Once Human, Now A Parasite 458 Chapter 408 : Final Battle

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Arthur, Leiu, and the Joker spent two days to recover to their peak state before initiating their plan. As an enemy, the female parasite was executed by the Joker, after all, dragging her around would be such a ha.s.sle, or so he said.

The plan was clear and simple; get rid of all the parasites in Calv-city. From the parasite's memories, Arthur was able to see where the secret rooms and hidden mechanisms were located so infiltrating the castle became much easier.

It unknown when they'll summon their G.o.d so the trio decided to finish them before they do it lest they have to go through the trouble of fighting a summoned G.o.d.

"Tsk! I knew she wasn't dead!"

The Joker clicked his tongue and angrily stomped the ground. Almost all the soldiers left their posts and went to defend the castle as if they were expecting them.

There were thousands of them and at least a hundred mutants, a terrifying force that would annihilate even any SS-ranked adventurer.

Unfortunately, the kingdom's enemies this time weren't simple adventurers but literal killing machines. To access a hidden tunnel that leads to where the Mana Crystals are hidden, they need to first get rid of all the useless flies protecting the outer perimeter.

Left with no choice but to reveal themselves, two dark silhouettes appeared from behind a well, startling a group of soldiers. Before they could react, the large group was either swallowed by Darkness or hit by sharp Dark Spears.

In just a few seconds, a hundred or so soldiers died, leaving the nearby ones both shocked and afraid. Arthur and Leiu didn't stop, anyone who raised a weapon against them died. As for the Joker, he leisurely followed them, killing anyone who tried to attack from behind.

When more than four hundred soldiers died and the rest decided to back off, clearly afraid of these invaders, the real monsters finally showed themselves. 

Six cloaked figures beckoned for the trio to follow them as these parasites didn't want to reveal their true forms to the soldiers outside. Since they warmly welcomed them, they didn't have any reason to refuse their invitation, after all, it was their goal to get rid of any living parasite in this city and all of them are currently hiding in the castle.

Yet again, Arthur found himself in the throne room, which was repaired and back to its glorious state, however, it was about to be annihilated for good this time.

Before any of the two parties could talk or ready themselves, Leiu was like a rocket, jumping at the closest parasites and cleaving them with his greatsword.

Two of them were hit and killed on the spot but his cleave continued onward, destroying the wall and creating a large crater on the ground. Without stopping, he held his greatsword with both hands then slashed horizontally, unleas.h.i.+ng a blinding white light which shot toward the remaining four parasites.

They instantly took their real forms but it was too late, the white light unleashed from the greatsword was unstoppable, pus.h.i.+ng them against the wall then cutting the 'new' bodies in piece.

Only one lucky parasite who was a diamond turtle, managed to resist the attack but it was still heavily injured. Sadly, it was the end for this poor turtle as a rain of Dark Spears befell on it, not stopping until the parasite stopped moving.

"What the h.e.l.l! Can't we have some fun with you two?!"

Seeing the enemies dead within seconds, the Joker loudly complained while hugging himself. Neither of the three had anything to do here so just as they were about to advance, a tall figure with scales covering her body appeared out of nowhere.

It was none other than Claudia, who's already in her dragonic form. Her current form seemed more advanced than the last one as every inch of her body was covered in scales and her tail was lengthier.

"You two go ahead, I'll take care of it."

Arthur walked opposite of the silent Claudia while signaling them to proceed without him. Each person has a job to do and his was surely to face her and kill her. 

It was time to end this farce once and for all. Unlike last time, he's completely sane and will be able to grasp what's happening.

The Joker and the Nameless Knight left glancing one last time at their companion. In fact, even Claudia didn't try to stop them even when they pa.s.sed next to her.

Her full attention was focused on Arthur and Arthur alone, anything else was deemed secondary and not worth wasting time on.

"So we meet again… such a troubling fate we have."

