The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 597

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Chapter 597: Meeting the Elites at the Great Ensemble

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

“It has started!”

 “It has started!”

 “It has started!”

 “It has started!!!”

 At about the same time, martial artists who were in medication or seclusion all around the Federation opened their eyes suddenly, exclaiming the same thing.

 Martial artists from all around the world had different sparkles in their eyes; their eyes shone with the greatest determination they had ever shone with since the beginning of their martial dao journey. The long-awaited Great Ensemble had finally come to a start during the strongest moment of their lives!

 At this moment, everyone in the Federation was focusing their attention on the Great Ensemble.

 Military-speed battles.h.i.+ps were transporting all the martial artists from various planets of the Federation to Jupiter, the largest planet among the five major planets. It was also the base for the newest divine beast martial artist in the Federation.

 The Great Ensemble, which was jointly presented by all the divine beasts, has finally begun!

 There was no need to run any advertis.e.m.e.nt for the Great Ensemble at all. With the reputations of the divine beast martial artists, all the big brands under them gladly helped with all kinds of publicity voluntarily.

 All the newspaper reporters had played their best cards in searching for the candidates who had the highest chance of becoming the champion. They spent an entire section introducing those candidates and their different skills, their place of origin, and their most popular battles.

 This time, the divine beast martial artists were much more cooperative than they ever were before. The reporters managed to dig out many rare footages of battles between martial art masters. This footage was broadcast widely via the internet and various media.

 The stunning life and death battles were b.l.o.o.d.y and cruel, and the incredible strength… it stunned the entire Federation regardless of whether one was a martial artist or not.

 People finally understood why the divine beast martial artists said that the Great Ensemble might give birth to another divine beast martial artist this time!

 The people of all continents began to show their support for the martial artists who came out of their respective continents. People from the Americas placed high hopes on the Ice Dragon King Yang Lie and the Sky Splitter Brooks.

 The current season of Great Ensemble had the largest scale among all the previous Great Ensembles. The Olympic Games and the World Cup, which were held every four years, were once the most popular sporting events, but these two were like kids' games when compared to the Great Ensemble.

 Apart from the category that might give rise to a new divine beast martial artist, many young people were also aiming at the Hope Diamond ring.

 The Great Ensemble had always had several different categories; one of them was to determine the strongest martial artist in the world apart from the current divine beast martial artists; another one was to determine the strongest among the younger generation martial artists who would be awarded the t.i.tle of the Hope Diamond.

 This year's Hope Diamond candidates were supposed to be Qin Fen and the others. However, with Qin Fen, Xue Tian, Shang Guan Chuan Qi, and Hades announcing that they would be partic.i.p.ating in the category of the strongest martial artist in the world, the press had lost focus on who would be the next Hope Diamond. At this time, people discovered a previously unknown young man called Ma Jun Tie, who had the highest chance of winning the Hope Diamond category. Apart from Ma Jun Tie, there was another potential candidate who was also a rising star; he was called Kyokus.h.i.+n Genichi.

 The keen journalists soon discovered a similarity between these two young men, which was the fact that they shared the same master: Qin Fen!

 This trivial episode had attracted the attention of the entire Federation. Qin Fen was not only incredibly strong himself, he had even nurtured his disciples so well that they became the prime candidates of the Hope Diamond category!

 For a time, Qin Fen's odds in the major underground gamblings rose dramatically. It was just slightly below several other candidates who had the highest winning odds. Those candidates were Venus' three constellation warriors and Saturn's Heaven Emperor and Ground Treasury.

 In the eyes of the underground gamblers, it was already an incredible achievement for someone from the younger generation to even qualify into challenging the senior pros. They believed that the senior martial artists would still be the final winner of this Great Ensemble, especially Heaven Emperor or Ground Treasury from Saturn.

 Compared to the three major constellation warriors on Venus, the underground gamblers trusted the two who didn't even have the t.i.tles of Constellation Warrior more.

 The overwhelming press coverage of the Great Ensemble seemed to have formed a super cyclone across every corner of the Federation. Even the military headquarters on Saturn was no exception to this exciting news.

 “After so many days, it's finally here.”

 Qin Fen stood in front of the military headquarters' gate and looked up at the huge battles.h.i.+p in the sky. The whistling wind blew at his clothes.

 Qin Fen stood next to Xue Tian, ​​Caesar, Yang Lie, and the others. They stood in a row and looked up at the huge battles.h.i.+p. The network's broadcasters took their picture from a high alt.i.tude and spread it on the internet immediately, attracting millions of views from all over the world. Qin Fen's team could be considered the most amazing team of the younger generation's martial artists in history.

