The Job Of An Imperial Concubine Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

A teacup fell to the ground, shattering into pieces .   

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The empress dowager rose to her feet, her expression neutral . “This grieving one’s hand shook . Clean it up . ”  

“Understood,” said the palace maid, quickly kneeling .   

The empress dowager glanced at the shattered teacup . Turned to return to her inner chamber .   

A few days pa.s.sed . During these days, the emperor did not flip any of the imperial concubines’ name tags . The empress dowager also did not interfere . Naturally, the empress still had a stable-as-mountain position in Jingyang Palace . The whole imperial harem was as still as a ghost .     

In the sweltering heat, no one was interested in taking a stroll in the garden . Zhuang Luoyan also was not that stupid to walk around everywhere, and stayed in her residence . Everyone could tell that the empress dowager wanted to interfere with the harem . It’s just that the empress pretended to be dumb and not understand her intention . The emperor also was unwilling to let that happen .   

Two days ago, a low-ranking imperial concubine who could not see clearly went to kiss the empress dowager’s a.s.s . Yesterday, the empress picked apart her wrongs and admonished her . Looked like the empress was ruthless . And the emperor did not give much of a reaction to what the empress had done . This made things even more clear .     

“Master, those people from Kang’an Palace have arrived . They said that the empress dowager has invited your honored self to come watch a show at Kang’an Palace in the afternoon . ” Yunxi rushed over and said in a low voice, “This slave has heard that many other masters will be attending . ”    

“Watch a show?” Zhuang Luoyan arched a brow . How could the show on stage be as good to watch as the shows off stage? What was the empress dowager’s motive for doing this?   

“Since the empress dowager has requested this, how can I reject?” Zhuang Luoyan lazily stood . “I’ll be taking a nap . Wake me up in the afternoon . ”  

Tingzhe and Yunxi shared a look . Seeing their master’s appearance, they thought there wouldn’t be a big problem . They retreated in a relieved manner .

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“Whom did the empress dowager invite?” n.o.ble Consort Shu lay on a chaise lounge as two palace maids attended to her . Even her words were more lazy than usual .     

“Responding to master, this slave has heard that the empress, Consort Xian, Consort Ning, Consort Rou, Zhaorong Xu, Shurong Ye, Su Xiuyi, Chongyi Zhao, n.o.ble Imperial Concubine Yan, Virtuous Imperial Concubine Jiang, Imperial Concubine Lin, and Ronghua Ye will be attending,” Lingsha said in a soft voice .   

“There’s a lot of people . ” n.o.ble Consort Shu’s smile proved charming . “But the empress dowager actually invited Imperial Concubine Lin?”  

“This slave thinks that the empress dowager invited Imperial Concubine Lin to cover up that she also wanted to invite the demoted Ronghua Ye . ”

“Who knows what the real reason is?””n.o.ble Consort Shu opened her eyes . “No matter what, this will be the empress and empress dowager’s stage . We’ll get to see a good show . ”  

Once the noon meal concluded, Zhuang Luoyan dressed up in a serious and proper manner . She sat on her sedan and quickly left for Kang’an Palace . The noon sun was hot and blinding . She reached out and covered her forehead with a hand, blocking the sun as much as she could . Squinting, she looked at procession before her . If she was not mistaken, that should be the emperor’s procession .   

“Your Majesty, it looks like Chongyi Zhao is behind us,” said Gao Dezhong softly .   

“Oh?” With a huagai¹ blocking the shade, Feng Jin was not burned by the sun into a sorry state . He glanced backward, frowned, and said, “Why is she outside on such a hot day?”  

“It appears the procession is heading toward the empress dowager’s Kang’an Palace . Today, Her Majesty, the empress dowager, has invited the masters to watch a show . Perhaps it is during this time . ”  

“Imperial Mother is certainly in a good mood today . ” Feng Jin’s tone was calm . He looked past the huagai, at the bright sun . “Since it is like so, We will also take a look after going through the memorials . ” 

Zhuang Luoyan watched as the emperor’s procession turned to another direction and left . She realized he was not on his way to Kang’an Palace . After wiping the sweat on her forehead, she said, “Let’s hurry up . If we make Her Majesty, the empress dowager, wait too long, things will not fare well . ” 

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Once she had arrived at Kang’an Palace, she found the empress and the Ye family sisters already present . Zhuang Luoyan had sat down for a short while, when the other imperial concubines arrived in sequence .   

