World Development System 72 3. Jake's First Mission.

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Jake, as practiced, said in a cold tone, "I only want Black tiger's information on where he stays usually and where he frequents usually. If this information is correct, I will double your reward. And you don't have to worry about my life or yours, I am only here because I was hired to do my job."

The bar owner thought, 'Hmm... so an, I guess its better than all those amateurs who come here to die every time they come here. I wonder which organization he belongs to that he is confident enough to slay that guy. I guess it's better If I don't ask him more questions regarding his ident.i.ty or his work.'
The bar owner nervously said, "If you want to find Black tiger then you have to come at weekdays in the evening where he gathers with his teammates every time at least recently. And if you want to find him somewhere else then in 5 days he will gather at the grand canyon near the town with his teammates that's the only information I have regarding his movements."

Jake didn't feel any lies through his speech, he nodded gave a few gold coins and left, "Hmm... good no lies."

However Jake didn't feel good as he knew that his man would most probably snitch him out from how that man was acting a bit too cunning and how that person acted based on that person's power. Jake thought as he left.
'Dammit, f.u.c.k that old man for giving me wrong information regarding that bar. Anyway, I still got some information out of him. Most probably I will get snitched and they will try to set up a trap for me.'
After Jake left, the bar owner looked around if someone was tailing him or not, after carefully checking out for a few more minutes.
The Bar owner then left for another place in the town, he knocked on the door three times and spoke a pa.s.sword, after some time there was a voice from inside the building,

A short man could be seen opening the door as he said to the bar owner, "come in."
The bar owner's name was Damien, "What is it this time Damien that you had to personally come over here."

The bar owner hesitated but spoke out, "There is a situation this time around. Someone hired an to hit Black tiger this time around. It's good that the guy didn't have any accurate information about the bar he was visiting. However, that guy gave me a dangerous feeling, unlike the other amateurs who usually came in the past so I didn't make a move on him."

The short man looked at the man in the back for an answer when that man said, "It seems, that businessman still hasn't given up on my from all those years ago. It's quite hard to target him after I got to know about him from previous attempts."

That man was Black tiger who Jake was targeting this time around, he looked like a big man

The bar owner hesitatingly asked him, "I have always seen you changing the subject when it comes to the topic of this but what sort of grudge does that guy have with you that he spends ludicrous amounts of money just to you all over the years? Plus this time the guy that he hired seems a lot more dangerous than other ones."

Black tiger spoke with a sigh as remembered the incident, "Well as you know I am a mercenary and we have our own dirty secrets, And since you asked me about this I might as well tell you today. 9 years ago like all the previous wars, we were in the borders and were returning after a long march. since we didn't make a lot of gains during that war. We decided to ransack a border village as we were anyways going to lose that place so we decided to Slave the people and took anything that we could so that we could recover the losses. So a lot of things happened during that ransacking, people who resisted were killed, some were raped and another half of the lot slaved. Unfortunately, after a year someone from our team bragged about the incident and some people got to know about it and from that moment that businessmen have been trying to me and my team. After further investigation, we got more information on him and it was revealed that a certain lover of his was residing in that village during that time and just happened to get raped and died later on. Well, a Big mercenary unit is hard to control at times so its part and parcel of this sort of job.
To save my life even I have been trying to that guy but till now there has been no result. That guy is loaded with money and bodyguards."

The bar owner asked a question, "Master, from your tone it can be seen that you regret that incident. Why did you order the ransacking of the village if you know something like this would mostly happen after that incident if it got leaked."
Meanwhile, the short man was listening from the sidelines.

Black tiger frowned and said, "Well, that's none of your business on why I did it. Anyway, enough of chitchat tell me more of your conversation and how that guy looks like."

From this Damien understood that Black tiger didn't want to reveal the person who was behind the works and who gave the order that time to ransack the village.
Damien then answered him right away, "From his voice, he looks like a young man around 15-18 years old but I can't see his features as he always covered his face like the vagabonds with a black scarf. However, there was one thing peculiar about him and that is, he gave a dangerous vibe just like those men we observed in the past. do you think he is related to them?"

Hearing this he was shocked, but then he immediately recovered thinking that young man's age as that boy wouldn't be able to join them this early.
"It's ok, I don't think that guy would have any contacts with those men as just contacting them requires a lot of money and resources or incredible or horrible luck. Additionally a guy that young wouldn't be here doing fieldwork. It would at least take him a few years to carry out those work. did he have small horns on his head?"

Damien immediately replied: "No, I don't think so. He looked like a human, nothing special or different. The only information I gave him was about your schedule where you usually visited and the next plans of our visit to the grand canyon."

Black tiger was skeptical a bit but he still asked: "Since you felt that he was stronger than you, then he still didn't try to kill you immediately?"
Black tiger then looked at the short man who understood that Black wanted him to check the surroundings first.

Meanwhile After Jake left the building he was observing Damien from a distant place. He also didn't try to kill him as he confirmed that he was most probably one of the Black Tiger's henchman.

Jake tailed him cautiously using the stealthy steps of h.e.l.l and reached the place where Damien knocked on the door and said something before entering it. He could see a small fat man before the door closed immediately.
Jake thought, 'I guess he is going to inform about today's event to his masters. I better be cautious and not enter the building without confirming anything.'

Jake then tailed him to the building, it was only a two-story building. He climbed to the roof and started to carefully hear their conversation. He heard about the conversation on why that certain guy wanted to kill him and he also understood that there was more to the previous incident then what was known to others.
'Most probably a n.o.ble or someone in the court controlled this Black tiger mercenary group and ordered them to ransack the village. Maybe I should extract some information before I kill him.'

Jake very well remembered about his training on extracting information when he trained with Vlad and hence his thoughts on getting more information from the Black Tiger.
As soon as Black Tiger ordered for a check of the surroundings, Jake immediately threw a poison needle on the body of Damien from behind after he entered through the window.
Damien was numbed as the needle struck him, he turned around to see what happened and was shocked to see the guy who met him earlier tailed him all the way without getting noticed. He was sure that he checked multiple times before heading here but he still got tailed by him He then fell unconscious as remembered how this guy seemed different and gave a dangerous vibe compared to others.

Damien immediately fell on the ground after watching him blend in with the dark. Watching the commotion the fat guy came inside the room.
Jake then threw a knife at the gate from where he heard the footsteps, as soon as the guy came in the room. he was struck with a knife on his throat which penetrated deep inside his throat.
The fat guy caught his own neck as he squirmed like a dying fish on the chopping board. He squealed raising one of his hands in the direction of Black tiger before he lost his lost consciousness as he saw both Jake and Black Tiger taking a defensive posture. He was very surprised to see such a young man with such frightening skills to kill two veterans in a matter of seconds.

Black Tiger was watching this from the sidelines,
Black Tiger thought, 'This guy was able to enter undetected even when I actively searched for anyone tailing Damien. From his movements, it looks like he has mostly been trained by a professional expert in The most fearsome aspect of this guy is how fast and aggressively he attacks his enemies.'

World Development System 72 3. Jake's First Mission.

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