 Aside from the rare divine beast martial artists, if this team wanted to, they were people who could definitely conquer the world!

 “Yeah, it's about to start.” Yang Lie turned to look at Qin Fen, “Looking back on when we just met you, life is really amazing.”

 Everyone looked at each other and smiled understandingly. Every one of them risked their lives and fought with each other in the Recruit Tournament, but they became best friends after being attracted by Qin Fen. They walked side by side with each other and had come this far. They had left other martial artists of their generation far behind them. Their secret in having such an achievement wasn't just their pa.s.sion for martial dao, more importantly, it was because they valued each other's friends.h.i.+p. Without a pure heart, how could the martial dao journey be smooth?

 “I hope everyone will stay alive after the Great Ensemble.” Qin Fen floated from the ground and flew towards the huge battles.h.i.+p. He said gently, “We'll go for the genuine final battle together!”

 “I will be alive!”

 “I will be alive!”

 “I will live too!”

 Loud and confident replies broke through the clouds, the ground was shaken and sent up clouds of dust. The young martial artists flew up like launching rockets, disappearing from the camera in a blink of an eye.

 “Look! A volcanic eruption!!”

 On Mars, a thick magma rose into the sky, and the entire sky was clouded in the red hue of the magma. The sky seemed to had been wounded at this moment, blood spurting everywhere.

 Shang Guan Sheng Yu, who was Vermilion Bird, looked at the volcanic eruption in the sky. She smiled proudly, “You came out from seclusion just in time. Your legend begins from this very moment! My son, wow the world with your very existence.”

 Shang Guan Chuan Qi stood at the top of the erupting magma. He looked up at the sun which couldn't blind him at all, “It's about time.”

 With just one step, the magma poured from the sky and went back into the volcano. He disappeared from the top of the magma and went into the shutter battles.h.i.+p which would take him to Jupiter.

 Shang Guan Chuan Qi, who was Mars' legend, went into seclusion after he challenged Vermillion Bird. He was finally out of seclusion today!

 Earth's Sahara desert was undergoing a sandstorm. Young Hades was not in Venus but had once again returned to the Sahara desert on Earth. He flew up into the sky and went to the seaside of Tianbei City in Zhongzhou via a plane. It was the place where he had his first defeat after his debut.

 The young man sitting next to Young Hades was tall with a height of one point nine meters, his long black hair split to the sides and draped to the position of his chin. His smile revealed his overly exposed gums, “Are you done observing?”

 “Of course.” Hades looked out the window without turning back, “Zhang Hao, I don't understand why you have to join the fight. Although you have turned yourself into an insect warrior, you still won't be the final winner.”

 Zhang Hao pushed his, “I just want to get a close-up look at your performance. You are my perfect creation. I hope you won't let me down. According to the news I got, apart from the known experts, there's one more person who's unfamiliar to most people in the Great Ensemble.”

 “Is he also an insect warrior?” Hades raised his eyebrow. A person who has some sort of relations.h.i.+p with Zhang Hao, who had a delusion about conquering Pandora and the human world. Perhaps he is another psychopathic insect warrior wannabe? 

 “Yes.” Zhang Hao's eyes revealed endless satisfaction, “He is my second perfect creation.”

 “I didn't expect that I would be lucky enough to find a second person besides you. He is Terrorist King's disciple, the one and only disciple! Sun Jiulong!”

 “An Asian?”

 “What's the matter? You think an Asian can't become a terrorist?” Zhang Hao smiled smugly, “I am looking forward to the performance of this madman who accepted my operation just because he aims to kill Qin Fen.”

 Ka! Hades's move was as fast as lightning. He choked Zhang Hao's throat in an instant, pressing against this madman's throat until it turned red. He said in a cold tone, “Be it Qin Fen or Azure Dragon, they are mine! I'll kill whoever lays a hand on them.”

 Zhang Hao's face turned red and blood oozed from his nostrils. He kept a calm smile on his face even though he struggled to speak, “That is something between you and them. It has nothing to do with me.”

 “Young Lord…” The old Golden Dragon Kang patted Hades's arm gently. This young martial artist, who was one of the top martial art experts, loosened up and let go of Zhang Hao's neck.

 Many battles.h.i.+ps broke through the sky, penetrated the atmosphere, and traveled through the endless universe. Finally, it landed slowly in the airport of Azure Dragon City.

 In the past few days, there had been no traffic at the airport. It could even be said that there was n.o.body around this area. It had become a fully automated airport. The incoming visitors around this period of time were all top experts from all around the Federation. What role could any ordinary martial artist play under such circ.u.mstances?