Watching as the eunuchs pa.s.sed out the programs, Zhuang Luoyan did not choose an opera show . One, it was because she didn’t really like any of them . Two, it was because she wasn’t familiar with the t.i.tles . If she committed a taboo in picking one of the shows, it would not be good .   

Once the show started, it was lively and jubilant scene . Zhuang Luoyan watched as the actors performed, covering her mouth with a handkerchief as she yawned .   

“When people grow old, they will like to see a lively scene,” said the empress dowager to the imperial concubines, a smile on her lips . “Whatever show you like, you can make a request . Don’t worry about this grieving one . ” 

Everyone agreed, but no one would actually choose a show that the empress dowager did not like .   

After a few operas, the court acrobatic performers appeared . Zhuang Luoyan found their performance more interesting than the operas prior . The other imperial concubines found it exciting as well .     

“These variety acts are all like this . It may seem a certain way, but it’s merely an illusion . ” The empress dowager smiled . “Their reactions appear quick and they are skilled in performing . What does the empress think?”  

“Daughter-in-law is not knowledgeable about this topic . Whatever Imperial Mother says, daughter-in-law will defer to it . ” The empress’ expression was one of wonder . “This performance was thrilling and splendid . ”  

“This grieving one has only casually said this . Whether it is correct or not, only those up on stage will know . ” The empress dowager pointed at the artists on stage and bestowed them gifts . She turned around and sighed . “If there were more children by this grieving one’s side, it would be even more lively . ”   

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The empress knew that the empress dowager was giving her trouble . She did not have a son, and had been the empress for many years . She and the emperor had been married since he was still the crown prince . Apart from the princess who had died at a young age, her womb had been empty and inactive since . As the empress, not having a son was a huge shortcoming . Although the empress was devastated, she kept a slight smile on her face . “The Eldest Prince and the Second Prince are still young . After a few years, they will be able to jump around and run . ” She personally fanned the empress dowager . “After the weather becomes cooler, if the empress dowager misses the little princes, invite them to see Imperial Mother . ” The empress dowager was giving her trouble because Shurong Ye had a miscarriage . This kind of method to deal with her, the empress could still endure .         

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Zhuang Luoyan listened to the two of them crossing swords . In her heart, she praised the empress’ actions . If it were someone else, they would have long since been unable to endure it, and be upset to the point of being speechless . Yet the empress deliberately twisted the empress dowager’s words into wanting to see the young princes . She heard that one of those princes was being raised in Consort Xian’s residence, and the other was being raised in Consort Ning’s residence . However, it was merely being raised and not adopted . It seemed the emperor did not have the intention of giving these two princes a higher status .

“Let’s not bother those two . It would be bad if such young children fell and hurt themselves,” said the empress dowager in a mild manner . Then she continued to watch the performers . It was evident that she did not want to continue talking to the empress .       

Since long, long ago, the relations.h.i.+p between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law was usually terrible . Why would women give trouble to women? Zhuang Luoyan sighed in her heart . She peeled a grape and tossed it in her mouth . Although grapes were delicious, after one peeled them, the fingers would be all sticky . She wiped her hands clean with a handkerchief and did not eat any more grapes . Tingzhe, who was fanning her, saw this . She helped her master pour a cup of tea and softly said, “Master, this tea can curb thirst . ”  

“This maidservant of Chongyi Zhao is very attentive,” said n.o.ble Imperial Concubine Yan, who was sitting next to Zhuang Luoyan, her gaze on Tingzhe . It seemed as if she had remembered something, and said, “But she seems familiar . ”  

“She attends to me every day, so it is not strange for n.o.ble Imperial Concubine Yan to recognize her . ” A smile graced Zhuang Luoya’s lips . It was clear she was not bothered by the meaning beneath n.o.ble Imperial Concubine Yan’s words .   

