Omniscient Reader 479 Episode 91 - One Single Fable 3

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[Fable, 'Master of Steel', has begun its storytelling!]
The walls of steel created by 999th turn's Yi Hyeon-Seong blanketed the surroundings and expanded rapidly. This power was strong enough to even defend the entire planet when deployed within .
The expanding steel intertwined with the ⸢Stage Transformation⸥ and began creating the part.i.tions of the subway.
This stage was utterly familiar to me. Even now, just by closing my eyes I'd be able to vividly recall this cabin from the first scenario.
[A Myth-grade Constellation's 'Stage' has been generated!]
Now originally, ⸢Stage Transformation⸥ was quite similar to augmented reality. In other words, the surrounding topography wouldn't change simply because it had been transformed into a stage.
However, the case this time was slightly different.
[ is paying close attention to your 'Stage'.]
[The absolute majority of Constellations are watching the 'Stage'.]
[Great Dokkaebis are jealous of your 'Stage'.]
[Due to the large number of gazes, the stage grade of the 'Stage Transformation' is increasing!]
's Probability was directly linked to the number of gazes watching on. A scenario that a large number of beings watched was able to generate a powerful Fable, and a stage watched by many could generate sizeable impact in return.
The antic.i.p.ation carried within those countless gazes could s.h.i.+ft the Probability, in other words.
⸢On that day, the Demon of Delusions and the Demon King of Salvation met for the first time in that place.⸥
And the s.h.i.+fting Probability could sometimes turn 'fake' into 'reality'.
[Due to the effects of the 'Disconnected Film Theory', the materialisation of the 'Stage Transformation' is incomplete!]
[Within the applicable stage, the Characters 'Kim Nam-Woon' and the 'Monarch of the Great Abyss' will be treated as the same individual.]
[The 'Monarch of the Great Abyss's' stage compatibility is 87.351%!]
[The possibility of a sudden end exists.]
The fake becoming real on stage could only occur for a brief period of time. While everyone was focusing here, before the mysteriousness of this stage came undone – I had to finish everything.
I unhesitantly approached Kim Nam-Woon. I didn't sense myself growing any stronger from the effects of the Stage Transformation. However, I was filled with confidence, instead. The kind that a wolf might feel when hunting down a rabbit.
[[What kind of dogs.h.i.+t is this?!]]
The enraged 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon pounced on me. Since he was under the influence of the ⸢Stage Transformation⸥, his mobility had become quite sluggish, as if he was that Kim Nam-Woon from the first scenario whose average stat points didn't even reach 10.
The problem was, my own body was no different from back then during the first scenario, too.
I lowered my head and dodged the dagger. I was reading the direction of his attacks through the [Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint] so evading him wasn't that difficult.

[The rules of the 'first scenario' will apply to the applicable 'Stage'!]
[Incarnation Bodies within the 'Stage' will grow stronger by killing another life.]
Memories continued to resurface.
Right. We fought like this back in the first scenario. Just for the sake of 100 Coins as our survival fee, people had to die.
Just for those 100 Coins, people killed each other.
We managed to survive such a world.
[Many Constellations are recalling their 'first scenarios'.]
The 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon pressed down on his temples as if he was suffering from migraine, then began cackling at me. [[Haha... So, this is how you want to play it? Quite interesting.]]
"But, you don't look like you're enjoying yourself at all?"
His glare was filled with the p.r.i.c.kly killing intent.
[The 'Monarch of the Great Abyss's' stage compatibility has decreased slightly!]
Even if the effects of the ⸢Stage Transformation⸥ was absolute, this particular stage was recreated through a simple trick. The longer I took, the weaker the connection between the 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon to his 3rd turn counterpart would become.
[What the h.e.l.l, gra.s.shopper man! What's going on here? What's happening?!]
The 3rd turn's Kim Nam-Woon raised himself up in the corner. He had been altered into a small toy robot due to the effects of the ⸢Stage Transformation⸥. He awkwardly clung onto my leg.
The 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon saw this scene and muttered out. [[How disappointing. To think that I'd get killed by a b.a.s.t.a.r.d like him and end up as a trashcan robot.]]
[What the h.e.l.l are you talking about? You wanna die, buddy?? Hey, gra.s.shopper man! Kill that son of a b.i.t.c.h!]
[If there is no killing taking place in the next five minutes, all Incarnation Bodies within the cabin will be exterminated!]
This would be my first time seeing the ⸢Stage Transformation⸥ imposing such a strict restriction.
Wasn't this almost at the level of an actual main scenario?
The dagger sliced the air and flew right in. I used the surrounding objects to dodge the attacks. The movements of my body might have become dull, but I was not the same Kim Dok-Ja as I used to be back then.
Kim Nam-Woon's attacks scratched the subway's steel doors and floors. The power behind each of his thudding attacks was gradually getting stronger.
The aura of Chaos was faintly swirling around him. The effects of the ⸢Stage Transformation⸥ on him was already declining. The odds of victory would tilt towards his favour if this continued on.
