Ring Of Chaos 135 Cigarettes

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"Well, you are coming with me."

I said that I looking at him and smiling

"Uh… Aah!"

He said that and his face was a mess

"Why don't you understand what's going on. I killed one monster to keep one empty spot in the ball

And you're that monster, I know you hate living here and you want to get out, I'm gonna get you out of this tower, and I'm gonna let you see the sun again, but in return, you're gonna be my slave instead of this tower slave."

I said that and I looked at him with a caring look

His face was the expression of shock

But I didn't look back. I moved to the eighth-floor doors

when I got too close to the door, I heard his voice saying loudly


I looked at him and said to him in a low voice

"I can't hear you."

"He responded loudly this time but he still looked confused"

"OK, I'm under your command"

u003cfo you agree to accept the first Conscious beast to you?u003e


When this message came up, I smiled

I nodded my head accepting

Then it disappeared and a new message came up

u003cThe sane beast that is under your control can rise it's level and evolve.u003e

when it's over and the monster was tamed

Suddenly a gold box appeared in front of the eighth-floor door

"Master, you're really lucky to tame that stupid monster you have gotten the golden floor award because you did something that is almost impossible."

That was Dima's voice jumping around me

I thought something like that would happen

"So I took everything on that floor and I didn't even have to bleed a single drop of blood.

How great I am. How grater I can be."

That wasn't me I didn't say that.

 "Dima, stop playing and get back to your true forum ."

"How can you talk to me like that, I'm going to kill you."

f.u.c.k you, you pervert fairy

"shadow steps ."

I stood in front of her

I put my sword on her neck, which actually looked like my neck

"n.o.body dares and threatens to kill me."

When I said that

I found her face a smile. That I know very well

It's my smile

 She can steal my face and my reactions

"master, I love to see you kill yourself. It'll be a great scene."

When I heard that, I went to the golden box and never looked at her again

But I took out my bow

And I released an arrow at her head

At that moment, she quickly returned to her true form to avoid the arrow

"Remember, I don't even hesitate to kill myself."

"master is a really crazy person"

I opened the golden box

To find a black ball inside it


Name: transformation ball

Power: You can turn this weapon into any Form. That you can remember you can change the at any time

Conditions: the shapes don't have any magical powers, but you can add magic capabilities to them

When I read that, I was shocked

I thought of one Form that existed in my other world

Suddenly the ball turned into an hour in my hand, it looked exactly as the one I wore in my real world

d.a.m.n it

d.a.m.n it


I can turn it into whatever I want

My face looked so happy 

"master, what is that in your hand and why are you so happy I've never seen you this happy before?"

"I can use this tool to make something I wanted from the first day in this world."

"Is it that powerful?"

"it is stronger than anything you can imagine."

"and What is that weapon, master?"

"I'll let you see with your eyes."

"I am so excited, master, I can't stop my curiosity anymore."


I looked at the ball that came back to its true form

And I thought of the thing I wanted from my first day in this world

And when I thought about it, I was looking at the ball

It started to transform

And A golden machine gun appeared in my hand. on the machine gun was a clown head.

It's my dear Machine gun

I finally got it again

But how is this machine gun going to affect the monsters?

I thought about it for a while

I pulled a monster out of my range one from the dark army

I shot him in the middle of his head, but it had no big impact, it only took one step back

d.a.m.n why doesn't affect monsters

It should have been a very large offensive force

But f.u.c.k my luck

I thought I would destroy it completely

But there must be some solution to this machine gun Problem

I thought for a while

Yeah, I got it. f.u.c.k it

Then I took out some of my energy and got it to take over the machine gun in my hand

 And another shot

This time the shot was faster and more powerful than before

And I hacked his head into two halves

From that moment on, I started shooting a lot of Shots at him

His body's become a blanket fuelled with holes

 the machine gun bullets didn't end

I was glad that I got this machine gun back. It was dear to my heart

"master, it's a really powerful weapon."

I didn't answer her. I only smiled

Then I went to the door and I imagined some form of shape to turn the machine gun into something else

 "master, why do I feel like you have a more dangerous weapon than this one, what's the name of this one you are holding right now?"

she said this and look at my

", this is called cigarettes."

I said that and smoke started coming out of my cigarette shaped in the sky like a cloud

 I'm laughing so hard

It's time to head to the eighth floor

And meet Murad

Ring Of Chaos 135 Cigarettes

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