The Story Of A Stroppy Princess Chapter 38

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Published at 23rd of March 2020 04:08:51 PM
Chapter 38

At dinner, the lights had just been lit, while the laughter from Mingyue Pavilion kept cropping up . Hua Yueling, Ping'er and Hua Xiaolong at that moment were chatting .

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"My Lady, he really ate a lot today! By the way, My Lady, will you bring me together with you later?" Looking at Hua Yueling, who sat down to dress herself before the dresser, and Hua Xiaolong, who was laughing foolishly, Ping'er asked .

"You'd better not go . It is dangerous tonight . Xiaolong, listen, you'd better go to bed early . Tomorrow I will take you to the Emerald Lake Tower to meet Shasha . " Hua Yueling urged, turning her head to Hua Xiaolong .

"Sister, I was so boring here, can I go with you?" Hua Xiaolong looked with pleading eyes at Hua Yueling who was in her makeup .

"Xiaolong, I am not going for fun . Next time I will take you to the theater, OK? I am afraid that you will lose your way . " Hua Yueling knew that little kid needed to be coaxed .

"Sister, you are lying to me . You dress so beautifully, so you must be going to play . Sister, is it that you don't like me anymore? I have grown up and I won't get lost . " Hua Xiaolong was full of tears, so pathetic .

"My Lady, you are so amazing!" Ping'er found Hua Yueling had finished her makeup so quickly, and her whole face had become bright and radiating; the silver and pink powder on her eyelids made her eyes longer and brighter .

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"Xiaolong, be a good boy or I shall be angry . I won't go to play, and what you see now is just my disguise . " Hua Yueling dressed up very fast, and meanwhile she rubbed a thin powder on her face . With a light of rouge on, her whole face had become so elegant and transparent . Moreover, her facial features were more distinct, her bright and translucent small mouth was pinker and more also gorgeous, which looked extremely attractive .

"You don't like me anymore, woo, woo…" Hua Xiaolong cried heart-broken and rose to his feet and went outside .

Hua Yueling was shocked and hurried to hold him . Looking at his tearful big eyes, she was softhearted and said, "Xiaolong, that doesn't mean I dislike you, but I am afraid you will get hurt . It is so dangerous tonight that you cannot go . I promise to take you out for fun tomorrow, OK? I promise . " Hua Yueling was clear that she didn't take him to meet Shasha, so he was very anxious and afraid of being cheated

Hua Xiaolong curled his lips and kept silent . Looking at Hua Yueling's pretty face for a long time, he agreed, "OK, then I am going to sleep . "

"Alright, Xiaolong is a good boy . " Hua Yueling frowned, but she let go of his hand and watched him run away . And she hurriedly said to Ping'er, "Ping'er, you should keep a close eye on him and don't let him run around . "

"Yes! My Lady . " Ping'er pouted and took the white gauze skirt from the bed, "My Lady, do you wear this?"

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"Yeah . " Hua Yueling smiled . Her light make-up tonight was just for this beautiful white dress .

At this moment, Ye You came in and said, "My Lady, the Forth Prince's carriage is at the door . " Ye You looked up and saw Hua Yueling's little face . He was stunned immediately . Under the soft light, Hua Yueling's face was so beautiful and pure, and her eyes were bright .  Her eye contact with you would deprive you of your soul .

"Good, I am just coming!" Hua Yueling was very satisfied with Ye You's dazed expression after seeing her . And she picked up her dress and prepared to put it on .

When Hua Yueling appeared at the gate with a small white cloth bag, the Forth Prince and Ye You who were waiting outside took a quite shock of her beauty .

Elegant and graceful, pure and beautiful, peerless and charming, these words were far from enough to modify the lady right in front of them .

"How's that?Am I beautiful today?" Hua Yueling smiled, "How do my look compare with Ouyang Ruyan?" Hua Yueling deliberately looked at Ye You and raised her eyebrows . At least from Ping'er, she knew that she was not inferior to Ouyang Ruyan .

"Why do you compare yourself with Ouyang Ruyan? She is just a wh.o.r.e . Do you still care about the Third Prince till now?" Nangong Yixuan didn't know why, when he heard that comparison, he felt a little angry .

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"Hha, Brother Yixuan . Tonight, I'm not going to show my care about that man but to take back what I lost . I don't want to compare with her . I just want to let people know that Hua Yueling is not a deserted wife without the Third Prince . I can be at ease as well as happy in my life . And the most important thing is that I'm going to handle the case . It's just the best excuse and cover for work and play . Why don't I make myself more beautiful and make brother Yixuan more enviable?" Hua Yueling came to Nangong Yixuan and reached to hold his arm . Tonight, Fourth Prince's gentility and n.o.bleness had a good manifestation from his white orchid brocade robe with gold thread .

Hua Yueling stood beside him . The colors of their clothes were so harmonious and radiant with each other .  What a perfect match!

"Ha ha, we are well matched . " On hearing this, Nangong Yixuan blushed and withdrew his hand from hers in embarra.s.sment .     

"Ling'er, it's late . Let's get on the carriage . " Nangong Yixuan's heart fluttered .  If Hua Yueling uttered out again tonight, he was afraid to be killed by his Third brother . But If he didn't, he was afraid that Ling'er would be rejected .

"Alas, these days, married women are not welcome .  All men like virgins . " Hua Yueling smiled and shook her head .

"Ling'er, I . . . I don't mean that . It's just that men and women should keep proper distance . Don't woolgather . " Nangong Yixuan knew she misunderstood .

"No, I don't .  But it's the fact .  Never mind . Although I'm not a virgin, I still have a high requirement . I said that the man belongs to me must be waiting for me, and he must be the best!" Hua Yueling picked up her long dress and got on the carriage .

Nangong Yixuan looked at Ye You in embarra.s.sment, while Ye You's facial expression was sullen, as if someone owed him five million yuan .

Nangong Yixuan hurriedly got on the carriage, and saw Hua Yueling sitting still, caressing her bag .

"Ling'er, I really don't have such an idea . Do you think I'm such a superficial person?" Nangong Yixuan just didn't want Hua Yueling to misunderstand him . He didn't really think that . He just felt a little awkward and embarra.s.sed .

Hua Yueling looked up at him with her slanted eyes, and suddenly grinned, "You don't have to apologize . I know . It's OK . By the way, is Yujin ready?" Hua Yueling changed the topic . It was not modern society . Men and women here have to keep distance . Nangong Yixuan was good for her .

"Yes, everything is ready . " Nangong Yixuan reached out to hold Hua Yueling's hand and said, "Ling'er, I didn't mean it just now . Don't take it seriously . " Nangong Yixuan didn't know why he was a little distressed about her . He was afraid that his unintentional behaviors would hurt Hua Yueling . In this aspect, no matter how powerful a woman was, she would be vulnerable .

Hua Yueling smiled and shook her head, then she turned over her hands and patted his clean and white hands .  She thought that this man really took it seriously, but she was very happy, because his apology meant that he cared about her .

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The Story Of A Stroppy Princess Chapter 38

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