The Martial Emperor With Dragon Blood Chapter 263

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Chapter 263: Xuan Ji's Test

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Xiao Yun was in complete disbelief that he had lost, and what a devastating loss it was. Though he did hear about Ye Mo defeating Yun Feng, who was in the Energy Shaping Seventh Realm, he still had suspicions regarding Yun Feng's strength.

He could not accept the fact that Ye Mo had actually defeated him with a single hit.

Ye Mo slowly walked to Xiao Yun's side and lowered his head, saying, “Xiao Yun, don't think that being an elite league member gives you the power to oppress others. If you want to give me pointers, you are very far off. Let me tell you the truth, I have already made the breakthrough to the Energy Shaping Fourth Realm not so long ago. I was able to defeat Energy Shaping Seventh Realm Yun Feng when I was still in the Energy Shaping Third Realm. Based on my current strength, I have even exceeded the Seventh Realm now.”

Ye Mo previously mentioned in front of everyone back at the Qingyun Martial Arena that he had consumed certain sacred treasures, which explained his strength.

Some fighters consume rare medicinal ingredients from a young age to strengthen their bodies, energy levels and mortal entrances, allowing them to dominate their counterparts in the same realm level. However, most of these fighters fail halfway through. Due to the excessive pressure on their body's potential, most of them were unable to catch up with their training in the later stages.

Realising that he was unable to move, Xiao Yun quickly shouted loudly, “Brother Dong Fang, quickly help me teach Ye Mo a lesson.”


In an instant, Dong Fang'ao waved his sleeve as a dominating force spiralled out like a million horses charging towards Ye Mo, causing him to take multiples steps in retreat.

“This is the power of the Energy Shaping Ninth Realm?”

Ye Mo was secretly taken by surprise. While he had fought with an Energy Shaping Ninth Realm fighter before, it was a life-and-death battle. Furthermore, his opponent was an energy clone. Facing an actual Energy Shaping Ninth Realm fighter today, Ye Mo finally understood how powerful they were.

A nonchalant attack was enough to render a fighter with strength levels comparable to the Energy Shaping Seventh Realm completely helpless.

“Ye Mo, I am ultimately still a fighter in the Qingyun Rankings. I will not make your life hard for hurting Xiao Yun. Help me cultivate two Burden Water Seals, and we shall put this incident behind us. How about that?” Dong Fang'ao said calmly.

Hearing that, Ye Mo started to laugh mockingly in his heart. It turned out that all this fuss that this person was creating was over his Burden Water Seal as well.

By letting his underling anger Ye Mo and attack him to teach him a lesson first, now that Ye Mo had injured his underling, he had a reason to put Ye Mo on the spot.

“Brother Ye Mo, don't be rash. That Dong Fang'ao is an Energy Shaping Ninth Realm fighter. For the time being, it is best that you don't antagonize him. If he wants the Burden Water Seal, just give it to him.”

Ling'er was also afraid that Ye Mo was going to be impulsive and engage the opponent in a battle. Below the True Energy Realm, Energy Shaping Ninth Realm fighters were almost invincible beings. Fighting him was as good as asking to die.

“Alright, two Burden Water Seals, right? However, I have yet to cultivate the seals. I'll pa.s.s them to you once I have successfully cultivated them,” Ye Mo said, pretending to be troubled.

“Fine. However, I do not wish to wait for too long. I'll give you three days, and I'll send someone to collect the seals from you at your training cave.”

As Dong Fang'ao was preparing to leave, he turned around to say to Ye Mo, “I still have the need to remind you that the chief elect position is not something you should covet. Otherwise, you will definitely regret it.”

“Many thanks for the concern, Brother Dong Fang!” Ye Mo smiled as he replied with a surly tone.

Xiao Yun looked at Ye Mo with eyes filled with hatred, and got up to his feet, following behind Dong Fang'ao.

The Inner League member finally let his guard down after seeing Dong Fang'ao and Xiao Yun leave the Xuan Ji League headquarters. He said, “Ye Mo, thankfully you were not impulsive. If Dong Fang'ao really gets serious, there is no holding back. Last time, he killed a league member during battle, and all the Qingyun League did was to let him face the wall for a month as punishment.”

“Thank you for helping me, brother. These two Burden Water Seals are for you, as a show of my grat.i.tude.” Ye Mo took out two Burden Water Seals from his Dimensional Bracelet and pa.s.sed them to the league member.

