Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 360 - Thrown out of the Jiang Corporation Office Tower

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Chapter 360: Thrown out of the Jiang Corporation Office Tower

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

As expected, news reports about the Jiang family acquiring Ai Shang Group surfaced on media platforms a few days later. There was also news about the severing of ties between the Jiang family and the Wen Family. Hence, there was a tremendous plunge in the Wen Corporation stocks.

Although the Xiao Family wanted to delve into the luxury brands market, they needed an appropriate reason to do so. Otherwise, the other businessmen and merchants in the circle would simply think that the Jiang family was breaking the unspoken rules and being unethical. Now that the Jiang family and Wen Family had fallen out, the Xiao Family could push the responsibility to the Jiang family by getting them to announce the acquirement of Ai Shang Group. What a brilliant move made by the Xiao Family!

At this moment, Wen Haowen finally realized that he had been backstabbed by the Jiang family. If the Jiang family had not already established a stable partners.h.i.+p with the Xiao Family beforehand, how could the Jiang family possibly be involved with the acquirement of the Ai Shang Group just days after the fallout?

No wonder the Jiang Family only brushed me off about the new partners.h.i.+p agreement when I swallowed my pride and apologized to them. Turns out they were planning to backstab the Wen Family.

Wen Haowen was exasperated beyond words the moment he realized that he had been tricked. On the verge of losing his rationality, he picked up his car keys and stormed off to his car, in a bid to drive to the Jiang Corporation office tower.

Upon arriving at the Jiang Corporation office tower, he barged straight in. However, the receptionist at the front desk did not stop him because she had recognized him and knew that he used to cooperate with the Jiang family.

Wen Haowen boarded the elevator and headed to the CEO’s office on the tenth floor of the office tower. Upon sight of Wen Haowen, the secretary frantically stopped him. “Mr. Wen, I’m sorry but Mr. Jiang is out to see an important client. If your matter is urgent, why don’t you wait in the guest holding room?”

“I must see your CEO Jiang right now,” said Wen Haowen, who barged straight into the office.

The secretary had no choice but to stop him.

“Get lost!” Wen Haowen barked, pus.h.i.+ng the secretary away.

The door of the CEO’s office wasn’t locked. Just as Wen Haowen was about to barge inside, he heard a derisive laughter and a voice saying condescendingly, “That dimwit Wen Haowen. He actually thought that I was interested in cooperating with the Wen Family. He swallowed his pride and showed up at my doorstep to apologize to me. He was just like a cowardly idiot. Little did he know that I had already signed an agreement with the Xiao Family. He was just tricked by me.

“Wen Haowen has major ambitions, but he lacks substance. He doesn’t have what it takes to run Wen Corporation at all. If it weren’t for Old Mr. Wen supporting him from behind, the Wen Corporation would long have been ruined in his hands.

“I only agreed to cooperate with the Wen Corporation because I knew that Wen Haowen was dense and could be easily manipulated. I thought I could use him to reap lots of benefits from the Wen Corporation. Yet, that old fogy turned out to be smarter than I thought and is still watching over the Wen Corporation closely. As a result, the Jiang Corporation could never delve into the core businesses of the Wen Family. After all these years, we didn’t get to reap any benefits at all.”

“Brother Jiang, simmer down. You may have failed to reap many benefits, but Wen Haowen has been treating you with so much respect all these years. It’s as if he wors.h.i.+ps you, and he’s always at your beck and call. That old fogy Wen has become a laughing stock in the circle because he has such a useless son.”

Fuming with anger, Wen Haowen’s face twisted into a grimace and his veins began bulging from his forehead continuously. Unable to contain his exasperation, he kicked the door open with all his might.

The door was slammed open with a loud thud, greatly startling the two men gossiping merrily.

Wen Haowen barged straight in and hollered at the two of them. “Jiang Shaofeng, Xiao Zhiyuan, you despicable sc.u.mbags!”

Glaring at the secretary behind Wen Haowen, Jiang Shaofeng questioned sternly, “Who allowed him to come in? Didn’t you know that I was having a meeting in the office!?!”

