Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 121 - Aunt Ning, Regarding my Homecoming Party…

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Chapter 121: Aunt Ning, Regarding my Homecoming Party…

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Because of the incident regarding Jiang Ruoyin’s watch, Wen Xinya’s reputation in the circle went up. Ning Shuqian’s heart was filled with resentment, but as she remembered the arrangements for the homecoming party, she hurriedly arranged for Wen Xinya to meet Lu Xueyi.

Lu Xueyi was thirty-odd years-old this year, looked beautiful and charming, and had a voluptuous and enchanting body. As she took great care of herself, she appeared to be a mature lady in her late twenties.

However, Wen Xinya vaguely felt an aura of sleaziness from her—the same kind on herself in her past life. Hence, it didn’t felt foreign to her.

Upon seeing Wen Xinya, Lu Xueyi went up to her warmly, held her hand, and sized her up. “You must be Xinya! Indeed, a pretty and well-behaved girl.”

Wen Xinya’s eyes revealed adoration and joy, and after a moment of nervousness, did not know how to address her. “Lu… Lu…”

Lu Xueyi and Ning Shuqian exchanged looks. Ning Shuqian said, laughing, “Look at this girl, so excited at meeting her idol that she’s at a loss for words. Greet Aunt Lu!”

Wen Xinya’s tender little face turned red as she excitedly greeted. “Aunt Lu!”

Lu Xueyi laughed happily. “You don’t have to be nervous, I won’t eat you.”

Blus.h.i.+ng, Wen Xinya reached into her bag and retrieved a book filled with Lu Xueyi’s advertorials and media clippings. “Aunt Lu, I’ve always loved your shows. Can I have your autograph?”

When she saw such a book from her, Ning Shuqian knew that she genuinely adored Lu Xueyi, and the smile in her eyes intensified. With me around, even if you ask for ten autographs, she’ll have to agree, much less one. She took the book from Wen Xinya’s hands and pa.s.sed it to Lu Xueyi. “Leave a few more autographs!”

Naturally, Lu Xueyi agreed readily. “Since you’ve spoken, I naturally daren’t oppose.”

The pair unabashedly demonstrated that they were on very good terms simply for Wen Xinya’s eyes, beating around the bush to remind Wen Xinya that Lu Xueyi had agreed to meet her on account of Ning Shuqian.

With a pen in hand, Lu Xueyi left her autographs on the book—she flipped through the pages one by one, and signed on every single page, grumbling to Ning Shuqian, “Bet this will do!”

Smiling, Ning Shuqian received the book and pa.s.sed it back to Wen Xinya. “Bet you’re satisfied!”

“I’ve heard from your Aunt Ning that you’re going to hold a large-scale homecoming party?”

Wen Xinya nodded. “Yup! On the 28th of June! At the New Century Manor.”

The New Century Manor was a very lavish manor in the middle-ages, inspired by European architecture, and very appropriate to host high-profile parties. The entire hall could accommodate 5,000 guests for a party event.

Lu Xueyi said with a smile, “I heard that this homecoming party is unprecedentedly grand and will invite reputable figures from the political, military, commercial, literary, and media fields—looks like it’s true.”

The New Century Manor was an extremely lavish venue, and not everyone could hold a party there.

Wen Xinya widened her eyes in shock as if she was not expecting the party to be so grand. “This… Grandpa never told me, I’m not so sure!”

Ning Shuqian smiled. “Recently, the Old Man has already started drafting the guest list. I took a look yesterday—indeed true to the words of your Aunt Lu.”

Wen Xinya eyes were filled with anxiety, and she subconsciously clasped her hands together.

Lu Xueyi and Ning Shuqian looked at each other briefly, then Lu Xueyi tugged at her arm and consoled her. “Don’t be afraid. Although the party is grand, it’ll naturally be much simpler with the help of an elder.”

Wen Xinya thought of Grandpa and heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Aunt Lu!”

Lu Xueyi asked, “How’re the arrangements of the party coming along?”

Wen Xinya answered honestly, “I’m not too sure either, Grandpa handed the rights of the arrangements of the party to the public relations company. As I’m not familiar with things, everything’s been decided by the public relations company.”

Grandpa had engaged the Soaring Public Relations company, a very reputable company in the capital city responsible for the arrangements for many high-profile parties, as well as a number of the Wen Corporation’s parties—like an old acquaintance. Thus, she felt rea.s.sured, and, after she had communicated some of her thoughts and requests to the public relations company, she had never intervened on any of the subsequent matters.

Lu Xueyi asked curiously, “Which public relations company?”

“Soaring Public Relations company.”

Lu Xueyi inhaled deeply—the Soaring Public Relations company was highly selective and was a company that many people could only wish for. “Usually, such high-profile dinner parties are basically handed to public relations companies to make arrangements for. However, as many times the public relations companies are focused on beefing up their own reputation, their ideas tend to be deeply commercialized—only concentrating on magnificence and visual extravagance, and instead neglecting the personal touch. I often organize parties. Thus, I’m more in touch with public relations companies, and so, I know more about these little things.”

Wen Xinya was in half-doubt. “Grandpa said that the Soaring Public Relations company is currently the best public relations company locally, and it’s most appropriate to hand the arrangements of the dinner party to them.”

Lu Xueyi replied, “True, but this dinner party is a homecoming party, and you’re the star. It’s not an entirely commercial dinner party.”

Wen Xinya said, fl.u.s.tered, “What do we do then?”

Lu Xueyi glanced at Ning Shuqian with an implied look in her eyes. “There’s still a need for an elder by the side, to help make decisions—then, that’s truly appropriate.”

Wen Xinya bit down on her lips as if she had something that she didn’t want to share.

Ning Shuqian quickly held her hands—they were breaking out in cold sweat—obviously at a loss regarding Lu Xueyi’s words. “Don’t worry, Aunt Ning will help you.”

Wen Xinya deeply appreciated her kind gesture.

Lu Xueyi looked at Ning Shuqian and laughed. “With your Aunt Ning around, you don’t have to worry—your Aunt Ning is a capable woman, I’ve sought her help for many of my parties—she’s very proficient in this area.”

Wen Xinya looked at Ning Shuqian. “Aunt Ning, regarding my homecoming party…” She paused in her speech and sighed slightly on purpose.

As if afraid that she would turn back on her words, Ning Shuqian quickly reached for her hands and said, “Don’t worry, Aunt Ning will naturally go all out to help you.”

Ning Shuqian completely did not expect this matter to be settled so easily—once she had arranged for the dinner party in the name of Madam Wen, she would be secure in her position as the lady of the family. Come that time…

Her gaze directed indistinctly at Wen Xinya, with a sinister glow that disappeared shortly after.

Wen Xinya was touched and said, “Thank you, Aunt Ning!”

Lu Xueyi added appropriately, “With your Aunt Ning’s help, you don’t have to worry about anything else—just wait at ease till the day and be the most glorious princess at the party.”

Wen Xinya smiled shyly!

In the face of her idol, she seemed to be well-behaved and at her best temperament at all times, which deepened the smile in Ning Shuqian’s eyes.

At this moment, Xia Ruya and Wen Yuya walked over together.

Ning Shuqian looked at them and smiled. “Both of you are here at the right time—bring Xinya out for a breather and have some fun.”

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