“I recall that she was the little palace maid by Imperial Concubine Yao’s side back then . I wonder what Imperial Concubine Yao had done to be removed . After she had given birth to a little princess, she pa.s.sed away . It’s a mystery how this palace maid came to your side . ” Imperial Concubine Yan arched a brow as she stared at Zhuang Luoyan . “Does Chongyi Zhao not know of this?” 

Once again, Zhuang Luoyan smiled . “There are many servants that attend to me . How could I investigate all of them myself? As long as they serve me wholeheartedly, that’s enough . ”    

“Younger Sister sure is a worry-free person . ” n.o.ble Imperial Concubine Yan thought that Zhuang Luoyan was merely reluctant to admit her mistake . She smiled and drank a sip of tea . Then she turned to look at the performance again .   

Never had Tingzhe thought n.o.ble Imperial Concubine Yan would remember such a thing . In the past, she did in fact attend to Imperial Concubine Yao . However, Imperial Concubine Yao’s personality left much to be desired . Then she made a mistake and was kicked out of her palace . Originally, it wasn’t a big mistake, but with one word from n.o.ble Imperial Concubine Yan, the situation was painted in a different light .     

The masters of the harem did not like to use servants whose previous masters had pa.s.sed away or who had lost favor with their previous masters . With a somewhat pale face, she looked at Zhuang Luoyan . Noticing Zhuang Luoyan’s normal expression, she finally felt relieved .  

“His Majesty, the emperor, has arrived!”    

The emperor had not visited the harem for a few days . Now that a eunuch had announced his arrival, the imperial concubines craned their necks to look, hoping that he would notice them and favor them .   

“Today’s show is in fact lively . ” Once Feng Jin had looked at the performers on stage, he said, “After Shurong Ye had miscarried, We had been upset for many days . But today Our mood is a lot brighter . ” 

Once these words left his lips, the empress dowager’s smile flickered and could no longer be sustained . However, she had to continue the conversation . “This grieving one sees that the imperial harem has been dreary for a while . That isn’t good . The emperor dotes on children, so why not allow Shurong Ye to carry another child? This way you will not be sad anymore . ”

“Your son is only upset . Presently, your son is still young . Imperial Mother mustn’t be too worried . ” Feng Jin took a sip of tea . He said in a normal tone, “For Imperial Mother to be in good health and fortune and have longevity is your son’s joy . If Imperial Mother still has to manage the harem, it will mean your son is unfilial . ”     

As soon as the empress dowager heard these words, she forced a smile . She turned back to the performance for a little while, before announcing she was tired . The others naturally rose to their feet, and in a well-behaved manner, performed the full ceremony of sending her off . Zhuang Luoyan noticed that the empress seemed to relax .   

Once the sedan was a distance away from Kang’an Palace, a young eunuch chased after it . It looked like one of Gao Dezhong’s a.s.sistants . Zhuang Luoyan said, “What business does this eunuch have?”      

“Master Zhao, His Majesty has bestowed your honored self some cooling tea leaves . Eunuch Gao has told this slave to deliver them . ” The young eunuch was very rule-abiding . He presented a beautiful wooden box . It seemed that the tea leaves must be precious .   

Zhuang Luoyan stepped down from the sedan to give her thanks . After the young eunuch left, she once again boarded her sedan . She stroked the box . Opened the lid . There was a faint scent of tea .   

Gao Dezhong saw Little Anzi return and said, “Have you delivered the tea leaves?”    

“Responding to general manager, they have already been delivered . Master Zhao had also thanked your honored self,” said the young eunuch courteously .   

“How could us slaves have a master thank us?!” Gao Dezhong slapped the young eunuch’s head . Then he turned around and returned inside .   

The young eunuch lifted his head and understood that the general manager was reporting to the emperor .

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The Job Of An Imperial Concubine Chapter 26

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