“Little brother Ye Mo, I thought you didn't have any Burden Water Seals?” asked the Inner League member, surprised.

“All these schemes from Dong Fang'ao were obviously an attempt to get my Burden Water Seals. If I immediately give him the seals, wouldn't that mean that I am stepping into his trap?”

The Inner League member's expression was one of shock and confusion. Ye Mo then left the Xuan Ji sub-league headquarters.

On the second day, Ye Mo woke up early and rushed to the Xuan Ji sub-league. Xuan Ji wanted to see him alone – this was a rare opportunity. Perhaps Xuan Ji had seen his talents and wanted to make him a nominee for the chief elect position.

The talents that Ye Mo displayed were worthy enough to grant him a spot as a nominee for chief elect.

An Energy Shaping Fourth Realm fighter being able to defeat a Seventh Realm counterpart! With the role of sealing artist added to his portfolio, this type of talent was extremely hard to find in the Qingyun League.

Entering the conference hall, Ye Mo saw that its décor was back to normal. However, there was no one there. Ye Mo stood in the middle of the hall and waited.

As time pa.s.sed, it was the afternoon soon enough. Chief Xuan Ji was still nowhere to be seen.

“Is Xuan Ji testing me?” Ye Mo could not help but question in his own heart.

“Brother Ye Mo, let us continue waiting. Based on my careful observations, Xuan Ji is someone who is fair about rewards and punishments. Your performance was truly amazing. She definitely took note of you,” said Ling'er.

Ye Mo nodded his head. Seeing that Xuan Ji had yet to arrive, Ye Mo sat cross-legged, levitating above the ground and started to close his eyes and meditate. Working his Energy Center, he prepared to charge towards the Energy Shaping Fifth Realm.

Energy Shaping Fifth Realm, Internal Dryness, allowed fighters to utilize energy to strengthen their important organs. Reaching this realm represented an overall improvement for a fighter's defense.

For Energy Shaping Sixth Realm, it meant forming wings. Fighters could generate a pair of Energy Wings on their backs. Reaching the True Energy Realm, the wings were generated using True Energy. With different fighters having different training techniques and energies, it meant that the wings that they formed were all different as well.

Ye Mo was secretly antic.i.p.ating what kind of Energy Wings he was going to form!

“Seems like Elder Feng taught you plenty. You are even able to master his air-stepping technique.”

A spirit-like voice was suddenly heard. Xuan Ji appeared out of nowhere on her throne. Being able to come and go without a trace represented an extremely dominating level of power.

“If I don't learn this technique, how am I going to defeat opponents in the air?”

Ye Mo opened his eyes and stood up. Clasping his hands together, he said to Xuan Ji, “Master Xuan Ji, I pay my respects to you.”

“Your name is Ye Mo, correct?” Xuan Ji suddenly asked.


“You're also from the Limestone City?”


“Then how are you related to Ye Qing?” Xuan Ji continued asking.

Hearing that, Ye Mo's heart stuttered. Remembering what Elder Feng had told him, he replied with a straight face, “I am not related to Ye Qing. However, I have definitely heard of his name. He was the champion of the Tianwu Kingdom in the past and a role model for all the fighters of the Limestone City.”

“You are quite talented as well, and not far off from him back in his days. The reason I've called you here today is because I need you to help me cultivate 10 Motionless h.e.l.l King Seals,” said Xuan Ji.

“Ten?” Ye Mo was slightly troubled.

“Why? Is there a problem?”

“Master Xuan Ji, the Motionless h.e.l.l King Seal requires a dark elemental heart-stone. I have only been able to find one Second Order dark elemental heart-stone in the League Points Hall, which I had used during the compet.i.tion. If you want me to cultivate ten Motionless h.e.l.l King Seals, I will need at least 10 Second Order dark elemental heart-stones to be prepared!” said Ye Mo.

“Is this a problem? This is the mission that I am giving you. Don't tell me you're going to ask me to prepare the heart-stones for you?” asked Xuan Ji, slightly annoyed.

Noticing that the situation was turning awry, Ye Mo immediately replied with his hands held together, “Master Xuan Ji, this is not a problem. Give me some time, and I will definitely bring you 10 Motionless h.e.l.l King Seals.”

“Since there are no problems, go ahead and carry out your mission. Are you going to make me wait for a long time?” asked Xuan Ji.

“Half a month!”

The Martial Emperor With Dragon Blood Chapter 263

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