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Chapter 892: a.s.sistant Manager

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The fact that Wen Xinya was interviewed for the latest issue of Poise Magazine sparked a hot discussion within the upper-cla.s.s society which consisted of intelligent individuals who had paid attention to the magazine issue. Hence, they had obviously guessed the reason behind Poise’s decision to invite her for the interview. However, they had no choice but to admit that she was indeed an interesting figure and it was an appropriate and reasonable decision to make her the cover star for the latest issue.

Everyone began to respect Wen Xinya even more.

At this moment, Old Mr. Wen was also reading the latest issue of Poise Magazine for the sake of his granddaughter, Wen Xinya, who was the focus of his attention. He only ever read financial magazines and had never paid attention to female magazines like Poise.

The content covered in the article was appropriate and true. The choice of words used to describe Wen Xinya was also and pleasant, thus placing emphasis on the main theme of evolution. Wen Xinya was just as outstanding and she did not sound in the least bit boastful at all. Yet, she was full of grace and elegance. She managed to exhibit her a.s.sertiveness as the successor of the Wen Family while still allowing herself to s.h.i.+ne.

Every word and answer of hers was appropriate.

A person’s character, talent, manners, drive, and ambition would be shown in the details and Wen Xinya managed to exude her elegance and refined character through the interview.

Wen Xinya entered the living room to see that Old Mr. Wen was reading the magazine. Unable to contain her amus.e.m.e.nt, she laughed and teased. “Hey Grandpa, you read female magazines too?”

She sounded rather mischievous.

Old Mr. Wen placed the magazine on the gla.s.s coffee table and said, “My granddaughter has already made it onto a magazine and the whole world knew about it except me. I was the last to find out.”

He had only found out about it during a casual phone call with Old Mr. Zhu this morning. He was surprised to hear how outstanding his granddaughter was, to have gained the recognition of the renowned female magazine, and even became the cover of the latest issue.

Wen Xinya walked towards Old Mr. Wen and brewed some tea for him. “Grandpa, you’ve been busy with the establishment of the charity fund lately, there’s no need for me to alarm you over such a trivial matter.”

Ever since Old Mr. Wen announced his plans to found a charity fund named after Wen Xinya during the Ai Shang product launch, he had been focusing all of his attention on it. He had also been taking part in lots of volunteer work at orphanages with some like-minded friends. He would also organize some charity events and had become more and more energetic with time.

When one gets old, they ought to have a form of mental sustenance. Hence, Wen Xinya did not stop him and had merely altered his diet to help nourish his health.

Old Mr. Wen smiled and said, “You’re a very intelligent and decisive child. Regardless of what happens, you always stick by your own set of principles and you know what to do too. You’ve reunited with the Wen Family for more than three years and it’s the right time for you to accept the interview, so as to build a good image for yourself.”

Poise Magazine was extremely positive and it would be extremely advantageous to Wen Xinya. Previously, he had been paying attention to Poise’s official website and read all the positive comments about her. He realized that the responses were not too bad.

Wen Xinya smiled and remained silent!

Old Mr. Wen thought about the tone that Old Mr. Zhu used during the phone call in the morning. He was in awe of Wen Xinya and sung praises about her. Feeling extremely smug and pleased, Old Mr. Wen said, “Xinya, you’re already 18 years old now, so I’m planning to a.s.sign a personal a.s.sistant to you to help you with managing your daily life and your work-related matters. Your a.s.sistant will help you with PR matters, your outfits, accessories and other relevant issues. What do you think of that?”

He did not make such plans previously because she was still too young at the time. Besides, there was no need for her to have an a.s.sistant since she was still in high school. Now that she was all grown up, she definitely couldn’t handle those matters on her own and she would definitely need an a.s.sistant.

Wen Xinya guffawed and said, “I understand your concerns, Grandpa. I’ve already turned legal now and all of my words and actions will represent the Wen Family. My actions will also directly affect the interests of the Wen Corporation. I have my own social circle and my own network of connections. Since I’m learning more about business management, it’s a good thing to have a professional to help me out.”

Old Mr. Wen nodded smilingly, thinking to himself that she was rather sensible.

Wen Xinya continued, “Previously, Uncle Cao has also given me some suggestions about getting an a.s.sistant. I’ve requested Zhou Tianyu to help me out, and the candidate she found is very reliable too. I’ll bring her to see you another day, Grandpa.”

She definitely had to hire someone trustworthy to help her run errands and handle her social life and image. Si Yiyan had already made considerations for her beforehand and searched around for a suitable candidate. She had also met the candidate whom she felt was a top elite.

Si Yiyan would often make careful considerations for her.

Slightly stunned, Old Mr. Wen said, “In that case, it’s settled then.”

A personal a.s.sistant would be involved in Wen Xinya’s private life as well as her social network. No mistakes could be made at all and hence, he could only feel at ease after seeing the candidate in person.

Wen Xinya said, “Grandpa, you’ll definitely be pleased.”

She trusted Si Yiyan’s judgment and naturally believed that the candidate had what it took to impress Old Mr. Wen.

Old Mr. Wen looked down and sipped on some tea. Although Zhou Tianyu and Wen Xinya were close, he was more inclined towards his own judgment. And, since Wen Xinya already had plans of her own, he decided not to say anything else and make other decisions only after meeting the candidate.

Wen Xinya understood his intentions and concerns. She changed the subject and said, “Grandpa, I’m planning to go on a summer vacation in another two days. I’m finally done with three years of h.e.l.l in high school and I’d like to relax too.”

She still had to gain Old Mr. Wen’s approval before she could proceed with the planning of her summer trip.

Old Mr. Wen said, “You should go on a trip. Young people these days love going on vacations and taking photos. Young people ought to be more energetic, lively and active! Go walk around and enjoy your youth. Just have fun.”

Old Mr. Wen was in full support of her decision. Ever since she returned to the Wen Family, she had been extremely hardworking and would stay home throughout her holidays studying. He took pity on her and hence, he would obviously agree to her rare request to go on a vacation.

Happiness was written all over Wen Xinya’s face. She exclaimed, “Thank you, Grandpa!”

She had already expected that he would agree.

Old Mr. Wen smiled and said, “You don’t have to thank me for such a trivial matter.”

Ever since the end of her examinations, she had been staying at home and accompanying him for games of chess over some liquor. She would also go on fis.h.i.+ng trips and golf together with him, so much that Old Mr. Zhu chided him for being too restrictive and strict with her. Hence, he decided to look for an opportunity to arrange for her to go on a vacation, for he did not want to bore her or waste her youth.

Wen Xinya could not help but burst into laughter.

Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 892 - Assistant Manager

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