World Development System 106 37. Start Of The Conspiracy Part I.

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Ralph mocked and laughed as he thought, 'You think I am naive, Hmm.. I think you might already get that reason to attack them if Prince Hector is able to pull off Evan's Let's see how you act childish when Evan dies. The day you mess up the whole thing would be the day I would become the new Duke.'
The magician replied as he got out of the carriage, "Arrgh, why the h.e.l.l do you need me right now."
He was a big fat with luxurious magician clothes and a big Scepter.
Simon's right-hand man angrily hustled and gave him his orders, "Get ready, our operation is starting right now, this is the plan that you would have to follow, make sure to not make any mistakes. You will be paid triple the price if we are able to pull it off without leaving any marks behind."

Simon asked his men, "Is he ready or is he still fooling around."

His right-hand man said, "Nah, it seems he is making preparations after hearing about the triple bonus if the is a great success."

Simon nodded and gave the orders, "Good, It seems money has its own way. We will wait for him. We are anyway not yet going to him. We will wait till night when his men sleep."

Dearil thought as he saw Simon's men from far away, 'Hmm.. it seems are they are starting to make preparations for their from the looks of the camp. Let's see how are Evan's men doing for now. Maybe I should ruin the plans of those men if I can meet that Henry guy as he seems the most cool-headed man out of all the lot.'

After traveling for some time Dearil reached Evan's camp, 'It seems they are not worried and tending to Evan's injuries.'

Meanwhile, Jake just arrived after traveling for a whole day at Dearil's rendezvous at night.
'Dearil seems to be somewhere far away, I can still see a lot of suspicious movements in this forest. It looks like what Duke Sapphire said was correct after all. Maybe I myself should kill that Duke since Lord already gave me the orders and let those guys over there take the blame if possible when they start their attack.'

Suddenly there was movement from Simon's camp as his men started their operation.
The magician chanted his spell as Evan's whole camp was engulfed with fire. The whole camp got surrounded by a big fire which said it was certainly dangerous.
Hearing the commotion Henry immediately came outside of Evan's tent as he spotted Dearil in a corner.
"Hey, what are you doing here."

Dearil thought, 'It looks like I was too late as Prince's men have already started their operation.'

Dearil said to Henry as he immediately left without giving any clear instructions, "Well I will only have a piece of advice for you. If you want to survive, escape as you don't have enough men."

Henry thought as he saw Dearil leaving, 'What is going on? isn't it these guys attacking us? Why would he warn us.'
After watching his surrounding's Henry understood what was going on, "It looks like he was here to spy on us. d.a.m.n, It is another set of men attacking us."

Dearil saw that Jake was coming the same way as he called him, "No need to go in, they are already alerted. Let's leave and watch from the sidelines."
Dearil saw Jake's expression as he teased him, "Hoh, looking at your expression I feel that you still want blood of that duke,"
Jake neither nodded nor did he disagree as he said and gave the letter, "Well, I would still like to see what is going on. If he doesn't die I would have to at least make sure he dies since Lord has already given orders."
Meanwhile, Evan chatted with men, "Hahaha, Let's see how that slave protects his family from the trained It might be difficult to him or that upstart but it is an easy task when it comes to targeting their weaknesses."
One of the men commented, "Hmm... it looks like there is some commotion going on, did they bought some women from the village?"
Evan gravely spoke as he felt something, "Go and look out, bring back Henry if possible."

Meanwhile, One of the scouts hastily reported to the man handling the night bells, "There is a fire out over our camp, that fire has encircled our camp. Our men are also getting killed by armed intruders. Ring the bell for the whole camp."

Hearing the bells everyone in the surroundings understood the situation.
Hearing the Bells Simon ordered his men, "No need to hide our movements, order all the men to attack the main camp. Evan is our main target and then later his men. As for you greedy magician, you need to come with me. You will be needed to distract that guard, we will attack both that man Henry and Evan together."
The magician said, "Hey I have a name, it is Pallet."
Simon shrugged and hurried, "Yeah, yeah come with me."

Dearil asked Jake who was watching from the sidelines, "What do you think will happen? Do you want to hear some news I heard while spying here?"

Jake spoke in a cold while watching the whole scene, "They will die including that sc.u.m. What's the news, I don't want the usual gossip you and your men do."

Dearil smiled as he said, "Heh, you are no fun. If you knew about master's past then you would have moved forward as you haven't really lost your loved ones. Well, anyway I will talk about what I heard earlier."
"It seems that Duke Evan was so p.i.s.sed that he ordered a bounty on your family which has been accepted by some It looks like Henry has spotted us. He is busy so we don't need to worry"
Jake was quite angered after hearing it but he kept it cool outside.
Watching both Dearil and Jake, Henry didn't decide to probe and ran inside to protect Evan.
Evan was happy after watching Henry's arrival as he ordered, "We are leaving Henry, use the transfer scroll."
Henry asked in surprise as he heard Evan, "But what about other men."
Evan answered in anger, "Leave, they can die, we are leaving. My life is more important than everyone present here. This is an order, Henry."
Henry answered with a firm but angry tone, "Yes, Sir..."
One of Simon's men gave a smoke signal after watching the Transfer scroll which Henry took out.
Simon smiled as he saw the smoke signal which indicated that Duke is going to use his precious transfer scroll.
Simon then ordered Pallet, "Hey, Pallet, Start the chant and use the scroll, I don't want any mistakes, let's see how they escape our net today, we have used quite a lot of resources today including this scroll to trap them even if they use it."
Pallet laughed as he took the scroll out and tried to brag, "hahaha, rest a.s.sured they will be trapped under this Lord's attack. Unless it is someone with s.p.a.ce magic who can use multiple instances of transfers. They won't be able to escape today. They can only escape towards one direction to the south near the hills. However today they won't be able to escape unless they have wings."
Simon slapped Pallet's head and ordered him, "Stop your bulls.h.i.+t and get to work already, You think it's your job to brag and act Then what am I here for huh, entertaining you around?"

The scroll started s.h.i.+ning as Pallet removed a big mana stone scepter to power the scroll as he chanted, There was a big scroll in his right hand while he had the scepter on his left hand. Both of them were s.h.i.+ning.
An Invisible film started to wrap the whole surroundings which were like a web.

Evan and Henry teleported near a hill after using the transfer scroll. Below the hill, there was a river.
Evan angrily raised another tantrum, "Hey, what is happening? why have we only traveled about 2 Kms only towards the south? Isn't it supposed to take us 50kms away from our point? Did you do it deliberately after our last conversation?

Henry remarked as he saw Simon and Pallet arriving, "I think we have a situation, Lord. It looks there has been a big conspiracy taking place after watching both of them."

Dearil spoke to Jake as he spotted them to the south, "Come let's go."

World Development System 106 37. Start Of The Conspiracy Part I.

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