The Sword Dynasty Volume 7 Chapter 54 - Chapter Fifty-Four: Peak

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Chapter Fifty-Four: Peak

When the formations of the turrets were activated, the courtyard of Bureau Chief Chen was filled with many Divinity Bureau officials who usually were not seen.

Before boarding the carriage, Bureau Chief Chen quickly sent a series of orders. These orders were mostly targeted at the Astrology Bureau, including the of some important people in the Astrology Bureau, and the takeover of some inst.i.tutions.

These orders contained great understanding of the Astrology Bureau, and most of the orders needed doc.u.ments of the empress and the two ministers to be carried out. But none of the officials of the Divinity Bureau felt that something was unusual. Ever since over a decade ago since Yuanwu ascended the throne, the greatest meaning in the existence of the Divinity Bureau was to one day consume the Astrology Bureau.

The officials here from the Divinity Bureau naturally included old people like Mo Qinggong. Old people referred to their time in the Divinity Bureau, and not that they were really old in age.

They looked at the new people of the Divinity Bureau around them who had eyes flas.h.i.+ng with excitement. Such a time was really a good chance for these young officials, but for the old people at the present, such excitement was not good.

The war on the Qin-Chu border was still going on, and no one knew who would win. The Astrology Bureau was a great pillar of Changling. Right now, these young officials were not worried about the war at the border, but what benefits this battle to exterminate the Astrology Bureau would bring them.

But even old people like Mo Qinggong did not discover the abnormality of Bureau Chief Chen. Ye Celeng was still in Changling. To Bureau Chief Chen, his everything was in Changling.

But he himself boarded the carriage and complied with the orders from the imperial palace, traveling towards Min Mountain Sword Sect. The reason that he accepted such arrangements was because he knew very well, in this storm of Changling, he had to do all he could to protect Baili Suxue in order to protect Ye Celeng.

For the mistress of the imperial palace, Baili Suxue was more important than Ye Celeng. If Baili Suxue was alive, many people could not leave and go deal with Ye Celeng.

I hope that you can live. When the carriage sped up, Bureau Chief Chen closed his eyes and said in his mind, I hope that I can live.

Living was just the lowest demand of the ordinary people of Changling. They wanted to live better. But for many people who were near the top, living became their ultimate goal. As long as they could live, and the people who they cared about could live, they did not care about enjoyment. Even if they were eating the worst food and wore the roughest clothes, they could live at ease.

The racing carriage created a unique rhythmic trembling. The person driving the carriage for Bureau Chief Chen was a deaf and mute old servant. They communicated through tapping on the carriage cabin using vital energy in their fingers.

Some people tried to stop his carriage, but the one who did so was a low ranking official, just realm four.

Usually, no low ranking official dared to block his carriage. So Bureau Chief Chen opened his eyes, had the carriage stop, wanting to hear what this low ranking official wanted to say to him.

“Chen Jinci, Bureau of Ceremonies Supervisor.”

When the carriage stopped, an official from the Divinity Bureau walked out from a nearby alley, came to his carriage, and said softly, bowing.

Bureau Chief Chen stilled. He waved a hand for this Divinity Bureau official to leave, and then looked at the incoming young official.

While this was a lowly official of the Bureau of Ceremonies, this was a cultivator who came from the Liangjiang Chen Family just like him. They were of the same genealogy. As a result, he knew this young person.

This young person was a little cautious, but walked to the carriage before bowing. He said softly, “Do no attempt to attack Marquis Duanmu, this is a trap.”

An unusual flame burned in Bureau Chief Chen’s eyes. He frowned deeply and said, “Who told you to come and say such a thing to me?”

This young official said immediately, “Official Shen Xuan ordered me to tell you he is not your enemy.”

Saying this, this young official raised his head. Black blood started to stream from his mouth, then his eyes turned black and he cried black tears.

Bureau Chief Chen knew that this young official was in the last moments of his life. His usually slow voice grew urgent. “Why?”

“Not just because of Official Shen, but from a certain point of view, Official, you are the future of the Liangjiang, you represent the Chen Family, so nothing can happen to you.” With that, the young official fell down, dying by the side of his carriage.

Bureau Chief Chen slowly bowed his head. His movement unusually slow, so slow it was like the moss growing in the shadows.

Min Mountain Sword Sect, Baili Suxue walked along the jade-like ice path to the peak.

The higher up it was in Min Mountain Sword Sect, the colder it was. There were wondrous energy rules. The cold energy on the ice path surpa.s.sed all the ice and snow in the world. Also, it repelled moisture from the outside. The moisture in the air was frozen into white frost when they arrived here, but were unable to land. They were pushed away by the cold energy on the path, then blown away by the mountain wind to fall down into the world.

But today, Baili Suxue’s cold energy was colder than this ice path. With each step, white energy flowed out from his body, landing on the ice path beneath him, and then flowing along the unchanging ice surface to penetrate inside until an indigo like color appeared on the path.

The mountain winds were like blades but were not able to sway Baili Suxue’s robes. His hair danced behind him due to his own energy, and created a sacred feeling. He gazed at Changling.

Just like many years ago, today, Changling had clouds in the sky above. But unlike back then, the clouds today came mostly from the Falling Dark Moon formation on the turrets. Back then, the cloud and chaotic energy came from the cultivators from the different dynasties who came to kill w.a.n.g Jingmeng.

Suddenly, a scornful and icy smile appeared on the corners of his lips. The world around Min Mountain Sword Sect was undisturbed, but he knew very well, the storm here would soon surpa.s.s Changling at this time.

Back then, there were countless people wanting to kill w.a.n.g Jingmeng. Now, countless people were coming to kill him. He was very proud. Because all the people in the world had not judged him incorrectly, and knew his intentions.

He was a person who loved and hated clearly. Towards w.a.n.g Jingmeng of the past, there was no forgiveness to discuss. But no matter what he did, he would follow his own heart.

The Sword Dynasty Volume 7 Chapter 54 - Chapter Fifty-Four: Peak

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