Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 357 - You Don’t Even Have the Intention of Bearing Children for Haowen

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Chapter 357: You Don’t Even Have the Intention of Bearing Children for Haowen

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Old Mrs. Wen then grabbed Wen Haowen’s hand and spoke to him for a long while. Although he was in a foul mood, he was extremely filial to his mother and hence, did not lash out at her.

The tension in the air faded after Old Mrs. Wen’s return.

Xia Ruya sat beside Old Mrs. Wen’s side and chatted with her. The two were extremely chummy, as if Old Mrs. Wen was really her biological grandmother.

Ning Shuqian would look at Wen Xinya coldly from time to time.

She had been through painstaking means to plan everything and yet, all of her efforts had gone to waste. She obviously resented Wen Xinya for ruining her plans. She could not help but feel an urge to strangle Wen Xinya at the thought of the things she had done, as well as her daughter who was overseas.

Old Mrs. Wen looked at Ning Shuqian and asked abruptly, “I told you to undergo artificial insemination previously. How did that go?”

Ning Shuqian’s face stiffened and she said uncomfortably, “Mother, Haowen has been very busy lately, so we haven’t had the time to go to the hospital yet.” Noticing that Old Mrs. Wen’s face was growing increasingly sullen, she frantically added, “However, we’ll definitely be making a visit to the hospital once Haowen is done with his work.”

Old Mrs. Wen glared at Ning Shuqian menacingly, as if she was about to devour her. “Bearing offspring is the most important duty that a woman has to perform. You’ve been married to Haowen for fifteen years and yet, you’ve never given birth to a child for him. Don’t you feel ashamed at all?”

Ning Shuqian turned as pale as a sheet and clenched her fists tightly while cursing Old Mrs. Wen in her head.

Old Mrs. Wen continued sternly, “Back in ancient times, men were given the rights to divorce their wives if they were unable to conceive. If you still don’t take this seriously, I think you’d better divorce Haowen. He can’t be childless, either. If you don’t wish to bear him a child, there are lots of women out there who are willing to do so.”

Shock was written all over Ning Shuqian’s face. “Mother… you can’t do this. Haowen and I are getting along very well…”

Old Mrs. Wen said sternly, “That’s the very reason why I’ve been tolerating you until today. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have let Haowen marry you at all.”

Ning Shuqian subconsciously glanced at Wen Haowen with a pitiful expression.

However, Wen Haowen seemed to be deep in thought and hence, did not notice her gaze.

Greatly angered by her actions, Old Mrs. Wen gibed. “What are you looking at Haowen for? Do you really think he’d defend you and stick up for you? Listen up, Haowen is very filial towards me and obeys all my instructions. Your plan is not going to work out.”

Shaking her head profusely, Ning Shuqian said, “Mother, that’s not what I meant…”

Old Mrs. Wen questioned overbearingly, “If that’s not what you meant, what did you mean then?”

Ning Shuqian spluttered. “Mother, we’ve been postponing the hospital visit because Haowen is too busy lately. Don’t worry, Haowen and I will definitely free up our schedules and find some time to go to the hospital and undergo artificial insemination.”

The intense gaze in Old Mrs. Wen’s eyes was terrifying and hair-raising. “Haowen may be busy but you’re not! When I told you to take the ovulation pills and go for ovulation jabs, you insisted that you wanted to go for artificial insemination instead. Haowen has such a hectic schedule. How is he supposed to find the time to accompany you to the hospital? I bet you just don’t want to bear a child for Haowen.”

Old Mrs. Wen could not help but fly into a rage the moment she was reminded of the scandalous news of Ning Shuqian that were still splashed across the newspapers even till now. She felt terrible at the thought of the dirty looks that her mahjong playmates shot her. It was all Ning Shuqian’s fault.

Wen Haowen got the chills after hearing his mother’s words. He kept his eyes fixed onto Ning Shuqian and questioned sternly, “Tell me honestly, is what Mother said true? Do you not want to bear my children at all? Are you still thinking about Yuya’s father, your old flame?”

Ning Shuqian turned as pale as a ghost and she hurriedly grabbed Wen Haowen’s hand. She explained agitatedly, “Haowen, that’s not true. You’re the only one I love, I can vouch for it using my life!”

Recalling the incident where she had knocked her head against the wall and ended up being hospitalized, Wen Haowen said in a mellower tone, “In that case, listen to Mother and take some ovulation pills for a period of time. If they’re not effective, we’ll take you to the hospital for ovulation jabs. I’m sure you’re aware of how busy I’ll be for the time being, especially since the Xiao Family is acquiring Ai Shang Group. I doubt I’ll have the time to accompany you to the hospital for artificial insemination.”

Ning Shuqian had no reason to reject him. “Sure!”

Wen Haowen looked at Old Mrs. Wen and said, “Mother, we don’t know much about these things, so please help and take care of Shuqian. We’re not getting any younger. We can’t afford to delay any further.”

Beaming with joy, Old Mrs. Wen said, “That goes without saying. I’m looking forward to seeing her give birth to a child.” Her tone grew stern and she continued, “Actually, I’ve been waiting for fifteen years. Who knew? I got nothing in the end.”

Ning Shuqian wanted to cry but there were no tears. She knew that the chances of her conceiving were near impossible, and she did not wish to take the ovulation pills that were detrimental to one’s health. However, with Old Mrs. Wen around to keep a close eye on her, she could not get up to any tricks at all.

Wen Xinya interjected. “Aunt Ning, you can actually proceed with both treatments simultaneously. You can go for a weekly jab while consuming ovulation pills under the doctor’s recommendation. The results would be more effective.”

Old Mrs. Wen was incredibly thrilled. “Alright, it’s settled then. I’ll accompany you to the hospital to get an ovulation jab later. With the simultaneous treatments, you’ll definitely conceive.”

Ning Shuqian glared at Wen Xinya coldly, filled with resentment towards her. If she only had to take ovulation pills, she could easily replace them with placebos. Yet, there was nothing she could do now that Wen Xinya suggested that she go for ovulation jabs.

Wen Xinya stared back at Ning Shuqian aloofly. They glared daggers at each other and seemed to have a battle using their eyes. In the end, Ning Shuqian conceded defeat by looking away first.

Ning Shuqian tugged Wen Haowen’s s.h.i.+rt and said, “Haowen, I suddenly feel really uncomfortable. Why don’t we go home?”

Old Mrs. Wen shot her a glance of displeasure before saying to Wen Haowen smilingly, “Haowen, it’s rare that you’re home. It’s already so late now, it’s not safe to drive on the roads at this hour. You still have to go to work tomorrow morning. Why don’t you just stay in the mansion for a night? Mrs. w.a.n.g has always been tidying your room. I can take your wife to the hospital for ovulation jabs tomorrow, too.”

After a moment of hesitation, Wen Haowen answered with a nod, “Alright! We’ll stay behind for tonight. That’d make things easier and you don’t have to arrange a time to go to the hospital with Mother again. I already feel bad enough to trouble her.”

Ning Shuqian’s face grew more and more sullen. There was no way she could escape from the ovulation jab.

Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 357 - You Don’t Even Have the Intention of Bearing Children for Haowen

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