The Inconceivable Flame: A Fallen Angel's Disguise 273 Normal One

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Ru felt a little strange as she listened to him to say that he was willing to cross the border of insanity as long as it meant he'd feel close to her. She really didn't know what to say or how to feel about this situation.

This kind of feeling could only be considered as another first for Young Master Ru.

However, with that strange feeling that she couldn't describe in words came an uneasy feeling as well. So what if he was willing to go beyond insanity. He would still be far apart from her. Her catastrophic, profane, and cryptic insanity was even beyond her own understanding. How was a pure and simple person like him could ever come even close to understanding her?

People like him could only despise people like her. They would hardly put an effort into understanding the latter.

Even though she could see that Zhiren was willing to understand her, she knew he wouldn't be able to handle it. 

"I really hope you never get to see my real insanity," whispered Ru in a small voice. She lifted her spirit as she continued, "If you ever come close to my insanity, you might regret falling in love with me."

"You're questioning my love for you again," stated Zhiren with a bit of sadness in his tone.

"No. I'm merely enlightening you with the truth that you don't want to accept," said Ru calmly. 

Zhiren didn't know why she said that statement but he didn't feel good about it at all. He could feel it in his heart that this silence around him was actually a sign of a storm brewing somewhere. However, he just couldn't figure out where that storm was gonna lead him.

"Forget about that. You just tell me where are you?" Zhiren tried to alter the course of conversation. "And do you know how worried I had been for the last two days?"

"What if I can't tell you where I am?" retorted Ru. 

Zhiren stayed silent for a long moment. Ru would have a.s.sumed that the line was cut if only she hadn't been able to hear the faint sound of his breath through the speaker. Her hearing senses were sharper than most people and could really discern the changes in his breathing even.

"If you can't tell me it's okay. You must have your own reasons. But can you answer my next question?"

Ru thought about it for a moment before she hummed along in reply which allowed Zhiren to continue, "Are you safe there?"

"Safe? Hmmm... I am safe. At least, for now." 

Zhiren's heart almost stopped when she ended her sentence with 'For now.' He clearly knew what it meant; She was planning on doing something dangerous.

"What are you planning?" he questioned instinctively.

The corner of Ru's lips raised up slightly into a knowing smile as she replied, "If I told you my planning, I'm afraid your weak heart might not be able to take it."

Zhiren rubbed his face with his hand in exasperation. "Would it be so bad for you to stay still and do nothing? Isn't living a normal life enough for you?"

"Karen Horney once wrote, 'A normal human being... does not exist.' Every human is weird and I am just a special kind of weird." Zhiren was silent while she added, "All my life, I've been taught one thing. Young Master Ru wasn't born to be normal. So, no Zhiren. I for one can't be normal. It's really not enough for me."

"But..." Zhiren wanted to argue but he had nothing to argue with. He could win from Ru only when it came to flirting. As for eloquence, hers was far beyond his reach.

"Is it necessary for you to always go against me?" asked Ru making Zhiren frown.

"What do you mean? When have I ever gone against you?"

"You always do. From the very first day, your views have never been aligned with mine. Your way of life and mine had been very different. It really makes me wonder..."

"What are you wondering now?"

Ru sighed, "Whether two people who are traveling on two different routes can actually have the same destination." 

Her words stunned Zhiren. Indeed, they both were like fire and ice. Both had their own journeys but as for the destination? Zhiren shook his head, "If I have to, I'm willing to change my route for you."

Ru chuckled at his response. "Zhiren, if destiny was that easily altered, we as humans wouldn't be feeling this helpless when it came to life." The sound of her low laugh put Zhiren into a trance and he completely forgot about what they were just discussing. After Ru stopped laughing, she recalled something and inquired, "Oh, I was thinking of calling Yuan but couldn't reach him. Have you heard from him?"

Zhiren's trance was finally broken by her words as he replied, "Hm. I just talked to him an hour ago. He said he's fine and having fun over there. In fact, he asked me not to call him. He said he'll contact me himself. I'll ask him to give you a call."

Ru's eyes narrowed at this information. No wonder Zhiren was so relaxed. That treacherous organization had taken all the measures to ensure that Zhiren couldn't find anything until they succeed in their mission.


Ru's eyes flashed with malicious and murderous intent at the reminder of those people. However, it soon disappeared as she heard Zhiren's voice, "Why do I feel like you're missing Yuan more than me?"

With a playful glint in her eyes, she replied, "Yuan is like a little brother to me. It's natural for me to miss him. As for you... Why would I miss you? Who are you mister?"

Zhiren gaped in disbelief. "This is why I didn't want to send you away. See, it's only been two days and you already forgot all about me."

He was like a kid asking for attention while Ru was being amused by his reactions. 

The Inconceivable Flame: A Fallen Angel's Disguise 273 Normal One

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