Profane Prince Of Domination 181 At Least 49.999.500.000

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As Else's words echoed, Konrad's mind underwent a three-hundred-sixty-degree turn.

"I'm not privy to the details, but one of her servants came to demand my allegiance and support in her endeavors. Endeavors meant to end this country. And just a day after my rejection, this eldritch miasma spreads? How could there be such a coincidence in the world?

It's very likely that she's set her plans in motion."

That Else remained in contact with Konrad's mother was no surprise. Without a certain level of proximity, how could she be privy to his demonic nature?

From the Flame Mark, he'd also learned of the great wars of extermination that brought civilizations to extinction. However, he'd not expected the Infernal Cult to make its move so soon.

In the end, what was that miasma?

Konrad's mind connected to Krann who was in the process of shoving a Phantasm Orchid down a duke's throat.

"Krann, did you sense that miasma?"

"Yes, master!"

"Can you explain what it is?"

Having inherited the Flame Mark's knowledge, Krann currently was the number one expert on Infernal Realm matters. And considering how his blood boiled while his Stolas Physique felt invigorated, Konrad firmly believed the miasma linked to the Infernal Realm.

"Yes master, but you don't have to worry. This is just a plague sent by Lord Stolas from the Infernal Realm. I suppose the Infernal Cult used a tremendous quant.i.ty of merit to request such a boon from him.

This plague targets the unbelievers among non-demons. The effects are not apparent and will take some time to manifest. Moreover, they often vary depending on cultivation level and Lord Stolas' whim.

I can't identify the different thresholds, but what's certain is that the bulk of the infected will see their bodies atrophied and their essence sapped to death.

Still, considering that the mortal realm significantly suppresses the scope of the higher realms' G.o.ds' abilities. With its current range that seems to stretch throughout the entire Holy Continent, I believe it cannot harm high-level cultivators.

Semi-Saints and above should be safe from all harms. For the rest, I dare not say. Maybe Transcendent level experts can also avoid the calamity."

Krann politely replied while shoving the orchid down his target's throat before moving on to the next.

Konrad frowned. Stolas was the father of all poisons. Diseases and plagues also felt under his jurisdiction. Although he wasn't one of the four kings of h.e.l.l and couldn't compare to them on cultivation, he ranked high in the infernal hierarchy.

And as he considered the future damages, Konrad's eyes widened in fright.

"You mean to say that at the very least, anyone beneath the Transcendent Rank is guaranteed death?"

"Yes! Since this is a plague sent by lord Stolas unless the Celestial Church cripples their Merit reserves to obtain help from the Celestial Realm, once the plague activates, all the intended targets that felt the miasma's touch are condemned to death."

Faced with such news, Konrad staggered.

"Only one in a hundred can become a cultivator. And among those with the gift, one in a thousand can reach the Transcendent Rank. The Holy Continent roughly comprises fifty billion people.

Are you telling me that a green breeze is about to wipe out almost fifty billion men and women from the Ancient Crystal World?"


Krann, who didn't care about the lives of those mortals, straightforwardly answered. And while she didn't have access to their exchange, Else could see the distress within Konrad's eyes.

With one move, the Infernal Cult was about to crush all his plans. Still, Konrad didn't lose his composure calm.

"What about the Celestial Church? Surely, they won't allow all their believers to vanish in such a way."

Konrad naturally didn't count on the Celestial Church's kindness. However, every believer carried with him pa.s.sive Merit gains. To protect those merits, the Celestial Church should stop the Plague.

But this time, it was the system that replied.

"It's not worth it. Just like the Demon G.o.ds' powers are suppressed in the mortal realm, so are the Deva G.o.ds'. Saving is harder than destroying. To save those people, the Celestial Church would basically have to deplete their Merit reserves.

With a Holy War looming on the horizon, that will never happen. On the contrary, they will use their tremendous Merit advantage to crush the Infernal Cult when the war begins.

In the Celestial Church's eyes, Semi-Saints are enough to mow the land. Only Saint level experts matter in a clash between the two giants.

Since their foundation remains unharmed, they will not make a move."

Those words only served to further confuse Konrad.

"Is the Infernal Cult ruled by donkeys? Knowing that, how could they make such a mistake? There is nothing to gain!

Even if the Infernal Cult is ruled by donkeys, can the Southern King of h.e.l.l bestow a child upon a jenny? I refuse to believe that cheap mother of mine would commit such a blunder."

If the system could shrug, it would. Unfortunately, it didn't have the shoulders.

"Only by asking her can you find out. Aren't you getting the right to leave soon? You can use it to question your jen…I mean cheap mother."

Black lines flashed on Konrad's forehead. But thinking of the tenth von Jurgen elder following him, his seriousness returned.

"I guess we'll have to deal with that one first."

Konrad's eyes fell back on Else who'd already gotten dressed.

"I suppose you now want to find your mother. Although speaking ill of your savior is unbecoming, I must recommend you wariness. She might have given birth to you, but in her eyes, you're just a means to an end. Your worth solely depends on your abilities."

Else cautioned while readjusting her disheveled hairs. Konrad was undisturbed. First, he had no feelings for that cheap mother of his. Second, if she cared about her son's wellbeing, she wouldn't have forced him into becoming a palace eunuch.

However, not caring didn't mean he could face her without preparations.

"Although I don't know her exact position in the Infernal Cult, she's surnamed Serkar.

That alone is enough to remind us of how formidable a background she possesses."

Although Konrad didn't have a clear understanding of what the name Serkar represented, one exchange with Krann was enough to enlighten him.

"The Serkars are one of the three mightiest houses of the Infernal Cult, and the only one of human blood. The patriarch Berken Serkar is the Infernal Cult's great elder and ranks among the Ancient Crystal World's top five experts.

He's also your maternal grandfather. As for your mother, she's one of their cult warchiefs. Tasked with setting the stage for the next Holy War.

Needless to say, she's very good at her job. But if nothing changed since your departure, her true body remains in the Barbarian Continent."

Profane Prince Of Domination 181 At Least 49.999.500.000

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