"Quit trying to sound wise and mysterious, it doesn't suit you."-Arthur

Unlike the past Claudia, who got provoked by anything he said, the current one was calm and a bit different but that's probably due to the dragonic form which may have slightly affected her mind.

"I really do wish to join hands with you. Together, we can achieve many great things."

Despite their past feud, Claudia wanted to ally with Arthur more than those parasites, for some reason.

"Why are you so persistent? Are you so eager to betray your current allies?"

"Allies? Don't make me laugh! They are nothing but monsters blinded by their fanatical beliefs. Just hearing them ramble about their almighty G.o.d makes me sick!"

Having enough of her talking, Arthur slowly walked toward her while black flames slowly enveloped him.

"Claudia, one way or another, it ends today."

Feeling his ever-growing aura and the thick killing intent emanating from his jet black pupil, she snorted and said

"Hmpf! Bring it on."

Although he can't fully unleash the skill, Arthur still tried his best to use [Eternium] by repeatedly repeating the verse.

'Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires." 

It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,

Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt,

It lies behind stars and under hills,

And empty holes it fills,

It comes first and follows after,

Ends life, kills laughter.'


After entering a hidden tunnel and going downwards for a few minutes, both The Joker and Leiu found themselves in a large circular room filled with broken Mana Crystals, probably defected ones.

A single figure blocked their way, causing both of them to halt their steps. When his pair of eyes landed on the enemy, the Joker burst out in laughter.

"Ain't this a motherf.u.c.king good day! HAHAHAHAHA"

He retrieved his deck of cards while licking his lips, excited by what's to come. He knew that she hasn't died, after all, she was the second in command and one of the strongest parasites in here.

"I guess you'll be taking this one?"-Leiu

"Of course, no one can s.n.a.t.c.h my prey!"

Leiu shrugged his shoulders and was about to walk by the female parasite only for her to jump at him, trying to stop him.

Unfortunately, her body clashed with the Joker, who blocked her away and even pushed her dozens of meters. She tried leaping at Leiu again but her tries were met with nothing but failure.

When Leiu finally left this circular room and headed deeper into this complicated place, the Joker started laughing again while saying

"Come on! It's boring if you don't go all out! Show me your real form! Show me the wolf!"

His words astonished the female parasite, who remained still for a few seconds. Never did she imagine that he'll be able to guess her real form like that.

It's not that he guessed but that he 'saw' it, after all, there's nothing the cards can't show him. With sufficient luck and strong belief, any masquerade could be seen by the Magician.

The parasite complied and removed her hood, quickly transforming into a beautiful white wolf with four tails. White flames burned on each tip of the tails and her body emitted a gentle and refres.h.i.+ng aura. None would dare say this was a parasite, quite the opposite, this seemed like a heavenly being.

The Joker clapped his hands while enjoying the great sight.

"I've fought a nine-tailed fox in the past, alas… it was a piece of trash. I hope you're strong as you appear to be."


Leiu, who was left alone, felt the ground heavily shaking due to his two other companions, who were going all out against their opponents. His acute senses got the presence of a particularly strong individual right under him, which seemed rather confusing as the only forward is by following the tunnel on his left.

After pondering for a few seconds, he used his greatsword and banged it on the ground, breaking it and falling into a s.h.i.+ny room. This place was filled to the brim by Mana Crystals, ones that are bigger than even carriages.

When the dust cleared, he found himself surrounded by many enemies, all of the parasites. At his front was a green-haired middle-aged man, the one who seemed to the commander of the parasites.

Although dealing with the other parasites coupled with their leader would be a pain, he's a person who's used to fighting multiple enemies. If only he had his greatsword then such weaklings would be killed in just one swoop.

"Hmm young but so ferocious…"

The middle-aged man rubbed his chin while a.s.sessing Leiu, who put on his helmet and raised his greatsword, ready to begin the ma.s.sacre.

Once Human, Now A Parasite 458 Chapter 408 : Final Battle

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