The Job Of An Imperial Concubine Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

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Zhuang Luoyan’s gaze fell upon Tingzhe, who was kneeling before her . She took a sip of the tea made from the tea leaves the emperor had just given her . “I’m punis.h.i.+ng you to kneel for thirty minutes . After that, you may rise . Perform your duties as usual . Understand?” 

“This slave thanks master for the kindness . ” Tingzhe kowtowed three times, grat.i.tude in her heart . In the house were several basins of ice, so it wasn’t that hot . For her master to have her kneel here, how could she not know that her master sympathized with her? If it were a different master, after they discovered this matter, would they still allow her to stay? She only received such a little punishment . It was already a huge kindness .   

Actually, Zhuang Luoyan did not believe in such superst.i.tions . However, this bit of news had been deliberately uncovered by n.o.ble Imperial Concubine Yan and given to her . If Zhuang Luoyan did not respond even a little, it would reflect poorly on her . But the method of punishment was up to her hands . Tingzhe was a servant who was clever, wise, and able to grasp the situation quickly . She did not have the heart to throw her away .     

When the entire harem thought the emperor would not flip a name tag, the emperor visited Jingyang Palace two nights in a row . The empress was the emperor’s wife . The other concubines did not have a reason to be jealous .  

On the third night, the emperor visited n.o.ble Consort Shu . The next day, he quickly bestowed her many gifts . It seemed that the favor n.o.ble Consort Shu received had not decreased .   

After n.o.ble Consort Shu was Zhaorong Xu, Consort Ning, and Consort Xian . It made the imperial concubines think that the emperor changed his habit of rarely visiting the harem during the summer .   

After the above group of women had been visited once each time, the emperor did not flip a name tag for two nights . It really confused the imperial concubines .   

“Your Majesty, the interior supervision eunuch has come to pay respects . ” Once Gao Dezhong said these words, Feng Jin knew he was here to ask if he would flip a name tag .     

“Allow him entrance . ” Feng Jin stopped his hand . Gao Dezhong approached to receive his brush, and saw upon the paper a large character of “Kong¹,” flamboyant and bold, a flying dragon and dancing phoenix .

Once the interior supervision eunuch knelt before Feng Jin, Feng Jin s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the tray of name tags . Suddenly he said, “Are the peaches at Taoyu Pavilion almost ripe?”   

Gai Dezhong was shocked . He quickly said, “Perhaps they are good to eat now . However, they are not fully ripe . ”  

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“Not yet ripe has its own advantages . ” Feng Jin lifted a name tag . “We have not visited Chongyi Zhao in a while . Tonight let’s go to Taoyu Pavilion . ”  

Now that she knew she’d have to book a night with the emperor, Zhuang Luoyan ate the peaches that had been picked from the forest outside . She narrowed her eyes as she took in the light of the room . Took a bite . Half of the peach gone .   

When Feng Jin had finished going through all the memorials and proposals, it was still early . Then he saw Gao Dezhong rush in . “What happened?”

“The empress dowager had one of Master Rou’s maidservants beaten to death by rod . ”  

“What’s the reason?” Feng Jin’s tone did not change .   

Gao Dezhong did not dare to even wipe the sweat on his forehead . “This slave has heard that that palace maid was in a rush and b.u.mped into the empress dowager’s procession . ”   

“How could that happen?” Feng Jin laughed coldly .     

“Apparently the empress dowager wanted to take a look at the peach garden . Who would have known that a palace maid of Consort Rou was picking peaches from the peach garden, and b.u.mped into the empress dowager as she was leaving, giving the empress dowager a fright . As such, she was beaten to death . ”  

“Presently, what’s so good to see about a few peaches that are not fully ripe?” Feng Jin said, his words dripping with ridicule . “We will accompany Imperial Mother in taking a look at the peach garden . ”  

After Zhuang Luoyan heard that the empress dowager was visiting the peach garden, she went outside to wait for her . She never would have thought that a palace maid from Consort Rou’s side would steal some peaches and into the empress dowager . Even Consort Rou was lectured an earful .   

