The Inconceivable Flame: A Fallen Angel's Disguise 156 Steal My Thunder

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The graduation ceremony was about to begin and Yuan's eyes were stuck at the main gate. But he felt like his neck was going to get stiff but the people he was waiting for weren't coming. With each pa.s.sing second, his mood was getting worse.

"Hey, grumpy uncle!" Zhang Han teased him from the side.

Yuan gave a chilly look to him in response and he raised his hands in defense. "Just kidding! No need to get your knickers in a twist." He silently stood by his side since his own parents were coming anyway. Zhang Han's own mother was dead while his father was mostly busy with his new family and that's why Zhang Han lived with his maternal family which was Ji Family.

And since he didn't want to make a huge scene here, he asked every single person to stay away from his graduation. Even if a single Ji Family member showed up, he'd really get tired of the attention.

On the stage, the head-teacher asked the senior cla.s.s to take their seats.

And while everyone was going to take their seats, Yuan also decided to move inside the school. He'd been waiting at the main gate for a long time. Suddenly, a Bentley was parked outside the school and a tall figure emerged clad in Khaki Trousers with a white s.h.i.+rt while the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. There was a deep green tie- almost black- hung loosely around the collar which matched with his black oxford dress shoes.

"Your brother is here," Zhang Han nudged Yuan who turned to see his elder brother. Xiao Zhi Ren had a professional sternness on his handsome face but as his eyes fell on Yuan from afar, instantly a gentleness could be seen in his pair of black orbs.

Before he could make his way inside, the sound of loud revving could be heard as the two speeding sports cars parked right beside him.

From the red convertible on his right side came out the cheery and playful face of his own brother, Ji Syaoran. He was wearing casual ripped jeans along with a black and white striped t-s.h.i.+rt and he matched it with a black blazer and his white converse.

While Zhiren looked like a responsible person, Ran Zi was like a playboy.

"What are you doing here?" Xiao Zhi Ren asked.

"My brother and my nephew are graduating. I had to come like a responsible elder." Ran Zi answered with a huge grin.

"Which you are not." The remark came from Xiao Zhi Ren but it was mixed along with another voice that came from behind them.

And now that they both noticed, they saw that the blue sports car on the left side of Zhiren also had a familiar face in it.

While raking her fingers through her untamed hair, Ru came to stand beside both of them with a lopsided grin plastered on her face.

Both brothers couldn't help but give her a once over as she casually took off her Her long legs were wrapped in skinny fit ivy chinos with a skinny fit white b.u.t.ton-up s.h.i.+rt which had hints of sky blue patterns. The s.h.i.+rt was half-tucked while giving a perfect view of her leather belt which matched her Tan dress boots.

The top two b.u.t.tons of her s.h.i.+rt were undone giving a clear view of her prominent collar-bones. Xiao Zhi Ren's eyes darkened at the sight.

"I think we should move inside." She said to both of them while she was rolling her sleeves a bit to flaunt her watch. "Did I dazzled you with my handsomeness?" She whispered especially close to Xiao Zhi Ren before making her way inside the school gates.

While the three of them walked side by side with Ru being in the middle; they really were a sight to bedazzle anyone. Ru's reckless flamboyance with that emerald stud on her right earlobe was a complete contrast with others beside her. And yet, her free and unrestrained aura couldn't overshadow her n.o.ble air.

Both Zhang Han and Yuan could only gape at this sight while these 'two and a half men' created a huge stir. A half men would be our Ru who was only disguised as one.

"b.u.t.ton up your s.h.i.+rt," Xiao Zhiren said leaning towards Ru.

"Don't want to." She answered plainly making him gnash his teeth in annoyance.

"Rong is h.e.l.l-bent on stealing my thunder. What a shame!" Ru turned to Ran Zi who was complaining.

"It's Yuan's day. Not ours. Also, I don't have to steal your thunder, mine alone is far enough." Her haughty remark ended with a grin which was directed towards Yuan as she hugged him, "Let's get your medals. Fighting!"

Yuan nodded and reciprocated her gesture, "Fighting!"

The Inconceivable Flame: A Fallen Angel's Disguise 156 Steal My Thunder

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