The Inconceivable Flame: A Fallen Angel's Disguise 272 Love Sick

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As the proverb goes: "There is nothing certain, but the uncertain."

Our future doesn't always align with what life has planned for us. Uncertainty is a factor that stays constant in our life. Life in itself has never been certain. We can make an effort and we can try our best but the result doesn't always guarantee our success. 

But that uncertainty is the thing that makes our life so thrilling and precious. 

However, we can't deny that there is one thing certain in our life...


Death is a certain factor that we can't deny even if we want to. 

And this factor was the reason why Ru was staring at her phone screen for an hour now. She really wanted to dial that number but she still was hesitating for some reason. She glanced at the name 'Zhiren' in her contacts and closed her eyes in exasperation as he locked the phone screen.

"Something on your mind?" she heard a voice and turned her head to look at Rong who was sitting before a j.a.panese style table. His movements were slow but precise as he stirred the teapot in his hand.

Ru sighed before taking a seat before him as she answered, "Not really."

Rong only lifted his lips slightly showing that he didn't believe her lie even for a second. But he stayed quiet and silently poured a cup of tea for her and offered it to her. Ru accepted it from his hand and took a sip of it. She had yet to swallow the tea when he guessed, "You want to call Xiao Zhiren." Ru was bit taken aback but she composed her expressions soon after. However, her slight change was enough for him to be certain as he urged, "You should."

Ru was again startled as she looked at him with confusion in her eyes. "But... You don't even like him." In the last couple of days, she had already seen how much Rong disliked Zhiren. Or more like hated him. So, she really couldn't understand how or why he was suggesting her talk to Zhiren?

Rong took a sip of his tea and agreed, "I don't but you do." He might hate Zhiren but he could see the invitation in Ru's eyes. The only person who mattered in his life had been Ru, then how could deny her of one thing she fell for?

He looked into her bright green eyes as he went on, "There is only so much that we can control in life. Tomorrow is neither in your control nor mine." He looked outside at the dark sky as he trailed off, "You must have heard, 'Nothing's for sure, that's for sure'. If we are not even sure about what's to come, isn't it better to be done with what your heart tells you to?"

Ru was surprised to hear his words and after a moment of reflection, she even nodded agreeably, "You're right. Thanks, big brother." As she stood up to leave, she turned back to announce, "Nothing's for sure in life, but I can a.s.sure you that the next dawn is gonna bring a b.l.o.o.d.y battle with it."

Rong silently watched her leave the room while he whispered to himself, "That is what I am scared of my little Ru. Every b.l.o.o.d.y battle demands sacrifice and I don't want you to sacrifice your love for this battle."

Ru ran out to the garden and dialed Zhiren's number without any hesitation this time. Yes, she was a feeling a bit heavy but that didn't stop her from making this call. 

That battle that awaited her was gonna begin tomorrow. It took them two days to gather all their warriors from around the world before they finally decided to launch the attack. During these two days, she had only been focused on gathering information about the target location and forming strategies. She really had no time to think of anything else. But now when the battle was so near, she could only think about Zhiren.

In fact, if her goal wasn't to rescue Yuan, she might have not been feeling this guilty inside. But now she did, knowing that she couldn't worry Zhiren about this matter. 

As she dialed the number, Zhiren picked up her call at the first ring catching Ru off-guard, "Where are you?! How can you leave without a word?!" Ru almost dropped her phone because of his loud voice. "Do you even have any sense of responsibility? Who does it like this? Which kind of girlfriend just takes off without a word?"

Ru opened her mouth, "I-"

But Zhiren didn't even give her a chance as his voice softened, "My little chili, are you okay?"

Ru smiled at his concern and answered, "This young master is as perfect as always. Don't you know perfection is another name of Young Master Ru."

Zhiren rolled his eyes at her familiar way of speaking before he chuckled softly and began, "Oh, I see you're doing fine since you still are as complacent as ever." His anger slowly subdued as he went on, "But on a serious note, are you really okay?"

"I am," a.s.serted Ru. "What about you? Are you okay?"

She heard his sighing, "How can I possibly be okay without my little chili? But I'm still breathing."

Ru quirked her brows up, "Aren't you being dramatic?"

"I'm not," told Zhiren with certainty. "It's not me being dramatic, I'm really not doing too well."

"Huh? What happened?" questioned Ru.

"I'm sick," replied Zhiren.

"What sickness do you have? This Young Master can treat any kind of illness. You just name it."

"Yes, only you can treat my illness," remarked Zhiren.

"I'll treat it but you first tell me what illness do you have?"

"Oh, it's a very tricky illness. Sometimes my heart hurts and then it suddenly starts beating fast. Other times, I'll be feeling angry but would suddenly lose myself and start smiling like an idiot. I'd keep staring at my phone screen for hours without blinking and then would want to throw the phone away as well."

Ru scratched her head, "What kind of illness is that?"

"Love, it's called lovesickness. And only you can treat it."

Ru facepalmed herself as she heard his answer and wanted to smack his head for trying to play with her like that. 

"Instead of lovesickness, it seems like you're going insane. That's my diagnosis for you," grinned Ru to herself for coming up with such a retort.

"Oh, that's better than," came Zhiren's voice while Ru frowned and he went on, "I have to match the insanity of my girlfriend. Otherwise, how will I know what goes through her crazy mind?"

The Inconceivable Flame: A Fallen Angel's Disguise 272 Love Sick

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