Scholar's Advanced Technological System 116 I Don't Understand You

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His train was tomorrow morning, so he still had one more night in Shanghai.

The main reason for Lu Zhou to come to Shanghai was to apply for a visa. Now that he got his visa, he had nothing to do. Therefore he took the subway and went to Shanghai's Lujiazui district.

It was considered the most prosperous and developed area in China.

As Lu Zhou walked along the riverside, he wondered if Lujiazui was named after one of his ancestors?

He wished that one day his dad would be like, "Son, our heritage is related to Lujiazui, and we have property there. I didn't tell you because I didn't want to spoil you…"

Okay, this isn't too realistic.

I have to rely on myself!

Lu Zhou found a KFC and just as he was about to eat dinner there, he saw the environment was good. So, he took a picture of the Oriental Pearl Tower before sending it to his WeChat news feed.

Just as he put away his phone and was about to order food, suddenly his phone vibrated.

Lu Zhou took out and saw Han Mengqi's message.

He was curious why she suddenly contacted him, so he unlocked his phone.

Han Mengqi: [You're in Shanghai?]

Lu Zhou answered: [Yeah.]

Han Mengqi: [I'm in Shanghai as well! When are you leaving?]

Speaking of which, she had been staying at her father's house since the winter break began. Her family's lawsuit was still ongoing.

Children from divorced family did not have it easy…

Lu Zhou felt sympathetic. He sighed and replied.

[I'm leaving tomorrow.]

Han Mengqi: [So early… Aren't you going to play around here for a few more days? (sad)]

Lu Zhou: [I have to go back and prepare for the Princeton mathematics conference. I don't have time to play. Also, I feel like there's not much to do here.]

Han Mengqi: [Wait for a second…]

Wait for a second?

Lu Zhou hesitated for a while. He did not know what she meant.

After around ten minutes, the KFC door suddenly opened. A girl walked straight to Lu Zhuo's table and stared at him with a smug look.

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The girl wore a brown trench coat and a red scarf, and surprisingly, it suited her well. Her fluffy ponytail was like a squirrel tail.

It was the first time Lu Zhou had seen her wearing normal clothes. When she was at home, she would just wear either a school uniform or pajamas.

Lu Zhou: "Kind of unexpected? What a coincidence. You're shopping around here?"

Han Mengqi snorted and said, "What, how is this a coincidence? I live around here."

Lu Zhou thought, "How is this not a coincidence."

Wait a second, is she bragging about how rich she is?

Lu Zhou was speechless.

His sympathy for her was gone.

Han Mengqi looked at Lu Zhou and cleared her throat before she said, "You must be bored, coming to Shanghai alone. Since you've been tutoring me, I'll show you around. Come on. Where do you want to go?"

Lu Zhou, "There's no need, I've already walked around, and I'm about to go back to my hotel."

"Oh, you've already been around…" said Han Mengqi with a sad voice. She continued, "You don't want to buy anything?"

"Whatever I can buy here, I can buy it back in Jin Ling," answered Lu Zhou logically. He asked, "Have you eaten?"

"Not yet," said Han Mengqi as she shook her head. She then added, "I was about to get takeout."

Why can't this rich family just get a babysitter?

Lu Zhou sighed and said, "Don't eat takeout so much. Just learn how to cook for yourself. It's not that hard… I'll buy you dinner. What do you want to eat?"

Han Mengqi's eyes lit up, "Really? I want a chicken burger combo!"

"Wait here," said Lu Zhou before he got up and went to the counter.

Soon after, two combo meals arrived.

Han Mengqi sat across from Lu Zhou and was biting on her hamburger when she started to chat with Lu Zhou.

"Oh yeah, speaking of which, my sister wants to get into the University of Yan. Do you know about that?"

"Yeah I do, what about it?"

Han Mengqi said, "Why didn't you stop her? Her next step might by studying abroad."

Lu Zhou inexplicably glanced at this girl, "Why should I stop her?"

"Because…" said Han Mengqi. She bit her lip and whispered, "Aren't you her boyfriend?"

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

What's this?

"You watched too much TV!" said Lu Zhou as he picked up a KFC menu and tapped her on the head. He then said, "Where did you come up with that? Can't a guy and a girl just be friends?"

Han Mengqi was accustomed to being tapped on the head by Lu Zhou, so she started to apologize.

"Oh… Sorry. My mistake, sorry…"

Although her personality was pretty crazy sometimes, she still apologized when she did something wrong.

It was one of her few good qualities.

"Talk with your sister," said Lu Zhou as he put down the menu. He rolled his eyes before he continued to eat his hamburger.

Oh, young people these days.

They're getting less and less innocent.

Han Mengqi, "Hey."

Lu Zhou, "What now?"

Han Mengqi stared at Lu Zhou as if she was affirming her reasoning. She nodded thoughtfully and said, "I think you look like someone."

Lu Zhou, "Who?"

"A smart character in an anime, with strong abilities," said Han Mengqi. She continued, "You guys both have a sister, and…"

The girl squinted at the menu before she threw it into the trash can. She then suddenly stared at Lu Zhou and whispered, "… Also, you're also a loveless male!"

Lu Zhou: "…"

This girl spent all this time just to say I'm loveless?

Lu Zhou sighed and said, "I really don't understand you."

After dinner, Lu Zhou and Han Mengqi strolled around on the streets. He then sent her home before he went back to his hotel alone.

Once he showered, he laid in bed. However, just as he was about to sleep, his phone vibrated.

It was from Chen Yushan.

Chen Yushan: [Visa pa.s.sed?]

Lu Zhou: [Pa.s.sed.]

Chen Yushan: [Haha, good luck at the Princeton conference. Win it and become a great mathematician!]

Lu Zhou smiled and typed a reply: [I'm not even on the plane yet.]

What am I winning, it's not like it's a compet.i.tion.

Chen Yushan: [When you get your, you're going to America, right? I'm going to Italy with my family in February.]

[Fine, I won't bother you. I have to sleep, good night!]

Lu Zhou smiled and replied: [Good night.]

He placed his phone on the bedside table and looked at the night scene from his window.

Lu Zhou heard the faint sounds of cars and yawned, he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System 116 I Don't Understand You

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