 Not only the airport was empty, the entire Azure Dragon City was also empty. Apart from a few personnel, other people had migrated out of the city.

 It was clear to everyone that the Great Ensemble had attracted the strongest group of people outside the divine beasts this time. They might be able to control their strength so as not to cause great damage to the surrounding, but they were not facing some ordinary opponents this time. They couldn't hold back at all during battles of life and death. They would cause historic damages to the surrounding.

 Not to mention an Azure Dragon City, they might destroy a larger area than that. It would be a miraculous battle. Those who were interested in watching it had chosen to use the latest network satellites for observation.

 If someone would like to experience the most attractive Great Ensemble with their own senses, then they could rent a place closer to the Azure Dragon City. It was a kind of enjoyment for them to feel the ground shaken by the battles.

 In this world, there were many people who were afraid of death, but there were also many people who weren't afraid of death because they wanted to watch and feel the greatest battles by themselves. The cities nearby Azure Dragon City were packed, and even some other cities which were further away were fully booked. People wanted to have a relatively close-up experience of this grand event.

 The Great Ensemble was different from ordinary martial arts contests. They didn't set up any ring for the Great Ensemble on Jupiter, it was just a huge open s.p.a.ce. Any restrictions would be useless in front of these monsters with unparalleled powers. It was better to just let them fight without any restrictions.

 On the other hand, they did set up a ring for the Hope Diamond category. It was a ring set on top of a huge mountain. The entire mountain was scattered with thousands of sharp steel sabers and nothing else! The saber mountain of the Sacred Martial Hall had been moved perfectly to Jupiter, which became the ring for the Hope Diamond category.

 Anyone who wished to become the Hope Diamond must at least be qualified and have the courage to set their feet on this saber mountain, or they wouldn't be eligible to enter for the registration.

 Qin Fen's team settled down in the seating zone on the edge of the huge open s.p.a.ce. The platform here was very s.p.a.cious. They were not exaggerating when they described it as borderless.

 As the first group of people to come, they found this s.p.a.ce extremely quiet. Occasionally, there would be a gentle and dusty breeze. There was a hint of murderous intent brought in by the wind.

 “So this is how it feels to be the focus of the whole world?” Qin Fen looked up at the sky. Although it was just hundreds of satellite broadcasters focusing the cameras on him, he could still feel the aura coming from the whole world locking onto him.

 No one answered Qin Fen's question. Everyone had different martial daos and thus a different feeling at this moment. It was only natural for them to have different expressions and reactions to it.

 Yang Lie looked coldly in front, as if he didn't feel any gaze at all. Ever since Lin Liqiang helped him with the new human being evolution that lasted for a good ten days and had almost cost Yang Lie's life, Little Dragon King Yang Lie's aura had gone through an incredible breakthrough. He exuded an aura that obviously said, 'I am the one and only dragon of the world'.

 At this moment, Caesar frowned slightly and looked up at a huge incoming battles.h.i.+p from a distance.

 Heaven Emperor! Even though none of them had ever met the middle-aged man who came out of the battles.h.i.+p, Caesar could tell his ident.i.ty just by the first glance at him.

 Caesar, who was known as the Emperor of the human world, would naturally regard Heaven Emperor, who was high up in the sky, as his ultimate rival! There shouldn't be two suns in the sky. This was the rule since ancient times.

 The two Emperors' aura collided. Heaven Emperor was slightly surprised as he smiled and looked at Caesar. He made a few nods and moved on to lead the entire team of masters from the Elysium as they walked across to the opposite end.

 Qin Fen suddenly s.h.i.+fted his attention and fixated his sharp glare at the burly Tagatha.

 At the same instant, Tagatha's body trembled slightly and his slender eyes glanced at Qin Fen, whose eyes were filled with murderous intent. He smiled a little and made a gentle move to loosen up his stiff shoulders. He started moving again…

 Heaven Emperor turned slightly to look at Qin Fen not far away from him. He clicked his tongue, “It's really unexpected that the younger generation has such strength. If I was born into the same generation as them, I bet no one would have even noticed me.”

 “Here they come!”

 Qin Fen suddenly looked up into the sky; dozens of huge cos...o...b..ttles.h.i.+ps pa.s.sed through the atmosphere from all directions and landed quickly. The great wind pressure blew up everyone's clothes. The battles.h.i.+ps sent up a small amount of dust to the sky from the ground which had been cleaned beforehand and could be considered neat.

The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 597

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