Ring Of Chaos 54 The Plan

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"nice of you to join us"

I said that as I was looking at the person who entered the door

Everyone looked at me with great astonishment

(Why did you send me these medium-quality black gems what you want) He said that as he moved forward

"I do not want anything from you, but you will want something from me." Prime minister Ha.s.san

(What will I want from our dear guest) He said that as he looked into the room behind me

"To be king," I said, as I stood up and went to the king sitting behind me showing his face

(The king ... king)he said this as he headed towards me

Before he came near me, I told him

" he used to the king

Now you will be the king of this city. "I said this as I carried my sword and put it in the head of the king sitting

(What did you do? Are you crazy?) He said that while his body trembled

Everyone was looking at me with great horror and they were strangely surprised at what I did

How did I kill a King with such ease and without hesitation these people did not know me yet who is the Joker really is

When I decide what I'm going to do

I do it without hesitation

I approached Ha.s.san, who was very scared

I approached his ear and whispered

"King Ha.s.san you do not like this name doesn't it sound good in your ears

To have all the wealth and power no one can stand against you

Instead of this king who is full of fat and who does nothing but sleep and f*ck as he leaves you with all the work be the king or died here with your dead king then you will be remembered only as of the loyal servant of the King "

Really human beings are easy to manipulate their greed, wealth, power and vanity when they meet with in person he will not be able to save himself from the bottom he is an important adviser soi will try to benefit from it

(Are you crazy I will not become the king this easily) he said that with tension as he looks at me

He was trapped

There is no greater trap than the trap of talking and words

"Yes, I am crazy, but listen to the words of this crazy person, you are given orders to the army and you are the closest person to the king, your words are the words of the king your actions are his actions. When the king dies, there will be no other person but you.

You will say three things. The king was killed by some monster

And that the prince came to save the city from an attack that will happen in 10 days him with his men killed some monster that killed 100 soldiers they will be responsible for the army and the city until the end of that problem

You will give half of the wealth of the king to the people and build some new building for the population to live in it and the city is renewed so that the people don't replace you when you

declare that Believe me no one will object to your words you will become the hero the people will cheer in your name and ask you to be king "

Everyone was astonished to see this plan was thought of by a 15-year-old boy

But who was on his face the biggest surprise Ha.s.san

He looked at me and did not know what to say

(What do you want in return?)

"I want to control everything in this city until we destroy all the monsters," I said to him

(Are there monsters really) he said this as he looks at the body of the king behind me

"Do you think I am lying?" I said that as I lifted my sword

(No... I did not mean that) He said that as he looked at my sword and trembled

"Khalid returned the body of the king to his room without being seen by anyone and mutilated his body before that so no one can see the impact of the sword"

Khalid carried the body of the king and left

"You go behind him and I want you to be the first to discover his body." I looked at Ha.s.san and said that then

"Take these black jewels, give it to anyone trying to object to what you do, and if there is someone who does not accept, tell me his name, I will make him sleep forever "

I know that these jewels are worth a lot of money but it doesn't matter I got a lot of them so I did not think about it after I finished this I can kill him and get it to pack

The jewels that I gave to him appeared from nowhere

Then I heard a voice coming from behind

(I doubted it when I saw the sword coming out of nowhere but I said it was a special sword skill, but these jewels you brought out proves that you Do have a legendary internal range) Z was saying this while in a state of shock

"Yes I have one"

I said it without indifference

I felt like Everyone would fall on the ground from the shock

You can use magic and use the abilities of the warrior you have a lot of rare skills also the ability to sense and heal an internal rang you are a mythical monster, you have to be a monster Are you really a child a 15 years old child with all this skills and strength > Hind said that in the case of disbelief after seeing with her own eyes

"I'm the joker

The worst and most dangerous monster you will ever see I only know one way and that is the way of victory and oppression

whoever stands in my way he has only one option death, "I said that, as I releasing mt halo and my sword halo

Everyone was shocked and afraid but on their face was the look of respect too I know them these people respect power above all

The next day, Ha.s.san announced that he found the king died in his room because of a monster that mutilated his body , and so far no one has yet known the type of monster that killed the king in his bed another king will not be chosen until the team of the prince kill all the spider's, which will come after 10 days

The people were chanting in the name of Ha.s.san when he announced that half of the king's wealth would go to the people and that he will start to build some new houses as he renovating the old and renovating the form of the city.

Everyone hated the old king so no one cared how he was killed but they are happy that he was they may give a gift to those who killed him

So that simple trick worked

He also told them that everything in the city would be under the command of the prince and his followers until the danger of the monsters is eliminated and a new king would be chosen then Ha.s.san cried as he talked about the hundred soldiers who died also who avenged them that following the prince who is great in battle and how he protected the city from danger. We must prepare for the monster's

I am now sitting on the throne

(You are really amazing how you thought about all this and when did you call Ha.s.san to our room) Khalid said smiling hard and on his face some puzzling features

"You remember when I said that I wanted to go to the bathroom I asked the soldier who went with me about the conditions of the city and if there was a certain person trusted by the king and the soldier told me about Ha.s.san and how he is close to the king and that he is the one who gives orders to the army and who delivers the speech to the people and I felt in his voice the hatred of the king so I exploited it and gave him a black gem

I did not know that it has such a magic effect I ordered him to go to Ha.s.san and tell him that we want to meet him I took out another gem then I give him the jewel to give it to Ha.s.san and to tell him to come to us so this is what happened "

I said that as I looked at everyone and explained to them

Char looked at me and said

He was smiling as he spoke

Lina was sitting quietly looking at my

I do not know what this girl is thinking

(What shall we do now? We have no time for this speech we have only 9 days.) Z said, "This is will being tense "

"Who told you I was just sitting here

I'm actually waiting for something?" I said that and smiled

(What are we waiting for?) That was Hind with her lovely voice

Then a soldier came and said

The 4,000 soldiers outside the palace are waiting for your orders

Ring Of Chaos 54 The Plan

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