The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 262 - A Small Fry’s Realisation

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Chapter 262: A Small Fry’s Realisation

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Successfully entering the Xuan Ji sub-league, Ye Mo established friendly ties with a group of elite league members due to his position as a sealing artist. On the other hand, Ye Changsheng was furious. Not only did he fail to stop Ye Mo from entering the league, Ye Mo had already established himself upon doing so.

Wu Hao was the judge. He brought Ye Mo to the Inner Hall after he shared some words with a few league members. He handed Ye Mo the Xuan Ji League mission card.

“Ye Mo, now that you have become an honorary sealing artist of the Xuan Ji League, every word and every action of yours is representative of the Xuan Ji League. As a member, you get to enjoy all the rights that a Xuan Ji league member is privileged to receive. Other than that, you will be able to collect an extra 100 Second Order heart-stones every month.”

Wu Hao explained the rules of the Xuan Ji sub-league to Ye Mo. “There are not a lot of rules in the sub-league. You just have to report to the league at the start of every month. Master Xuan Ji will arrange work for you monthly.”

Ye Mo nodded. With minimal rules in the Xuan Ji League, Ye Mo only had to collect his allowance and complete some duties, which would not affect his training.

“Come to the conference hall early in the morning tomorrow. Master Xuan Ji may have arranged some work for you. Remember, don’t be late,” said Wu Hao before he left the Inner Hall.

Ye Mo kept the mission card in his Dimensional Bracelet and prepared to leave the Xuan Ji League. Following this, a shadow blocked his path. It was Dong Fang’ao, the second strongest fighter of the Qingyun Rankings. Behind him was an Energy Shaping Seventh Realm fighter.

“Dong Fang’ao, what is the meaning of this?” Ye Mo asked coldly as he looked at Dong Fang’ao, who was coming at him aggressively.

“You better behave yourself in the Xuan Ji sub-league and not be too showy. Just be a normal sealing artist and don’t get any ideas about becoming a chief elect. Master Xuan Ji regards you highly because of your seal techniques. That is all. However, Master Xuan Ji regards Ye Changsheng highly because he is someone would be still be highly regarded even if he had zero training.”

These words were brief but were filled with hidden meanings. It was a warning towards Ye Mo: You may have frightening sealing techniques, but just do your job dutifully and don’t get any delusions about the position of chief elect – that is not something you can even possibly dream of.

“You blocked my path just to tell me all this?” Ye Mo smiled gently and he said calmly, “If Chief Xuan Ji regards him so highly, why are you worrying about me stealing his spot? What you should do is accompany Ye Chang and help him train, and you can start your bootlicking once he becomes league chief. Why waste time on me?”

“How dare you!”

The moment Ye Mo finished speaking, the elite league member behind Dong Fang’ao let out a roar and rushed towards Ye Mo’s side. Towering over him, he said, “Who do you think you are? Merely a sealing artist who has just entered the Xuan Ji League, and you dare speak in this manner to Brother Dong, who is second place in the Qingyun Rankings?”

“What is this? Is this the way for sub-leagues to welcome their new members? This is still my first day!” Ye Mo remained unmoved but started to cultivate his killing intent inside his heart.

“Welcome you?” The elite member burst into laughter. “You think you deserve it? Let me tell you, Ye Mo, do not overestimate the prestige of your position as a honorary sealing artist. Among the higher-ups in the Xuan Ji League, you are nothing but someone who cultivates seals. In our eyes, you are still a small fry. Small fries like you should come to a realization regarding the differences between themselves and the important figures. No matter how much effort you put in, there will always be a gap. Small fries like you will never understand.”

Seeing the situation, one of the Inner League members stepped forward and tried to talk Ye Mo out of the confrontation, fearing that Ye Mo would be put in a disadvantageous position. “Little brother Ye Mo, I advise you to stop talking. All of the higher-ups have great authority in the Xuan Ji League. While you are the honorary sealing artist, it is best that you do not offend them.” At the same time, he spoke to the elite league member, “Brother Xiao Yun, it is Ye Mo’s first time coming to the Xuan Ji sub-league, which is why there are rules that he does not understand. Please do not dwell upon it.”


Before the Inner League member could finish speaking, Xiao Yun struck him, dropping him to the ground. One side of his cheeks instantly swelled up.

Looking at the Inner League member on the ground, Xiao Yun spit on his body and said, “Don’t dwell upon it? Who do you think you are? An Inner League member who had just entered the Xuan Ji League dares interfere in my affairs as well?”

Ye Mo did not expect Xiao Yun to attack a league member from his own sub-league in such a merciless fas.h.i.+on.

Ye Mo could have diffused the situation. However, once he did, logic would not have been on his side had they clashed. However, now that Xiao Yun has struck someone, if he attacked and got into a conflict with them, he could still remain unapologetic.

Ye Mo helped the Inner League member up, channelling Dragon Power into his body. In an instant, the swelling was already mostly healed.

“Little brother Ye Mo, I suggest that you leave quickly. There is no point offending these people,” said the Inner League member.

“Xiao Yun, how dare you hit him? I may have just entered the Xuan Ji League, but I did take a look at the handbook. This is against the Xuan Ji League’s rules,” said Ye Mo coldly.

“Hit him?” Xiao Yun laughed mockingly and stared at the Inner League member threateningly. “Did I hit you?”

Hearing that, the Inner League member immediately waved his hand, saying, “No, you did not.”

“I am an elite league member. I have the right to give some pointers to Inner League members of the sub-league. This kid’s skills are lacking – is that my fault? Do you want me to give you some pointers as well?” Xiao Yun had a ferocious expression, like a beast observing its prey.

The Inner League member knew in his heart that Xiao Yun was not going to let Ye Mo off. Furthermore, being the Qingyun Rankings’ second placing fighter gave him an advantage.

Dong Fang’ao crossed his arms over his chest, not saying anything as he watched on beside Xiao Yun.

“Give me pointers? You think you are worthy of doing that?”

Ye Mo let up a huge roar, shocking the sky and shaking the ground like an explosive thunderstrike.


Xiao Yun completely did not expect something like that to come out of Ye Mo’s mouth. With a swoop, he opened his palm, forming a claw-like shape. His body’s energy started to rise, forming cloud-like shapes. His claw-like fingers emerged from the clouds like a dragon deity coming down from the skies to abduct mortals.

Sky Dragon Claw!

This claw was engulfed in energy and explosive force, causing cracks to form on the ground. Xiao Yun held nothing back and unleashed the full force of an Energy Shaping Seventh Realm attack, filled with murderous aura and an intent to kill Ye Mo on the spot.

Having advanced to the Energy Shaping Fourth Realm, this kind of attack was completely manageable. He instantly attacked back, gathering Giant Dragon Power above his fist and striking at Xiao Yuan with an explosive Dragon Punch.

Ye Mo’s attack was like a metal cannonball, completely decimating Xiao Yun’s attack and viciously striking his body.

Xiao Yun let out a pained shriek as he was directly sent flying backwards, his garment torn and tattered as he exploded against a wall, leaving a huge mark on it.

“Defeating Energy Shaping Seventh Realm Xiao Yun with a single punch?”

Witnessing this, the Inner League member could not help but choke on his own saliva, and he was not the only one. Even Dong Fang’ao squinted, having not expected something like this to happen!

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 262 - A Small Fry’s Realisation

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