The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 680 - Blood Phoenix Dance

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Chapter 680: Blood Phoenix Dance

“It’s the Sky Blood Spear! How did it get here? And its power is so much stronger than before.”

Questions haunted the Desolate Mountain.

People’s eyes were glued to the spear.

At the moment, the Sky Blood Spear was filled with Blood Qi, floating in the sky. Even in the strong sunlight, it radiated light.

Everyone could sense the overbearing fluctuation of its spirituality. It made the Profound World Realm experts tremble.

“It’s impossible! The Sky Blood Spear is damaged. Its power should be no better than a Mid-grade Bejewelled Weapon. How did it become a Low-grade Celestial Weapon?” said Lee the Great. “d.a.m.n! I put the spear in the Hidden Treasure Pavilion of the Legal Division with three other unused High-grade Celestial Weapons and an unknown treasure. Maybe the spear has absorbed their power?”

“Absorb?” Wu Tian shouted. “I’ve heard that the weapon spirits of the Seven Great Primordial Vicious Weapon can transform into humans. Moreover, they can a.s.similate other weapons’ spirits to advance themselves.”

Hong Ling floated in midair, watching and laughing coldly.

She didn’t expect that she would encounter a High-grade Celestial Weapon after been left in the Hidden Treasure Pavilion. Not only that, she also absorbed several High-grade Bejewelled Weapons, which made her advance to the level of a Low-grade Celestial Weapon.


The Sky Blood Spear struck again. The Sky Punishment Seal Formation burst apart, shattered into energy pieces.

In a blink, Xiao Yue grabbed the Sky Blood Spear and flew into the sky, letting out the poison curse power.

At the moment, she was like the Sky Blood Lady, holding the Sky Blood Spear and wearing the Sky Blood Armor.

“Hurry. Hurry up! Confine her again! Don’t let her out!” Xue Can was scared almost to death.

“Die!” Xiao Yue shouted. With Hong Ling’s help, she finally escaped from the Sky Punishment Seal Formation. She held the spear with both of her hands and dove toward Xue Can like a streak of light.

“Ahhh, Help Little Can, Help me! Elder Lee!” Xue Can cried out, backing away in terror.

“Indestructible Heaven-Piercing Seal!”


Lee the Great dashed in front of Xue Can so swiftly that a gust of wind was formed in his wake.

Before Xiao Yue’s attack landed, he had already put Xue Can behind his back and generated a powerful strike.


Lee the Great generated a ma.s.sive ball of Profound Qin in his hands, then it formed a giant sky-broken palm containing enough power to shatter the entire Desolate Mountain.

The power of the attack was overbearing. It reached the power of an early-stage Profound World Realm expert.

After pus.h.i.+ng out that attack, his hands created all kinds of Wills, all bearing the same tremendous power. The power was strong enough to grind the mountain into powder and make the sky collapse.

Lee the Great had used all of his power. As an Elder of the Legal Division, he wanted to end Xiao Yue’s life in front of everyone.

“Ye Mo, goodbye forever my love!” Xiao Yue knew she couldn’t survive this attack. But she used all of her power anyway. She bit her tongue and let the Sky Blood Spear absorb her blood.

In a flash, Xiao Yue and the Sky Blood Spear became a giant blood phoenix. The phoenix was like raging lightning, hovering in the sky and then rus.h.i.+ng to the giant palm.

“What is it? Is it the Human Spear Unity?”

This scene made many Saint’s jaws drop.

“Don’t you remember?” one of the senior Elders said in despair. “According to legend, the Sky Blood Lady asked a mysterious recluse to forge this Sky Blood Armor for her to match her Sky Blood Spear. When those two treasures are put together, an unstoppable power is created. The trick is called ‘Blood Phoenix Dance.’”

“Xiao Yue, go to h.e.l.l! Let me take over your position,” Xue Can pouted. Her lips were so tender and lovely, but her eyes shone cruelly

Ever since she learned she was the Profound Silkworm Poison Curse Physique, she had been secretly cultivated by the society head in her Kingdom. She had wors.h.i.+ped the society head from that day.

But when she learned that her Physique was only ranked No. 2 among the Four Great Poison Curse Physiques, she knew that the No.1 Phoenix Poison Curse Physique, Xiao Yue, would take all of her favor from the society head lord.

Even before she met Xiao Yue, her hatred for her was so deep that she prayed for Xiao Yue’s death every day and night. Only when Xiao Yue was dead, would the society head give all of his love to her again.

Finally, Xiao Yue was about to die under Lee the Great’s most furious attack. It was a dream come true!

The horrific palm, piercing through three thousand parallel worlds, blocked every inch of Xiao Yue’s s.p.a.ce.

Xiao Yue came to her last attack and never thought about escaping from Lee’s attack.

“Blood Phoenix Dance!” Xiao Yue shouted with her two hands holding the spear tightly.

The spear became the head of the phoenix, the armor transformed into the phoenix’s body, and Xiao Yue became its soul. The True Energy between the sky and the earth stirred up violently and a frenzied wind blew fiercely.

Everyone knew Xiao Yue would strike with her life.

She had no choice. No matter how strong her attack was, against the attack of a Profound World Realm expert, death was the only way it could end.


The Indestructible Heaven-Piercing Seal and the Blood Phoenix Dance finally collided with each other, shaking the Desolate Mountain. The collision created an enormous blast wave that impacted everyone in the mountain. All of the Saints and Elders had to generate True Energy to protect themselves from the blast.

An emaciated body fell to the ground from the sky covered in blood. Although it was protected by the Sky Blood Armor, Xiao Yue’s body was shattered by the piercing attack.

“Hurry up, Hurry up, don’t stop creating the Sky Punishment Seal Formation,” Xue Can yelled again. “Once she dies, the poison curse will break out!”

The Saints and Elders started to generate the True Energy to complete the Sky Punishment Seal Formation again. They even wanted to seal the Sky Blood Spear.

“This is it. My number is up!” Xiao Yue lay on the ground staring at a cloud, and thought, ” If it weren’t for my master’s revenge, maybe our story would be different. Maybe I wouldn’t have left the Tianwu Kingdom for three years.”

“That’s not true. There’s still hope!” a voice appeared in Xiao Yue’s mind.

“Who are you? Where are you?” Xiao Yue asked, surprised.

“I am the weapon spirit of the Sky Blood Spear,” Hong Ling said. “A long time ago, Ye Mo and I unified, so I can sense that he’s still alive. So don’t give up on your life so soon. Maybe that boy will come to rescue you.”

“Rescue me? If he’s still alive, rescuing me is the last thing I want from him. I don’t want him to get killed here.”

“Got killed? For others, trying to save you could only end in death. But for Ye Mo, that’s not gonna happen,” Hong Ling said. She had total faith in Ye Mo’s abilities.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 680 - Blood Phoenix Dance

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