The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 567

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Published at 30th of May 2020 12:25:07 AM
Chapter 567: 567

Humans are like children who have infinite demands, while scientists are like their parents who try their best to satisfy all of their children's infinite demands .

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 The words of the aged voice echoed in Qin Fen's mind, and he was stunned for a moment looking at the image on the huge projection screen .

 The team of scientists had waited for a few days; Song Wendong took four powerful martial artists and rushed back to the scientific community base once again .

 After learning the whole story, Song Wendong once again led the four people into the dimension that had been named “Pandora” by the scientific community .

 There were no campy emotions, and the two sides started fighting again . The three creatures that hatched from special eggs did not play any role . Two of the creatures that hatched from the special eggs had been killed when they first met . The other creature, perhaps by coincidence, was not on the battlefield at the start of the battle .

 Although they did not play a role, the two creatures that were killed in an instant left a deep impression in Qin Fen . The strength they exerted was much stronger than the strength they first had when they were born . Obviously, the human martial dao's method of cultivation was also a good catalyst for them .

 Subsequently, perhaps because the Queen Bee had the memory of the previous Queen Bee, she did not prepare for battle

 A battle of chasing and running unfolded in this special and wide dimension .

 During the day, there was also a huge sun in the sky here . and at night, there was also a star-studded sky . However, Qin Fen had never seen such star constellations before .

 After dozens of days of killing, the Queen Bee was killed again, but this time Song Wendong and others noticeably made significantly more strenuous effort than the last time .

 This dimension had inexplicable repression on Song Wendong and the others' strengths . It seemed like some kind of cosmic s.p.a.ce rule was working, and this new Queen Bee's strength had obviously surpa.s.sed the old Queen Bee's . Moreover, she had true energy, which made her even more difficult to deal with .

 Song Wendong eliminated the Queen Bee once again, and he chose to mend his wound on the spot . This was because, firstly, the time here was faster than the human world; secondly, he was worried that the Queen Bee would perform Golden Cicada Sh.e.l.ling again .

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 This time, the team of scientists decided to take this opportunity to annihilate these living creatures . The newly joined biologists in particular, showed great enthusiasm .

 Song Wendong and the others also agreed to this decision . The impression that the Queen Bee left on everyone was too deep . If she was to pa.s.s down her power through inheritance a few more times, then who else could eliminate her in this dimension?

 After all the decisions were finalized, Song Wendong a.s.sembled all the death-row prisoners from the government, distributed guns and equipment to them, conducted a two-month special training in the Pandora dimension, and then began a large-scale wipeout activity .

 Pandora's dimension was like another universe . The surface area of ​​this land was much larger than Earth; it was impossible to search every corner with just the five of them . Therefore, fighters and mobile armors that were equipped with life detectors became the main force of the wipeout .

 Song Wendong's approach was top secret, and with the help of the current president and several top commanding officers to cover it up, everything was executed without the knowledge of civilians .

 This was not just to prevent panic, but also to stop the clamoring of those 'human rights' activists .

 A one-year wipeout was carried out in the Pandora world . During this one year, the energy shortage situation reappeared . Almost all the living creatures were cleared . In order to annihilate the remaining Pandora creatures, Song Wendong even sought ways to transport the submarine battles.h.i.+p to this place; even the ocean was not left out .

 After all these were completed, one group of scientists was busy reviving the production of the Pandora world, while another group of biologists was in full swing creating a new era of humanity . It was as if everything was back on the right track .

 A new problem arose at this time: what should they do with these death-row prisoners who were not dead? Should they send the prisoners back to the original world? After a year of battle, these people had become elite warriors . If all of them were sent back to the human world, it might become very troublesome .

 Finally, a way was decided after a discussion! Half of these people will return to the human world and immigrate to the undeveloped moon, while the other half were to be stationed in Pandora to prevent the resurrection of any remaining creatures . At the same time, strong men must stay and guard the place .

 White Tiger chose to stay . White Tiger was the most enthusiastic fighter amongst these people, and so his voluntary stay was not unexpected to others .

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 Did it end just like that? Like all the strong men in the projection, Qin Fen found it somewhat unbelievable that this was the end .

 Soon, there was a new development in the projection .

 The Queen Bee appeared again! This time, Queen Bee was more cautious than the last time . There was no record in the projected data as to when she appeared . Clearly, the monitoring satellite did not detect her existence .

 How did she appear? How did the previous Queen Bee give birth to the new Queen Bee? The monitoring satellite did not find an answer to either question .

