Once Human, Now A Parasite 90 Chapter 90 : Extreme Yin Body

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Azure Bai, walked next to the duo as he showed a friendly face. When they entered the third floor, he threw a couple of curious glances at them as their attire was a bit weird.

All the other customers were wearing luxurious clothes, only Lucy and Arthur had their normal clothes that covered their appearances.

"Senior, you are?"

Arthur kept a respectful tone as he spoke to the Azure-clothed man. He knew this man was at the peak of the Divine Realm, so he didn't want to offend him or cause a dispute with him.

Bai didn't seem to mind Arthur's respectful att.i.tude, he waved his hand nonchalantly and replied.

"Ahh, forgive me, I didn't introduce myself, I'm Bai Lingyue but they call me Azure Bai, pleased to meet you two..."

As he said that, his gaze focused on Lucy for some time. Unlike the other gazes, he wasn't having strange and obscene thoughts, but he seemed like he was probing her.

"I'm Arthur and this is Lucy"

Arthur introduced himself to the scholarly man and didn't lie about their names as there was no need to.

Bai Lingyue nodded to Arthur as he continued staring at Lucy.

"I've traveled to numerous Realms and Worlds, yet it is very rare to find an 'Extreme Yin Body' in a world such as this one...."

Hearing this, Arthur frowned and Lucy unconsciously tilted her head a bit as she couldn't understand what he was talking about, however, one thing was for sure, he was talking about her.

Noticing their puzzled actions, Bai Lingyue was a bit shocked at first then he smirked and said

"I thought it wasn intentional but perhaps it is an accident?"

Azure Bai kept muttering to himself as if he was presuming somethings on his own about Lucy's body.

"Senior Bai, what is an 'Extreme Yin Body' ?"

This term is completely new to Arthur and Lucy, and since it was related to them, more specifically Lucy, he had to ask about it.

"An Extreme Yin Body is a special kind of a body that allows the host of the body to have a peerless body that increases his talent and potential of growth. It is very rare, just like the Extreme Yang Body, and it is only obtained from special bloodlines or other unique methods such as cultivating in a dense Yin environment since birth. Seeing that your friend, Lucy, has an Extreme Yin Body, I presumed that she used one of the special methods but it appears I was wrong. But this makes things even more surprising because as far as I know, there is no family or sect here that focuses on Yin energy or techniques, much less producing people who have this body."

Lucy was a bit taken aback when she heard that. She knew that this Extreme Yin Body was not cultivated by her but just earned from the bloodline, however, what made it even more complicated is that she doesn't know her own origins.

"Senior Bai, you said it can also be earned from bloodlines, how does that work?"

Lucy was the one who questioned him this time, she was eager to know a bit of information about her origins, and this man in front of her may be able to provide some hints.

Azure Bai's eye flashed for a second as he continued smirking and replied to her with another thorough explanation.

"To earn the Extreme Yin Body from a bloodline is even more difficult, as even if you were from a family or heritage that focuses on Yin cultivation techniques, you would have a very low chance of obtaining the body through the bloodline. Not only do you need to stimulate the bloodline to be able to awaken it, you have to first have an extremely pure bloodline and be at a sufficient Realm to bear through the pain of the transformation of your body, moreover, the Yin body obtained through the bloodline is much better than any other."

Lucy furrowed her brows as she carefully listened to Bai Lingyue, it was a bit complicated but what astonished her is she didn't feel any pain nor did she stimulate her bloodline, so how the h.e.l.l does she have an Extreme Yin Body?

'Perhaps he is mistaking?'

This possibility crossed Lucy's mind but was soon extinguished as it was impossible he was wrong. First, he was at the peak of the Divine Realm, so his strength and knowledge far exceeded hers and Arthur's, second, her Extreme Yin Body can be proven by the fact that she can use Ice magic very easily when she broke through to the Immortal Realm.

Arthur couldn't feel it because he was soul linked with her, but Lucy's body emitted some kind of chilliness and coldness.

Lucy could use the Ice magic because she has an Extreme Yin Body, but if we're talking about the Yin energy, it isn't only Ice, actually, Ice could be considered the very basic stuff that her special body could do.

"Senior Bai, please excuse us for this many questions"

Azure Bai didn't seem to mind answering their questions, in fact, he appeared to be pleased with the two of them for some reason.

"No problem, if you have any more questions, do not hold back."

Arthur understood Lucy the most and immediately understood why she asked that, so he followed her question with another one.

"I thank Senior Bai for his kindness, then does Senior Bai know of any faction that focuses on Yin techniques?"