However, the 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon seemed to be getting more and more anxious, instead.
[Character, 'Monarch of the Great Abyss', is getting agitated.]
[Character, 'Monarch of the Great Abyss', is urgently surveying his surroundings.]
Why was this? Why did his complexion look so poor? I took a closer look to find his cheeks and neck soaked in cold sweat.
[Character, 'Monarch of the Great Abyss', detests this s.p.a.ce.]
[[You rat-like b.a.s.t.a.r.d....!!]]
[A portion of Constellations are suspicious of the 'Outer G.o.d King's' Status.]
[A small number of Constellations are scorning the small fry-like utterance.]
The movements of the 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon were getting simpler perhaps due to his increasing anxiety.
[If there is no killing taking place in the next three minutes, all Incarnation Bodies within the cabin will be exterminated!]
Three minutes remained.
"Dok-Jssi? What's going on here...?"
And that was when I heard a certain voice. Kim Nam-Woon and I both turned our heads in the direction of where that voice came from.
And immediately, chills ran down on my spine.
⸢There was another who bore witness to their fight in that place.⸥
I had forgotten about it.
⸢The most righteous person in the carriage number 3807 on that day.⸥
….That I and Kim Nam-Woon weren't the only people riding in that subway that day.
Kim Nam-Woon exploded in the fit of maddened laughter, abandoned me, and rushed towards Yu Sang-Ah.
Perhaps due to the effects of the ⸢Stage Transformation⸥, she was now kitted out in the uncomfortable outfit she had on during the first scenario.
He closed the distance in an instant and his dagger was swung towards her.
As the blade scythed the air with a sharp swish....
Sliced strands of hair danced in the air. Yu Sang-Ah and her hardened expression were using agile movements to evade Kim Nam-Woon's attacks. As a matter of fact, she was far more agile than I was.
[[Not bad!]]
[Character, 'Monarch of the Great Abyss', has received the effects of 'Blackening'!]
However, his movements should grow faster and faster with pa.s.sing time.
⸢On that day, the Demon of Delusions came to understand his new world.⸥
The effects of the Stage Transformation was getting stronger.
⸢....That a new set of rules was needed in a brand new world.⸥
I could see Yu Sang-Ah's complexion getting paler and paler.
There was no time. I needed to find a way. Somehow I...
A small hand tugged at my clothes.
⸢If that boy didn't catch any insects that day....⸥
Yi Gil-Yeong was also here, with a babyish face of a young boy. He looked exactly like how I remembered during the first scenario.
The boy in despair after losing his parent was extending his palm out with a determined expression.
[Constellation, 'Ruler of the Deepest Pit', is laughing ominously.]
Several bright-yellow gra.s.shoppers rested on the boy's palm.
I grabbed the gra.s.shoppers and started running. The insects were then crushed along with crunching noises.
[You killed a lifeform.]
[Your Incarnation Body has been strengthened due to the effects of the Stage Transformation!]
[You killed a lifeform.]
[Your Incarnation Body has been strengthened due to the effects of the Stage Transformation!]
My physical strength increased explosively as I ran inside the cabin.
The back of Kim Nam-Woon's head, currently cackling away like a madman, was now right before my nose.
[[Die! Die!! Die! Dieeee!]]
I simply grabbed the nape of his neck and slammed the b.a.s.t.a.r.d down on the subway's floor. His legs trembled like an insect being crushed.
[[You son of a...!]]
He swiftly jumped out from my grasp and swung his dagger in my direction. I didn't bother to dodge that.
Because, there was no need to.
⸢The knife continued to leave behind scratches. Although blood did trickle down, the blade failed to gouge out the flesh beneath the skin.⸥
The final scenes of the first scenario flitted past my view as if it was overlapping with reality.
Kim Nam-Woon's attacks continued to get faster, but he failed to break past Yi Hyeon-Seong's strengthened [Steel Transformation].
[[This, just what the h.e.l.l is this....]]
The 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon spat out expletives and wielded his dagger. However, no matter how many times he swung it, there was no use.
Because, the end of this 'Stage' was already set in stone.
"Looks like you only have two minutes remaining."
Kim Nam-Woon and his distorted expression swung his dagger indiscriminately. Only his poor blade ended up breaking, however, and it fell to the ground. One minute thirty seconds, then one minute twenty... As time continued to tick down, Kim Nam-Woon's figure slowly crumbled to the ground.
It wasn't because he simply lost all his strength. What attacked him was a sin far more fundamental in nature.
⸢The foundational Fable of Kim Nam-Woon, the Demon of Delusion.⸥
The surrounding s.p.a.ce began distorting; the pool of blood was now spreading on the once-empty floor of the cabin. It was not the blood we had shed.
[[There's, there's just no way....!]]
The s.h.i.+vering 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon plopped down on the spot.
[Great Fable, 'Delusional Design', is losing control!]
Right here in this place was where his Fable, 'Delusional Design' had germinated.