It appeared that Consort Rou, who had enjoyed much glory in the imperial harem, was forced to kneel, her face pale . Zhuang Luoyan approached and said, “May the empress dowager have mercy . Elder Sister Consort Rou did not know her servant would be so daring . ” 

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“If you are unable to even manage your own people, what can you actually do?” The empress dowager glanced at Zhuang Luoyan, cold as ice . “When is your input necessary in this grieving one’s matters?!”  

“This concubine is at fault . ” Zhuang Luoyan acted as if she were frightened as she knelt, doing so in a well-behaved manner .   

“Imperial Mother usually prays to Buddha . Do not let a servant with thieving fingers spoil your benevolence,” said Feng Jin a few steps away . “The two beloved concubines were unaware of that servant’s actions . Imperial Mother should let them rise . ”      

The empress dowager looked at the two kneeling women . She slowly opened her mouth to say, “Since the emperor has said so, you two may rise . ”  

“Thanking the empress dowager . Thanking the emperor . ” Zhuang Luoyan stood and moved to the side . She focused on the pearl on her embroidered shoes . A smirk on her lips .   

“Emperor, it is not this grieving one that wants to give them trouble . ” The empress dowager glanced at the pale-faced Consort Rou . “As the master of her own palace, she actually does not have the ability to control her servants . It truly brings this grieving one disappointment . ”     

In an indifferent tone, Feng Jin said, “Imperial Mother should not be so upset . It’s only a servant . Since she is already dead, there’s no need to hurt the body with these negative emotions . ”  

Once the empress dowager heard Feng Jin’s words, she understood he did not want to punish Consort Rou . She glanced at Consort Rou, unsatisfied . She boarded her sedan and left .   

“Your Majesty…” Frightened, Consort Rou looked at Feng Jin, her little face still white .   

“Return first . ” Feng Jin’s tone was calm . “Investigate about the matters regarding that palace maid well . ”  

“This concubine will make her leave,” said Consort Rou, biting her lip as she left . After she had walked a distance away, she could not help but turn around for a look . And she saw the emperor take Chongyi Zhao’s hand . At the same time, Chongyi Zhao lifted her head with a smile . The gazes of the two met . Then the two naturally looked away from each other .     

“Your Majesty, this concubine’s body  is full of sweat…” Zhuang Luoyan lightly pushed away the emperor who wanted to kiss her . Her gaze shy and timid .     

“We also have not bathed yet . Beloved concubine should attend to Us well . ” Feng Jin stole a kiss from Zhuang Luoyan’s lips . He ordered the servants from the outside to prepare a bath .     

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The servants understood what to do . They naturally prepared a large bathtub with dragons carved onto its surface . As Feng Jin carried Zhuang Luoyan into the tub, she only thought one thing: this bathtub was a lot bigger than the one she usually used .

Some things would naturally occur when a naked man and woman were together in a bathtub . If not, then it would be abnormal . For this reason, while Zhuang Luoyan had her arms thrown over Feng Jin’s neck, pants escaping her lips, she thought when a man and a woman took a bath together, things would indeed be very exciting .     

It took one hour for them to finally finish . Zhuang Luoyan lay down as if she had no bones in her body, letting the emperor help her dress . She reached out to hold his arm, a smile gracing her lips . “Your Majesty is so slow . ”  

“What? You think We are not doing a good job?” Feng Jin reached out to pat the beauty’s waist . “How about beloved concubine help Us dress instead?”

“Your Majesty should not bully others . ” Zhuang Luoyan’s face was slightly red, and she lowered her voice to say, “This concubine’s waist is sore . ”  

After Feng Jin heard these words, he laughed . He finished helping Zhuang Luoyan into her clothes . He bent down and pulled the beauty on the bed close to his chest . To the servants outside, he said, “Come . ”

The eunuchs and palace maids standing outside entered with their heads lowered . They dared not lift them . After they quickly cleaned up the room, they carried the bathtub out . Everyone knew what had transpired inside the chamber .     