"If we're talking about Yin related cultivation techniques, there are countless factions, you must know that the Universe is very big so there must be some that even I do not know of, however, as far as I can remember, if we're talking about strong factions then there is one. It's called 'The Yin Lotus Sect' it is part of the Milky Alliance, situated at the Local Milky Globe"

'Yin Lotus Sect? Milky Alliance? Local Milky Globe?'

All of these names were new to the duo, especially for Lucy, who never left Astria prior to this.

Despite the presence of some clues from their questions, Bai Lingyue didn't question them about their ident.i.ty or origins, he just answered them truthfully without leaving any details.

Azure Bai rested his chin on his hand as if he was pondering about something, then after spending a dozen of seconds in this pose, he resumed talking.

"Leaving Miss Lucy aside, friend Arthur's body is even more strange. I encountered countless people with various types of bodies, but yours could be considered the most perfect, every cell, every bones and muscle and strangely 'perfect'? It's like they are alive and independent... what's more is its aura, It is rather... how should I phrase it.... 'Unique'?"

After he finished saying that, he continued staring at Arthur from head to toe, a.s.sessing him and trying to find out the secrets of his body, he was looking at him as if he(Arthur) was a new species.

Well, technically, he is a new species but that will be left a secret and should never be told. Only Lucy is allowed to know his deepest secrets such as his unique race and skills, anybody else will only be kept in the dark.

Lucy was not accustomed to thanking people, especially men as she was still disgusted by them. However, that doesn't mean that she takes everything for granted, as much as there are bad and greedy men in the world, there is also kind men. That doesn't necessarily mean that Azure Bai is a good person, but at the very least he answered her questions and gave her some hints and clues about her origins.

She cupped her hands and bowed to the azure-clothed man, Arthur also did the same. It was a casual bow to express their grat.i.tude. They would show hostility and ruthlessness to enemies, but to friends, the most basic thing to do is to help them when they are in need and thank them if they were helpful.

"Many thanks, Senior Bai"

Lucy thanked Bai Lingyue, now that she had a clue, when they are done saving Saly and when they have sufficient strength to roam other Realms without the fear of being killed by strong enemies, they can check the Yin Lotus Sect.

Maybe one of her birth parents is there, she always wanted to meet her parents and know why was she thrown away on the Human continent in Astria.

She was half-demon, so there was a possibility that one of her parents is in the Demon continent in Astria. She didn't have the time to go check it, perhaps after things cool down, she and Arthur would go check it out.


Young Master Yun was fuming with anger, he was rather famous as he was amongst the young geniuses of the Monster Race. He was always treated with respect, some people would suck up to him to leave a good impression yet this attendant not only reprimanded him but also treated him coldly, she completely disregarded his status as the young master of the Peng Family.

Young Master Yun leaned close to the attendant and said with a low voice that only he could hear.

"You know, if you lower the price a bit, I could provide you with some good cultivation techniques from my family. There is even some that make the user younger.."

He was VIP customer and always purchases treasures from here, so Young Master Yun presumed that if he bribed her a bit, it would work easily. However, what the content said next made him dumbstruck.

"Young Master Yun, if you try to bribe me a second time, I would be obliged to call for the Treasure Pavillon and throw you out"

Her tone was not very loud, but it was loud enough for all the present people to here. She maintained the expressionless face and a look of disgust appeared on her eyes.


Young Master Yun was about to erupt and most likely cause a ruckus here, but just as he was about to burst and cause trouble, the calm yet the friendly voice of Bai Lingyue resounded in the third floor.

"Friend, it is unwise to try and cause trouble, you better follow the rules or the consequences would be dire not only for you but for your whole family."

He was not worried for Yun but it is a pity that his whole family which has a good reputation in the Monster Race to suffer because of his reckless actions so he tried to stop that from happening. Offending the Treasure Pavillon would only result in a lot of endless trouble.

The Treasure Pavillon is merely a small branch and the power of this faction is levels ahead of the Peng Family, it has a lot of powerful individuals, heck! Just the guard in this branch is probably a lot stronger than Young Master Yun.

With his face red with anger, Yun s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Azure Bai and yelled furiously

"Who the h.e.l.l are you? I can do whatever I want!"

Azure Bai didn't seem to mind being yelled at, he just shrugged and retorted

"I was just warning you, whatever you do is obviously up to you."

Then without minding the young man anymore, he turned his head toward Arthur and casually said.

"So, Friend Arthur, is there anything you are searching for in this Treasure Pavillon? I could be considered a bit acknowledgeable about the treasures in here, so I can lend you a hand, moreover, I could buy it for you then you'll pay me, so you can have the 20% discount."

This sudden kind treatment was a bit unusual, Arthur didn't know if he should accept or not, maybe by accepting, this mysterious man would ask for something in return...

Once Human, Now A Parasite 90 Chapter 90 : Extreme Yin Body

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