Ring Of Chaos 70 The Sacrifice

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There is always another chance for death

d.a.m.n it is too late, Shane is too close to Khaled

He lifted him up with one hand, pulled out a long sword and placed it on his neck

Khaled had fear on his face, shocked by what was happening. He did not understand what happened. He thought he had survived. He thought he became free and alive. But death always comes in a miserable way.

I quickly ordered my army of darkness to attack them, but Sergio pulled out a red ball and threw it on the ground. More than 70 monsters climbed out they looked like wild dogs, but with a lot of fire coming out of their body's


Name: Fire Dog

Level: 80

A tamed monster

I was more surprised by that globe that was in his hand than the powerful monsters that he summoned

Those monsters and my soldiers started to fight a strong battle. My Soldiers are not normal Soldiers, they are the Soldiers of darkness.

Yama tried to intervene, but the witch's Zener hit her with a powerful attack, which made her fly away from what looks like light magic

When the fire dogs get killed, they explode, turning my soldiers to pieces

"You are really strong, but unfortunately you killed the wrong man. This man you just killed now is the eleventh son of our leader, so you must die now" Shane's was still holding Khaled nick

I felt my soldiers and Yama as they came back to my domain

Sergio started laughing hard as he looked at us

"You are like weak insects that are facing a giant human foot about to step on them so they can't do anything except looking at the foot and waiting for death"

But before he finished his speech, he found that a Shard body was burning with black energy fangs come out of his mouth instead of teeth, hair came out from every part of his body as his body becomes larger and larger

He let go of his neck and took a step back

Shard took this Chance and jumped to the sky, Shane thought that this upcoming attack was weak, because Shard level, after all, is still low

But that attack landed on the ground under Shane's feet

the ground shattered from beneath his feet so he fell to the ground "I think you know now what these insects can do" He said that and started roaring like an angry lion until A hit came from behind him that made him fall to the ground This was an attack from that strange witch

"you think i'm scared, if you wanted to kill us then do it" Khaled realized like me that there was no way to escape death this time

Shane raised his weapon and released his aura he prepared to tear Khaled's chest, but suddenly a voice came from behind

Hind screamed I bain and stared casting a weird spell it felt like she was using her life force

She said only one word and then it disappeared


she disappeared, and Khaled appeared in her place She looked at Shane with a smile as Shane sword had already penetrated Hind's body, and the blood came out of her chest

Everything suddenly stopped the sun disappeared, and night rises like death

As the sword penetrating Hind's body pulled out and her soul started to leave her body she still had a smile on her face

I don't know why his features are so quiet and happy as she Embraced death

I know the skill that she activated that skill allows a people to switch places, but that skill consumes ten years of a person's life span.

But now she paid her entire life a price to save her little brother I really don't understand why people do this.

Her body is now flying in the air after Shane threw her dead body with a disgusting look on his face as if he was throwing garbage

Khaled held his sister's dead body before it hit the ground

Raindrops were falling one by one, the night was already here, and Khaled did not show any reaction His face was hidden by the cold body of his dead sister

when I turned and approach him

I heard loud laughter He was laughing loudly, laughing with everything he had. I thought he had gone mad

But when he raised his head, I found tears falling from his eyes revealing the truth of those laughs. It was his dead sister in his hand ad rain was falling hard on her body. I looked at her and I was in shock.

"d.a.m.n you, I will kill you. I will make you regret killing my sister. I will tear your heads. I will hunt you even in your dreams" Khaled's crying voice shook the ground

"I'm starting to get bored" Zener was looking at us then she fired a very big light towards us I tried to dodge it

I looked at Khaled to find him holding his sister's body, as he looking at Shane and his team with a strong hatred

"Energy s.h.i.+eld"

the explosion made my body fly threw the air and made all of my team Injured, everyone else pa.s.sed out now, my s.h.i.+eld was already destroyed, blood was everywhere on my body, wounds everywhere I think my hands are shattered

I tried to stand but I couldn't tolerate the pain body

"I said that they are insects and they didn't believe me, this is the end of thees insects"

When I heard what he said, anger started taking over me I tried to stand up with all my might blood filled my face but I didn't care about anything I know that I'm going to die but it does not matter, I will not submit.

"Son of the b.i.t.c.h, ******** I am not an insect, I don't fear death, and I don't fear you or your team G.o.ddamit. I am gray Remember this name well. I am the son of matt I am death do you dare kill me"

I said that while I was beating on my injured chest and smiling with all I had, I smile, as I meet my death

Shane disappeared and suddenly appeared in front of me his sword was about to penetrate my body

But I was still smiling as I had a sharp look in my eyes that made him somewhat scared of me.

But before his sword landed my body

A person appeared between me and him.

Ring Of Chaos 70 The Sacrifice

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