple circle of light enshrouded the Ghost Tribe mighty figure’s body while exerting an extremely powerful gravitational force.

“You want to restrict me with such a pitiful power? What a joke!”

The Ghost Tribe mighty figure roared as it tried to break free.

Blue snowflakes suddenly descended between heaven and earth as the power of the extreme frost divine dao sealed the s.p.a.ce around the Ghost Tribe mighty figure, which immobilized it for a split second.

Meng Zhi had finally struck again.


Another silver Gundam flashed toward the Ghost Tribe mighty figure, and it didn’t have time to dodge as a pink particle sword slashed downward!


The particle sword was impossibly sharp, and it sliced the Ghost Tribe mighty figure cleanly in half. Not only that, but the residual power from the slice sliced the s.p.a.ce behind it in half as well.

The Ghost Tribe mighty figure wailed in anguish.

Never would it have thought that it would suffer a counterattack like this.

In the next instant, An Lin appeared before it with a slight smile on his face.

The Ghost Tribe mighty figure’s eyes widened. A Soul Formation Stage cultivator dared to approach it? Was he insane?!

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 856 - Escape and Counterattack

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