He stroked Zhuang Luoyan’s still-damp hair . “What does beloved concubine do usually?”  

“Reading, practicing calligraphy, embroidering purses, raising flowers, and practicing the guqin . This concubine is not very good at them, however . ” Zhuang Luoyan rubbed her head on Feng Jin’s neck, sending a sense of unease . “But this concubine thinks that after much practice, the results will be better . ”  

“These are all material goods . Just treat them as hobbies . There’s no need to try so hard . ” Feng Jin patted her back and said gently, “Beloved concubine is fine as you are . ”  

“Really?” With just one sentence, the originally dejected mood of the beauty seemed to have vanished, turning bright and joyful . Feng Jin saw the woman in his arms look up at him, her eyes s.h.i.+ning . He nodded .

The pair of hands wrapped around his neck seemed to have tightened . When Feng Jin once again looked down, the beauty resting her head on his shoulder . Apart from joy, there also seemed to be dependence on him .   

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Feng Jin’s heart trembled . He finally lay down on the bed carrying the beauty .   

At daybreak, Gao Dezhong, Tingzhe, and the rest of the servants waited outside for their masters to call them . Last night, the inner chamber had rumbled and shook . It seemed the masters would not wake up too early .     

Gao Dezhong looked at Chongyi Zhao’s two personal maidservants . They seemed very rule-abiding . They also never inquired about anything with him . In fact, he had a better opinion of them than those palace maids who thought themselves smart .   

An hour later, a sound from the inside . Gao Dezhong led a few servants into the chamber . It indeed appeared like in the past: Chongyi Zhao was still lying on the bed, with the emperor awake by himself .   

If one were to talk about favor, although Chongyi Zhao could not be considered the most favored, she was allowed to sleep when the emperor had woken up . She should be the only one with this privilege . Even n.o.ble Consort Shu had to wake up early the morning after the emperor had visited her, and help the emperor into his clothes . Judging by the emperor’s quiet actions, Gao Dezhong understood the master lying on the bed should still frolicking in the land of dreams .     

In the house was the scent of lovemaking . Gao Dezhong had been attending to the emperor for many years . As such, he would not pry . After he had helped the emperor into his clothes, he saw the emperor return to the bedside to plant a kiss upon Chongyi Zhao’s forehead . And Gao Dezhong quickly dropped his head again .   

The empress dowager punished Consort Rou’s palace maid to death by rod for having sticky fingers . Even Consort Rou was lectured by the empress dowager for one whole night, the rest of the imperial harem knowing this matter . Some indulged in schadenfreude . Some pretended it didn’t happen .     

“That palace maid was stupid . Although the peach garden isn’t large, it’s still possible to secretly pick a few peaches . Why did she have to be so frightened and run and into the empress dowager’s procession? It’s a mystery whether she didn’t grow a brain or a pair of eyes,” said Xiuyi Su with disdain . “Consort Rou sure is unlucky, having such a servant . ”  

“Indeed . Truly a stroke of misfortune . If not, why would they have gone to Taoyu Pavilion to steal a few peaches? And even into the empress dowager . ” n.o.ble Consort Shu’s smile did not quite meet her eyes as she picked a grape with her fingertips . The neat, clean, and beautiful nail scratched the skin of the grape, revealing the fresh flesh .  

“None of the women in the imperial harem are simple . ” She threw the grape into a green jadeite basin that was in the shape of a lotus leaf, which was by the side . n.o.ble Consort Shu wiped her hand with a handkerchief and looked at Xiuyi Su . “These words can be said in my residence . But outside, keep your mouth shut for me . Understood?”  

“Yes . ” Xiuyi Su nodded, fear apparent from her appearance . But what she didn’t understand was, if everyone knew this matter, why those words could not be said .

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The Job Of An Imperial Concubine Chapter 27

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