The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 569

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Chapter 569: The Queen Bee's Major Counterattack

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

The two Founding Societies: only one of which adhered to the original tradition where they continued to find ways to serve humans in the dark. They used dead bodies in experiments related to the insect warriors, searching through files from prisons to find death row inmates who had deliberately committed evil deeds, and not those who were forced by the society into what they did. Then, they used these bodies for human experiments.

 Zhang Hao's Founding Society did not care about this problem at all. They selected people who were suitable for becoming insect warriors from society, and members who were suitable for their various experiments. They then transformed all these people into insect warriors in human experiments.

 Qin Fen looked at the projection. He couldn't fully understand why Song Wendong didn't care about these experiments. Perhaps he thought that this was a good method, or perhaps he thought that this kind of organization was irrelevant. As for the exact reason why he didn't manage the Founding Societies, he might only be able to get the answer from Song Wendong himself.

 The projection in the air did not stop immediately. It was still playing various changes. After humans adjusted the time axis, the Queen Bee as an insect warrior also discovered that the human world was her food paradise.

 The leader of the insect warriors risked herself several times to come and rob the human world. According to the a.n.a.lysis of scientists, the Queen Bee liked the feeling of eating humans, as well as the taste of human flesh. She also regarded human bodies as food that provided her with great nutrition.

 Perhaps it was because of the interaction between the two dimensions why the gas giants Saturn and Jupiter turned into solid planets overnight. They did not require any modification at all and were already suitable for human habitation.

 As time pa.s.sed, the s.p.a.ce connection point was generated automatically on Jupiter. By then, Jupiter also had its own divine beast martial artist – Azure Dragon.

 Azure Dragon! A dark figure appeared in the projection, even the Founding Society wasn't able to figure out the ident.i.ty of Azure Dragon. Qin Fen looked at the dark figure and was disappointed. Even this dark figure was just an imaginary figure created by the Founding Society.

 At this time, the Queen Bee had already carried out a lot of breeding in her own dimension. As time pa.s.sed, they even developed a system of ranking their superiority among the creatures produced by the Queen Bee.

 Qin Fen recognized a creature sitting not far from the Queen Bee. This was the guy I met in the forest.

 Compared to what he saw in the forest that day, it seemed even more powerful in the projection, and its strength seemed comparable to the strength of Tagatha.

 It has such powerful strength, yet it only had that little left when it came to Saturn? Qin Fen was highly suspicious. The projected image showed another unexpected change.

 The Queen Bee selected a few pros from this batch of her powerful subordinates and went along with them to the s.p.a.ce connection point in the human world.

 Soon, these pros all showed up on Jupiter! The location of this connection point wasn't that good, as it was in the deserted no man's zone on Jupiter. Qin Fen was surprised to find that the subordinates of the Queen Bee were limited by the dimensional rule to a lesser extent. Although their strengths were weakened, the weakening effect was not as strong. They didn't get rejected by the dimension as strongly as the Queen Bee.

 Before they could react, the four major constellation warriors who were waiting for them at the place appeared. They had a one-sided battle without even needing Azure Dragon to come. Under the situation of the other creatures risking their lives to protect the Queen Bee, she retreated back to her own world severely injured. The creature in which Qin Fen met in the forest became one of the very few creatures that managed to escape.

 Instead of retreating to their original dimension, they rushed out of the atmosphere and into s.p.a.ce. These creatures were different from humans, they could survive even in s.p.a.ce.

 This clip was not as dated as the previous ones — it was a recent clip apparently. The Queen Bee's performance did not appeal to Qin Fen, but what really attracted Qin Fen's attention were the creatures that had not been selected by the Queen Bee to bring over to their world.

 Compared to the ones she brought with her this time, the creatures left behind in that world were even scarier. Although it was impossible to speculate the strength of some creatures in detail through projection images, his instinct as a martial artist told Qin Fen that many creatures on the Queen Bee's side had strength comparable to White Tiger's.

 Many of the creatures produced by the Queen Bee had bodies that were inherently stronger than humans. Moreover, with their cultivation of paleo martial arts and the bizarre evolutions, they had become a great threat.

 After seeing the creatures that the Queen Bee brought to Jupiter, Qin Fen really doubted that the strengths of those creatures were suppressed when they came to Jupiter.

 As he didn't see them come across the border, Qin Fen could only guess the worst-case scenario.

