The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 98 – The Four–Star Defeats The Five

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Chapter 98: The Four-Star Defeats the Five-Star

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In the One Palm Four Styles, the fingertips, finger-joints, surface of the fist, and back of the fist unleash successive force upon striking the enemy. Power endlessly superimposes on top of each other, creating higher and higher waves. Monkey called this move the Four Heavy Forces of the Iron Monkey.

Pressure from the palm arrived before the palm itself. The circulation and surge of true energy within the bones defused energy into the air, and Qin Fen's mental state instantly entered the highest peak of performances. He was far too familiar with the sound, which was like billowing waves.

The Raging Berserker Tide! Monkey was using an attack that was similar to the Raging Berserker Tide!

In a split second, Qin Fen narrowed his eyes into a thin line, and the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art began to rotate at high speeds like a turbine. The powerful circulation caused energy to erupt from all the pores of his body. A shake of his shoulders brought a pressing palm with a power akin to the clap of thunder, while the sound of the battering tide endlessly crackled from within his muscles and bones.

His mental state had reached the apex, and the Raging Berserker Tide's power erupted with unprecedented concentration.

Bam bam bam…

Both sides exchanged blows in an instant, and Monkey's face distorted from the pain.  What kind of finis.h.i.+ng move is the kid using? It is undoubtedly the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art, but why does the kid's palm faintly seep with the defensive power of the Golden Bell s.h.i.+eld? Am I misperceiving things? 

Before the final heavy force of the Four Heavy Forces of the Iron Monkey could be used, Qin Fen's Raging Berserker Tide's seventh tide was already thrown out. Monkey's face flushed deep red as he raised his Holy Sage Art directly to the meteor level's six-star.


The ground shook, and Qin Fen was sent tumbling into the air a good dozen meters away. He continued to be pushed back several meters even after his feet made contact with the ground. The marble flooring beneath his feet was shattered to pieces with every step.

Gasp gasp gasp…

The turbocharged Raging Berserker Tide was Qin Fen's ultimate finis.h.i.+ng move. Monkey had broken his agreement and used the five-star meteor level, so Qin Fen naturally didn't show any mercy.

He gasped for large mouthfuls of breathy, his breathing haphazard. He would be the one to lose as a four-star challenging a higher level five-star meteor level expert if he wasn't able to end the fight quickly. Monkey actually used the six-star meteor level, and victory and defeat were completely decided in an instant. The most Qin Fen was able to do was be pushed back. It was already quite considerable to not be knocked out or even killed in this situation.

Qin Fen's arms couldn't stop shaking with true energy being dispersed from them. No one was able to defeat someone two levels higher than them. If the body wasn't strong enough, if the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art didn't possess such a decent protective power, even a broken arm would be considered a light injury from Monkey's attack.

Meteor Level and the other seasoned soldiers were shocked. What sort of place had sp.a.w.ned this monster of a recruit? The explosive power just now was considerable. If it had been an expert who had just entered the meteor level fighting this four-star recruit, it was possible to be defeated and left in the ditches by this four-star recruit.

Monkey raised a hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead. He was the most shocked out of everyone present. If he had continued in going all out with five-star strength and dragged out the fight, he might've been able to kill enough time for Qin Fen's true energy to run out, then easily dispose of Qin Fen.

Though such a method of dragging out a fight might count as a win, there was no sense of beauty to be found in it.

For a five-star expert having to resort of stalling tactics to defeat a four-star Heavy Forces of the Iron Monkey warrior? Monkey wouldn't stoop that low, yet at the same time, he wanted to see just how strong Qin Fen was. The six-star Four Heavy Forces of the Iron Monkey was only able to forcefully push his opponent back. Monkey would need a few more seconds if he wanted to kill Qin Fen. Didn't this make Qin Fen a freak?

“Oh man! Monkey, how much of a loss of face was that?”

Phoenix's mocking voice echoed from the elevator.

“That was the six-star meteor level just now, right?” Butcher stood by Phoenix. There appeared to be some doubt in his tone, but anyone could tell that actually he was rejoicing in other people's misfortune.

Monkey subconsciously tucked in his chin the moment he saw Phoenix. He placed his attention on Butcher and said, “Hey, you! Guy who can only kill! This bro admits that he underestimated this recruit. Let's see if you have the skills to beat him with four-star strength!”

“If it's a spar, I am confident that I can beat Drill Instructor Butcher.” Qin Fen gently warmed up his arms and fingers. “If it's a battle between life and death without the use of guns, then I am still lacking.”

“What?” Iron Hand, Monkey, and the other seasoned soldiers raised their voices as they looked at Butcher. They asked, faces spelling that they didn't dare believe it, “He's your student?”

Butcher shook his head. “He's not completely my student.”

A light bulb flashed in Iron Hand's mind. He blurted, “Gun King!”

“That's not all.” Butcher shook his head.

“Can it be….” Monkey's eyes spun round and round without end as he asked, “Old Hao, that d.a.m.ned trickster….”

“That's still not all.” Phoenix beamed from the side.

“Don't tell me… it's all you sc.u.m together?” Iron Hand asked, not believing his own words at all. These sc.u.m saw themselves far above the peak. Even just one of them nodding their heads in agreement to teach a recruit meant that the recruit's background was out of this world. Now the whole group of them were teaching a recruit? Just how much influence did this kid have? Could he be the kid of the Federation's president?

That can't be right! The president of the Federation doesn't have the last name Qin! Can the kid be an illegitimate child? 

“You got it this time.”

There was not even a sliver of pride within Butcher's expression. Through his dull tone, the information in his words was quite impactful.