Staring at him fearfully with a look of dismay, the secretary answered, “Mr. Jiang, Mr. Wen insisted on barging in. I couldn’t stop him at all.”

Jiang Shaofeng questioned coldly, “In that case, why didn’t you call the security guards?”

The secretary s.h.i.+vered uncontrollably from head to toe. Although the Jiang family and Wen Family had already fallen out, Wen Haowen was still the CEO of the Wen Corporation. How could she have dared to call the security guards?

Jiang Shaofeng barked. “What are you waiting for!?! Call for security now!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” The secretary frantically ran out of the office.

Staring at Jiang Shaofeng, Xiao Zhiyuan said, “Since you have a guest, I’d better take my leave. We’ll talk another day.”

Jiang Shaofeng immediately smiled and said, “I’ll see you out!”

Wen Haowen flew into a rage and kicked the door forcefully to slam it shut. Glowering at Jiang Shaofeng and Xiao Zhiyuan with bloodshot eyes, he screeched. “Ever since the Jiang family lost their power, they’ve been relying on the Wen Family to remain as one of the four major families. I can’t believe you guys actually turned your backs against us and cooperated with the Xiao family to attack us. Jiang Shaofeng, you ingrate!”

Xiao Zhiyuan said composedly, “You’re making it sound too serious, Mr. Wen. All we did was acquire Ai Shang Group. We don’t intend to attack the Wen Family. Please don’t spout nonsense.”

Jiang Shaofeng sneered. “Mr. Wen, didn’t your family plan to use the Jiang family to deal with the Xiao Family? We’re just cooperating with each other to reap benefits. We’re not reliant on the Wen Family. Please get that right.”

Wen Haowen retorted. “Quit making yourself out to be so high-sounding. Everyone knows that the Xiao Family is using Ai Shang Group to vie with us for a footing in the luxury goods market.”

Xiao Zhiyuan said nonchalantly, “The Wen Family may own 70% of the luxury goods market in our nation, but the market doesn’t belong to you. Why can’t we deal in the luxury goods business, too? Mr. Wen, you’re such a tyrant!”

Wen Haowen was at a loss for words.

Jiang Shaofeng gibed. “Mr. Wen is really naive. Did you think that you can encroach and monopolize the local luxury goods market forever? Compet.i.tion is inevitable when it comes to business. If you can’t even understand this simple logic, you don’t deserve to be the CEO of the Wen Corporation.”

Wen Haowen screeched. “Jiang Shaofeng, you despicable sc.u.m. Shut your trap! What rights do you have to speak? I heard everything that you said to Xiao Zhiyuan just now. Didn’t you cooperate with the Wen Family just to reap benefits?”

Jiang Shaofeng looked at Xiao Zhiyuan and asked, “Brother Xiao, did I say that just now?”

Staring at Wen Haowen, Xiao Zhiyuan feigned ignorance and said, “Weren’t we just discussing the cooperation between the Jiang family and Xiao family?”

Jiang Shaofeng guffawed and goaded. “Mr. Wen, you must have heard me wrong! There’s something wrong with your ears!”

Security guards then entered the office with menacing looks on their faces and held Wen Haowen down immediately.

Struggling to break free with all his might, Wen Haowen yelled, “Let go of me, I can walk on my own!”

Jiang Shaofeng looked at Wen Haowen smugly and said, “Mr. Wen, don’t ever barge into someone else’s office so casually again.”

Wen Haowen was dragged out of the office by the security guards. Unable to tolerate the humiliation, Wen Haowen screeched at the top of his lungs. “Jiang Shaofeng, Xiao Zhiyuan, you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Just you wait and see, I’m not going to let you off!”

Wen Haowen was thrown out of the Jiang Corporation office tower. The next thing he knew, there were cameras flas.h.i.+ng in his face. He recovered from the shock and discovered that the despicable Jiang family had arranged for the reporters to wait outside the office tower.

He was definitely going to make the headlines.

Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 360 - Thrown out of the Jiang Corporation Office Tower

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