 “It's really ironic…” The aged voice said slowly, “The splitting of the Founding Society, if judging solely on the development of the insect warrior technology, resulted in Zhang Hao's Founding Society — the one that adhered to the law of jungle — being always ahead of us. Hades is an absolute masterpiece among their best creations. With the advent of Hades, he even raised the crazy slogan of ruling the world. Unfortunately, the divine beast martial artists are still tolerating their development…”

 “Hades…” Qin Fen recalled the situation in the Sahara that day. Hades did have the ability to think for himself, but why did I keep having a surreal feeling about it?

 “If that's the case…” Chen Feiyu looked up at the brain and asked in a deep voice, “Everything about me was created by Zhang Hao's Founding Society?”


 The brain answered with faint sorrow, “This has nothing to do with Zhang Hao. You were created by us… rather, you could call yourself part of the last batch of guinea pigs that were left by Zhang Hao in our place. He didn't even manage to complete the experiment by the time he chucked you out. We found that if we didn't continue with the experiment, your life span would be less than half a year. That's why we continued the experiment.”

 “However, my companions were all killed by you!” Chen Feiyu clenched his fists, raised his head furiously and shouted at the brain, “I saw it very clearly, it was your party who lifted the knives, it was your party who killed them! You even tried to kill me! Don't flatter yourself, you are no different from Zhang Hao!”

 The brain was silent and listened to all of Chen Feiyu's roars. A projection was once again shown in front of the two of them. The brain asked in a plain voice, “Are you referring to this?”

 In the projection, nearly a hundred young martial artists were being slaughtered. Qin Fen was surprised to find that among this group of people, Chen Feiyu was one of them. He had been beheaded and his lower abdomen had been shot by a machine gun.

 If it was not for the fact that he was sure that Chen Feiyu was alive, Qin Fen would have wondered if he was seeing a ghost.

 Another clip. Chen Feiyu was not in this clip. However, the number of people getting killed was the same as the previous clip. It was the same number of people. It was just that the young man, who was beheaded and shot in his lower abdomen, was changed into another person.

 A third clip was played. Qin Fen was aware that there were no changes in the number of deaths, but only one of them had undergone tremendous changes in his appearance.

 This is… Qin Fen suddenly realized that none of these clips in front of them were showing reality. If a high-tech stereographic projector was used to cast projections to a person who was under extreme fear and was hiding in a closed, dark environment, that person would accept just about everything shown in these projections as their reality, especially when he was emotionally unstable.

 A fourth clip; there was Chen Feiyu who had gone through the hards.h.i.+ps and finally escaped from the base. After thinking about it now, it was not logical for a strictly guarded base that had fourteen-star pros to let a young man like Chen Feiyu who had no strength get away that easily.

 Looking at these situations, there was only one possibility: they had deliberately gone easy on him!

 The projection was still going on, but the escaping protagonist was replaced by another person, and he used other methods to also escape from the base successfully.

 “Actually, none of you died.” The brain controlled the loudspeaker and said with a soft and sighing voice, “At that time, We found that your living conditions have returned to those of ordinary people after you have gone through the subsequent experiments. Unfortunately, your experiment was indeed a failed one. It was no longer fair for you all to be trapped here. However, what would you think if we let you go just like that? Moreover, some members of the Founding Society couldn't accept that the experiment had actually failed. They thought that this experiment could be continued. So…”

 “So?” Chen Feiyu raised his eyebrows and looked at the brain. He was still very confused and intense resentment could still be seen on his face. My life was completely doomed because of this b.a.s.t.a.r.d experiment. “So what else did you do?”

 “So, we deliberately induced each of you to think that you have escaped successfully from us and that your companions were all killed. On top of that, we tried our best not to let any of you meet with each other in real life. All this was to make you angry and to cultivate hatred towards the Founding Society in you. Some of our members believed that your problem was not having enough emotions. As long as you have enough hatred and anger, you can break through the barriers of failure and become the pro we antic.i.p.ated.”

 The brain sighed, “After some research, we arrived at a decision that it's better for you all to simply hate the Founding Society instead of forming new hatred towards some random party outside. If you can destroy the Founding Society, it will mean that you have superior strength. It could also be considered as our success in this experiment.”

 Using themselves as the experimental subject? Qin Fen found that it wasn't just the Founding Society led by Zhang Hao that was crazy, this particular Founding Society that called themselves peace lovers was also equally crazy. Be it opening new dimensions or developing various new technologies, none of which were something an ordinary man would do.

 “Is that really the case?” Chen Feiyu sneered with murderous intent, “It is not as simple as you say it is, right? If that's really the case, then…”

 “Your sister's death?” The calm voice of the brain spoke again, “Or the death of your sister's family?”

The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 569

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