Kim Nam-Woon relied on [Abnormal Adaptability] to forge a new world he had to live in – but what about the version of him who had witnessed the end of that 'world'? What kind of meaning did that world hold for him?
[[C-c.r.a.p like t-this, won't....!]]
Corpses on the floor were glaring at us, their eyes wide open.
Those that I failed to protect – those with their heads missing or their hearts pierced through. Those dying while vomiting blood were now looking at us.
Kim Nam-Woon's face shook hard as if he was having a seizure. It was an expression that didn't suit him.
"Are you feeling the guilt after having come this far?"
The 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon trembled and looked up at me, his lips bobbing up and down.
⸢"You're right, I'm trash. So what??"⸥
Kim Nam-Woon from the initial regression turns would've definitely said that. However, even such a guy had said something different during the 999th turn.
⸢"....I've been thinking about this sometimes. Maybe I should've been the one to die that day. Captain, you also think that way, don't you?"⸥
The psychopath, Kim Nam-Woon, the Demon of Delusion.
Even after I finished reading the entirety of the original novel, my opinion on that guy hadn't changed.
[Exclusive skill, 'Reading Comprehension', is activating!]
However, that couldn't have been Kim Nam-Woon's everything. The 'Ways of Survival' I read was no doubt nothing more than just the tip of an iceberg called this world.
And so, the 'Kim Nam-Woon' I didn't know must have existed somewhere, too.
Kim Nam-Woon, who ended up seeing a world's end for someone's sake.
Kim Nam-Woon, capable of wandering aimlessly for forty thousand years out of his love for someone.
Kim Nam-Woon, carrying on the sake of protecting his loyalty to his comrades.
What if such a Kim Nam-Woon existed in the world somewhere....?
And what if such a Kim Nam-Woon was the one who saw the end of the 999th turn....?
[[I, I... I....]]
His delusion was being eaten away.
That was the history he endured on by exchanging away his personality; the ego of the Kim Nam-Woon, a second-year student from Cheongil High School, was now leaking out from its hidden spot beneath his mask.
[[I... I killed.... them... That's right, I....]]
The s.h.i.+vering Kim Nam-Woon held his broken dagger and began sobbing away.
"Right. You did kill them."
As I said that, I took a look at the rear of the subway.
I saw Yi Hyeon-Seong's steel tunnel, now merged with the ⸢Stage Transformation⸥. And this near-endless tunnel was overflowing with corpses.
The 'Nameless Ones', their names now long forgotten, were crying out.
"And they are the people I didn't save."
⸢A new world requires a new story.⸥
That was the price for completing the 'One Single Fable'.
We lived for the purpose of completing this petty 'gi-seung-jeon-gyeol'.
[Your 'hidden scenario' is on the verge of completion!]
[All of your Fables are desiring your 'Conclusion'!]
[Every Constellation in can sense that your 'Conclusion' is drawing near!]
And now, I had to see the end of this d.a.m.n story.
[[Ah, aaah, aaaah....!]]
The focus in Kim Nam-Woon's eyes blurred and he brought the tip of the broken blade closer to his neck.
[15 seconds remaining until the application of the 'Stage Transformation's' rules.]
[Once the time limit has been reached, all Incarnations who didn't obey the rules will be killed instantly.]
Yu Sang-Ah and Yi Gil-Yeong were looking at this side. Even the 3rd turn's Kim Nam-Woon, currently in the figure of a toy robot, was looking at me also.
If the time limit elapsed in this fas.h.i.+on, then the 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon would die for sure on this stage. The stage itself might be fake, but his Fable infused to this place was all real.
He'd die in this place. Just like those he had killed. Or, like how it was for him in the 3rd turn.
He'd die a miserable death while accepting his 'life'.
The problem, however, was with the 3rd turn's Kim Nam-Woon. He'd also perish due to the fact that he was connected to his 999th turn counterpart through the 'Disconnected Film Theory'.
I couldn't let that happen.
[The 'Stage Transformation' has been cancelled!]
The surrounding landscape changed and the stage disappeared. The memories connected through the [Disconnected Film Theory] were fading away. The subway scattered away, and all the actors involved also returned to their previous positions.
However, the 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon remained on his knees.
Certain stories, despite being fake, possessed power as if they were real deal. The stage might be gone now, but the original sin didn't go away.
His ruined and frayed Fable was scattering away. I quietly stared at him and his lowered head, before lightly kicking away the dagger he was still holding.
"Kim Nam-Woon, you can't be saved."
Then, I pulled out the [Unbreakable Faith]. The gleaming white swordlight seemed to screech out from the blade. I deliberately raised the sword up high so that everyone could see me. And then...
[Every Constellation of is waiting expectantly of the 'Outer G.o.d King's' death!]
Along with a horrifying, desperate cry coming from somewhere, my [Unbreakable Faith] cut something down.

Omniscient Reader 479 Episode 91 - One Single Fable 3

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