I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 940 - Kneeling Down before An Lin

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Chapter 940: Kneeling Down before An Lin

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An Lin was basked in the light of inheritance, and a sense of satisfaction welled up in his heart.

He was the man who had received the approval of the Mutant Blood Phoenix’s sigil in the Vast Land of Blood.

That sigil had contained the Mutant Blood Phoenix’s power of the phoenix as well as its signature technique and paramount dao intent. Hence, from the perspective of a power-level hierarchy, it was definitely superior to the residual power within the statue, which was why An Lin was able to force it into submission.

The potent power of the phoenix flowed relentlessly into his body as all of the Mutant Blood Phoenix’s inheritances were injected into his mind, as if the Mutant Blood Phoenix were doing a free giveaway.

The light of inheritance had formed a dazzling pillar.

All of the vermilion birds were dumbstruck.

“Is this a divine miracle?”

“I’ve never seen such a terrifying light of inheritance in all my years in this world.”

“This is way too terrifying! Is it going to pa.s.s on its entire inheritance to Lin An?”

The huge pillar of inheritance light persisted for over a full minute before finally dissipating.

An Lin complained as he shook his head from side to side, “Too much!”

All of the vermilion birds almost threw up mouthfuls of blood upon hearing this.

This human was f*cking vicious! He was relentlessly attacking them with his indirect insults!

An Lin shook his head from side to side. Even though there was a lot of information inherited, there weren’t that many useful spell techniques. After all, he had already received the most powerful Destruction of Sun and Stars.

The biggest reward he got out of this was that the purity of the Mutant Blood Phoenix Flames had improved a step further, and had reached the top-tier Divine Flame level.

“Who the h.e.l.l is this Lin An? How can a Soul Formation Stage arena champion possess such a ridiculous power?” a white vermilion bird asked in shock and horror.

“I heard he is an exceptional prodigy who was able to fight the Vermilion Bird Princess and ended up with a tie! He is indeed extremely powerful.”

“But… Power doesn’t really mean anything here! Unless… Could he be the b.a.s.t.a.r.d child of a mythological beast and a human, which is why he possesses such an extremely pure vermilion bird bloodline?”

“How would we have not known about this if that were the case?”

None of the vermilion birds dared to look down on An Lin now. All of them were filled with reverence and curiosity toward him.

Regardless of whether it was An Lin’s crus.h.i.+ng bloodline power or the fact that he had obtained the approval of so many mythological beasts, all of these made them feel an extreme sense of pressure.

“Now that I think about it, Lin An has already received the approval of four mythological beasts, and they were all in the form of core inheritances as well. This is unprecedented in the history of the Mythological Beast Dao Observation Area, right?”

“That’s right, not even an immortal beast at the Return to Void Pinnacle Stage has achieved something this terrifying!”

“My G.o.d! Four out of the five mythological beasts have expressed such approvals toward Lin An, and he’s only a human! If word of this escapes, the Vermilion Bird Tribe is going to be in an uproar!”

“We have to keep this strictly confidential. Otherwise, it will simply be too much for the other birds to accept.”

“I’m already finding it hard to accept this! Is Lin An a descendant of humans or the vermilion bird?”

“Thankfully, Lin An only received the acknowledgment of four Mythological Beast. If he had received the acknowledgment of all five, then I’m probably going to kneel down before him.”

“Hahaha… Don’t worry. This is already terrifying enough. How could anyone possibly receive the acknowledgment of all five mythological beasts? That would be way too unimaginable!”

All of the vermilion birds were comforting one another as if they were comforting themselves.

Right at this moment, another resounding boom erupted.

Another pillar of golden light fell onto An Lin’s body.

All of the vermilion birds fell into stunned silence upon seeing where the pillar of light had originated from.

The origin of the pillar of golden light was none other than the statue of the Nine-Colored Vermilion Bird, which had remained unmoved by An Lin’s blood essence!

The golden light was extremely dazzling. This was an extremely powerful inheritance light as well.

An Lin was dumbstruck too. Why was there a delayed reaction?

Not only him, but all of the vermilion birds were extremely confused.

As if it had seen the befuddlement on everyone’s face, an extremely pleasant voice sounded as the statue explained, “Hmm, sorry about that. I’ve been thinking about what inheritance to give you this entire time. I’ve made a decision now, so please accept your inheritance.”


All of the bystanders drew sharp intakes of breath.

What the f*ck! So that was why there was a delayed reaction?

An Lin suddenly discovered that there was something amiss. “Wait! You haven’t asked me a question yet!”

“Oh…” The Nine-Colored Vermilion Bird paused momentarily before asking, “Then, do you think I’m beautiful?”

An Lin faltered for a moment before replying, “You are the most dazzling divine phoenix I have ever seen, and your beauty is an honor to behold!”

“Affirmative.” The Nine-Colored Vermilion Bird sounded very happy as it said, “Now accept your inheritance.”

An Lin: “…”

All of the Vermilion Bird Tribe onlookers: “…”

Was that really a f*cking question? This whole thing seemed fixed!!!


The light of inheritance fell upon An Lin’s body without any hesitation.

An Lin began to moan painfully as if he had received too many inheritances at once and that his body was unable to cope.

That’s right, it looked more like the Nine-Colored Vermilion Bird was forcing an inheritance on An Lin than An Lin actually begging for an inheritance!

All of the vermilion birds were stunned into silence as they listened to An Lin’s agonized wails.

This was probably the mother of first world problems.

Boom boom boom…

All of the vermilion birds fell to their knees before An Lin!

Never had anyone received the high-level approval of all five mythological beasts. This was a new miracle that the Sun Tree had borne witness to.

At that moment, An Lin was as dazzling as a G.o.d!!!

An Lin was still accepting the Nine-Colored Vermilion Bird’s inheritance.

He didn’t know why the Nine-Colored Vermilion Bird would be so kind to him, but he certainly wasn’t going to refuse a gift like this.

A huge amount of information flowed into An Lin’s mind, and the contents of the inheritance were finally revealed to him.

[Five Elements Merging Technique: Merges all of the powers of the Five Elements to give rise to a new power of the Five Elements…]

An Lin’s eyes lit up upon seeing this.

This spell technique was extremely useful and practical to him!

After receiving the inheritance, he turned to the proud and beautiful peac.o.c.k. With grat.i.tude on his face, he bowed deeply. “Thank you for your gift, Senior.”

Among the five mythological beasts, it could be said that the Nine-Colored Vermilion Bird’s inheritance was the one he was most satisfied with.

After everything went back to normal, An Lin came to his senses and looked around to discover that all of the vermilion birds around him seemed to be kneeling to him…?

An Lin had seen a lot of similar situations, so he was quite tranquil and calm.

A faint smile appeared on his face as he said in a dignified, yet amicable voice, “There’s no need to bow to me. All rise.”

All of the vermilion birds: “…”

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 940 - Kneeling Down before An Lin

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