Iron Hand was stunned for a long while before he forced a smile. “No wonder. No wonder this kid is so different from normal recruits. So it turns out that he's your masterpiece.”

Xue Tian had gathered to Qin Fen's side by now, looking like he's always been quite familiar with Qin Fen. He placed his arms around Qin Fen's shoulders and spoke with incomparable intimacy. “Bro, teach me how to a.s.semble guns when you have the time. You're much better at a.s.sembling guns than I am. There's also that vile fighting style of yours. I love it to death! After we finish the mission, I'm inviting you for a drink and to pick up girls, and you'll teach me the essence of vileness. How 'bout it?”

Qin Fen thought of Lin Liqiang when he looked at Xue Tian. The two might look different, but they both possessed the same optimistic and lively spirit.

“Okay.” Qin Fen nodded in agreement.

“You know the mission by now, right?” Butcher walked over and whispered.

“I know.” Qin Fen responded simply, “Capturing terrorists.”

Butcher's eyebrows shot up, and a displeased look flickered in his eyes. “This isn't a capture. This mission can only be summarized with a single word—killing.”

Killing? Qin Fen was stunned. Butcher's instructions were far too different from the mission briefing.

“Terrorists are all crazy people. They kill people without blinking an eye. They are people who don't even think twice about killing, not even taking into the accounts of innocent civilians. Why the h.e.l.l would you capture such sc.u.m who sow terror and take other people's lives? You want to send them to a fair trial in court?” Butcher spoke very disdainfully. “Killing one more terrorist is the same as indirectly saving a lot of people. Not only does capturing expend a lot of effort, it's also very easy to mess up while doing a capture. They just need to slightest of chances, and they will detonate the bombs strapped on their bodies. In such a case, the people injured won't just be you. There will be civilians injured as well.”

Dark and dilapidated corners always existed in a metropolis no matter how flouris.h.i.+ng. The State of Korea's Seoul was no different.

There were all sorts of messes in society, and it was because of these reasons that a vast, very ruin-like area appeared on the edges of the flouris.h.i.+ng and population-dense Seoul ten years ago.

Rows and rows of old-fas.h.i.+oned buildings were placed incredibly close together. One of these commercial buildings was destroyed by fire and abandoned. The walls of the old cinema were mottled, possessing not a single window intact with gla.s.s. Waves and waves of heavy metal and rock 'n roll could be heard noisily coming out, while a dozen or so somewhat new motorcycles were left randomly at the entrance to the cinema, with not even a lock on a single one of them.

This was a world under practically zero law. It was heaven for motorcycle gangs, a paradise for drug addicts, and a hotbed for crime.

The advancement of society brought the endless breeding of new conflicts where the rule of law was unable to balance the entirety of society. Every state had tacitly agreed to open up these areas to give to those who needed to vent. This was to prevent larger society conflicts and riots from occurring.

Private detective were frequent visitors here, and plain-clothed policemen would occasionally come here to collect a bit of needed information. Such a chaotic environment could only be described as a place where dragons and snakes mingled.

Iron Hand and the others rode motorcycles into this region of chaos. They headed north the entire way and stopped not too far away from a rectangular six-story building.

“Synchronize watches.” Iron Hand simply raised a hand. “According to the plan, Xue Tian and Qin Fen will be the first to enter. You guys still have the air of recruits on your body. We can use this. You won't be considered important once you're discovered, and they will let down their guard….”

They synchronized their watches and Monkey and the others quickly walked into the large building's shadow.

Butcher gave Qin Fen a 'you are on your own' expression, the corner of his lips carrying a hint of callousness as he smiled. He quickly walked to his designated position.

Qin Fen pulled out the modified HK45C. He and Xue Tian locked gazes, and they cautiously walked toward the steps of the large building.

The promenade was filled with dust, and the smell of urine mixed with feces permeated through the air. The several broken remains of bottles of alcohol were completely covered with dust as well. The door, which was already damaged, creaked and groaned in decay under the night's wind.

The dust-covered promenade was littered with fresh footprints.

Qin Fen's brow furrowed slightly. He could tell that every one of these footprints belonged to someone trained. It was really in line with the societal goal to have the entire population versed in martial arts. It looked like the terrorists also knew to place importance in training in martial arts.

Xue Tian's lips seemed to never stop smiling. He cautiously studied his surroundings, always prepared to react against any sudden danger.

The hall on the fifth floor.

There was a dilapidated long table. A long steel knife was stabbed through it from the surface, nailing a person alive to the table.

The blade had pierced the heart! The blade technique was quite precise!

The man nailed to the table had long since died. The unwillingness to die could still be seen in his pupils. It hadn't disappeared with his death.

“This is so boring. I would have lived in a large hotel downtown if I knew there was so little entertainment.” The man who spoke bit down on the barbecued chicken leg, causing the oil to spray out. The terrorist's two eyes were a bit sunken. He possessed a tall figure, blue eyes, and blond hair. He stood on his toes very impatiently.

“They changed the time of the concert! G.o.d d.a.m.n it! We have to kill time for a few more days here because of this.” Within the hands of the highly capable Arab was a portable video game console. His hands kept playing the ancient game.

This used to be a place that sold furniture in a mall. There was a dilapidated spring mattress placed not too far away, and a man and a woman were performing the most primal acts of mating upon it as if n.o.body else was around. The man kept on pounding away, and the woman under him let out moans of delight over and over.

There were three other Arabs who were as tough as nails. They cleaned the guns and bombs on the table endlessly.

The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 98 – The Four–Star Defeats The Five

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