 Qin Fen only knew that this new Queen Bee was stronger than the previous one! When she first appeared in the projection, it was apparent that Queen Bee had not only been awake for just a short time of a day or two . She seemed to have been awake for a long time, but she kept enduring hunger and ate sneakily . At the same time, she did not produce any offspring; she just kept on practicing her martial arts techniques quietly .

 Even the first Queen Bee who fought with Song Wendong was stronger than him, so to mention a Queen Bee that had gone through several times of power inheritance, evolution, and a period of time to cultivate the internal art?

 Her strength was not only greater than White Tiger in terms of quant.i.ty, it was also greater in terms of quality . If it wasn't for the fact that White Tiger had luckily entered the Realm of The Unity of Man and Nature in battle, and also the fact that Song Wendong and Butler Hou coincidentally came to inspect Pandora on that day, perhaps there would be no such thing as White Tiger ruling Venus in history .

 In that battle, Song Wendong barely drove off the Queen Bee .

 By the time Song Wendong arrived, the Queen Bee had already devoured a lot of humans and weapons .

 Qin Fen couldn't stop sighing in his mind .  Others might still be thinking that there is still a chance to kill the Queen Bee, but is there really a chance? No! Without the weird rules in Pandora's world, just Song Wendong alone could kill Queen Bee, even if two Queen Bees appeared at the same time .

 Perhaps every world loves its own people . Song Wendong, as an outsider, simply couldn't exert all of his strength despite chasing several times .

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 Finally, Song Wendong and the others were forced to withdraw from the Pandora world! This hunting mission was announced as a failure!

 They were forced to… Qin Fen watched as the Queen Bee turned back to chase Song Wendong and the others . For the first time, he began to truly admire this guardian of Earth, who risked his life to make an effort and tried many times despite knowing that there was almost no chance for him to win .

 “Unless we can break that d.a.m.n rule!”

 “Is it really impossible for us to destroy this dimension?”

 “We are trying to adjust the time axis of Pandora's dimension to make it the same as ours, or even a slower time axis than ours . ”

 “The d.a.m.n rule must be some kind of penetrative suppression of energy . I think we should be able to design a special battle suit to isolate this rule, but we'll need time for that…”

 “How about using nuclear bombs? We can use all the nuclear bombs in the whole world on them . Now those things can only threaten the collective suicide of human beings . Although we can't destroy the strongest creatures, we can at least blast the Pandora world to make it an unlivable place . With that, we should be able to starve the Queen Bee to death . ”

 “Nuclear bombs? Then what about the food for our world?”

 “We can create anti-radiation grain seeds; a research inst.i.tute had succeeded in this aspect before . ”

 Although the world had entered the most basic era of the Federation, the danger of nuclear bombs still existed at that time . In order to avoid survival problems after the outbreak of nuclear war, the people had made various efforts, and anti-radiation grain seeds were one of the special kinds of existence .

 Thus, the secret to why the human world was free from nuclear appeared in Pandora .

 The war, the shock waves, and the radiation ravaged Pandora, a place that humans opened with their own hands . Yet, when all the attacks were completed, Qin Fen showed the same dumbfounded look as other scientists .

 Perhaps it was due to the difference in dimensions, but the deadly weapon that could kill ordinary people in the human world turned out to be a supreme fertilizer in this new dimension .

 The whole planet turned green overnight . There was no desert here, only verdant and lush greenery .

 Various plants grew wildly, and Qin Fen's surprise became a bitter smile quickly . If that's the case, how is this cutting off food for the Queen Bee? It became a free food distribution!

 “Let's research the work of adjusting the time axis as soon as possible . ”

 “Inform me after the suits that can resist the rule are made . ”

 Several strong men left after leaving a remark, but Song Wendong chose to sit in the laboratory . The reason was none other than to prevent the Queen Bee from suddenly coming into the human world through the dimensions .

 Of course, it could also be regarded as a kind of idle waiting for opportunities for Song Wendong .

 Unfortunately, this waiting was not very successful as the Queen Bee was living very comfortably there . She ate plants when she was free; it did not even attack the food bases that humans created in the dimension . When they were bored, they gave birth to less threatening creatures to enrich the environment .

 The seemingly quiet life did not last long .

 One day, the Queen Bee disappeared . Not long after, a new Queen Bee appeared, chewing on the old Queen Bee's body .

 After eating the old Queen Bee, the Queen Bee laid an egg with a painful look . What hatched out of this egg was actually another Queen Bee .

 The new Queen Bee ate the previous Queen Bee again, who had just given birth to her . Immediately after that, it started ovulating again…

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The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 567

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