Ring Of Chaos 53 The King Tongue

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I understood from the beginning that mind is as important as the strength of your body but may be more important

I remember in my real world

When I killed, that crazy madman took his ring and ran away

I was sleeping in the street stealing food, I was gradually turning to that beast that I am

I used my power in everything I was like. Little insects I used to sleep every day and wounds all over my face

I tried to steal an old man with an eye patch he had a lot of money

But he saw me

He even grabbed my hand, when he grabbed it she gave me the money and said to me

(Real wealth is the wealth of the mind)

He said that and left my hand and left

Since that day I have used my mind in anything and everything

from that night I did not sleep, with wounds on my body

I started to form a group of kids like me who have strong bodies

We started to get money from other kids who I started to store money and food I killed anyone who objected to me

So one day I could sleep in an apartment

I was really happy that day

On the second day, however, a child who felt hateful towards me attacked me

His body was strong

So I always hid a sharp weapon with me

I Put the weapon in his heart and killed him and threw his body in the river in front of everyone so that no one object to me

I think because of this man I did not die at that time

Z said so and his voice had a lot of tension

"What you Heard"

With a trembling voice

"We're not going to do anything Khalid is going to bring him to us," I said that as I looked at Khalid

(I ..... I mean me) Khalid said that with a trembling voice

"No one else by this name is you afraid"

(Not I'm not afraid but excited) he said that

But his smile was strange

" why do you want to kidnap him? Why don't you kill him where he stands ?"

Sad hind

" you will realize that when he comes here," I said that with that ugly smile on my face

"There is no justification for killing anyone, but I'm doing this for total control over the whole city, Khalid. There is no time for us to talk. Go and bring him in front of me. I want him in front of me As soon as you find him he must be in his room, some women are sleeping. So I go from the balcony. Easy for you do not make any guard see you "

Khaled went very quickly. I hope that the enthusiasm doesn't take him and kills someone. While kidnapping the king. I chose Khalid because he is an a.s.sa.s.sin. So I think this is a simple task for him because I looked at the soldiers in the palace and found their levels between 15 and 25.

I waited half an hour I found Khalid in front of me and with him the lazy king

"Why are you doing this, prince? I will make my soldiers kill you. I will not forgive you."

He was angry

So I stood up went to him took his tongue out of his mouth and cut it

"This is so you learn how to talk to me," I said that as I look into his eyes

He tried to raise his hand to prevent me or push me so I cut his hand

I began treating him

By the sky peac.o.c.k

So that he would not die because of his loss of blood I did it while smiling

I approached him and whispered in his ear in a quiet voice

"Do not be afraid I will not kill you yet"

I looked

Behind me I found everyone looking very scared

This word embodied everything the most important thing was fear. Everything is astonished and shocked

people who fought a lot of battles will not be afraid only because of what they saw before their eyes

But also the number of capacities that they have seen individually

In the tests the skill of the warrior witnessed by Lena and Khaled

In the forest is the healing skill I used on char

And when they all gathered they saw my energy armor

Now I am bringing out a sword in front of everyone and using healing

Therefore, they felt this time extreme fear, not surprise or shock from the strength and cruelty of my skills that this child has

I looked at them and smiled

I carried a wooden chair and placed it in front of the door when I sat down

(What are you waiting for?) Khalid said, looking at me

"You'll see now," I said, with that da*n smile on my face

Everyone was looking at the door

And suddenly I heard the sound of knocking on the door

everyone pulled his sword

So I told them

"Calm down"

A man with white hair entered as leaned on a stick

Ring Of Chaos 53 The King Tongue

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