I Heard You Are Going To Marry Me Chapter 20: I Feed You, My Darling

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"You are skilled in judging from appearance. You are so versatile."

An old doctor of TCM was skilled in judging from appearance? It seemed so weird. Su Mo was embarra.s.sed about Xing Biao who was playing up to the old doctor.

Old Zhang did not refuse. He took the money and put it into pocket. Xing Biao found a chair for Su Mo, and the old doctor lifted the leg of Su Mo and put it on the chair. It was really swollen. With gauzes wrapped on the left foot, his shank was also swollen.

"I fell down due to a stone. I did expect that it is so serious."

"What's wrong with it? We'll get married on the 30th day of this month. Will he recovery then?"

"Yes, he will. But he needs more rest. His sprain is serious, with bone fracture and injury on the tendon of his ankle, involving in the shank."

Old Zhang asked Xing Biao to take some liquid medicine for injuries from falls, fractures, confusions and strains. He toasted his hands hot and then ma.s.saged with the liquid medicine until the palms were red. Then he pasted his palms on the leg of Su Mo.

There were severe pains on the foot, the muscles, the place of the bone fracture, rus.h.i.+ng to the brain. Su Mo's face turned pace due to the pains, and he could not help holding the chair.

Xing Biao held Su Mo in his arms.

"Be gentle, ok? He seems so painful!"

Xing Biao rubbed the back of Su Mo repeatedly.

"Darling, breathe. You cannot be beaten by the pains. Look at me, deep breath, breathe!"

Su Mo was so painful and angry but wanted to laugh. Xing Biao was showing how to breathe for him.

"Leave me alone. I'm injured on my foot. I'm not delivering a baby."

Xing Biao took a tumble. Anyway, he was painful. He rubbed repeatedly on Su Mo's back side of head, as if he was rubbing a dog.

"Relax, darling. I'll buy you some candies later."

"Leave me alone."

Su Mo pushed him away, and his hair looked like a chicken with messy feather. He glanced at Xing Biao fiercely.

"Why are you glancing at me? I'm afraid that you are painful."

"You were like comforting a woman delivering a baby just now, and you are like cheering up a child. You make great progress. Your wife delivered a baby for you and the baby grew up within a minute."

Old Zhang laughed, and pasted his palms on the leg of Su Mo again. It was not as painful as just now. The heat permeated to subcutaneous tissues through the skins, and the blocked blood vessels were broken through, relieving the pains a lot.

The old doctor had really good skills.

Xing Biao squatted, staring at the skills of the old doctor.

"Is it good for him if I ma.s.sage for him every day?"

"The leg has obstructed blood vessels due to bone fracture. He feels sore and swollen on his leg if it is drooped all day long. It is good to ma.s.sage for him, to avoid arthritis when he grows older."

"I'll ma.s.sage for you every night, darling."

"Do you have time?"

Old Zhang interrupted Xing Biao before Su Mo said something.

"What about your baby? What about your brothers and your workplace? You have no time to recheck for your injury. You have time to do such things?"

Xing Biao covered the mouth of Old Zhang. Did he want to cause the dispute?

Su Mo smiled at Xing Biao.


"That is the name of somebody."

Xing Biao glanced at Old Zhang fiercely, "stop talking!"

Su Mo nodded.

"You'd better not telling a lie."

Xing Biao had sweat on his back. Saying nothing else, Su Mo had especially obvious threatening meaning.

"Old Zhang, keep quiet! Or I'll smash here."

Old Zhang did not look at him at all.

"You can talk to me if you have time. I'll tell you all things about him from the year he was 18. I'm sure you don't know that he was beaten seriously or hunted down by others. I,"

"Old Zhang, it's finished. So we're leaving. I'll take him here again for recheck at the weekend."

Xing Biao held Su Mo and rushed out before he put down the bottom of the trouser leg for Su Mo, as if there was a dog chasing after them.

The face was very important to a man. He could not ask Old Zhang to say something about his embarra.s.sment in front of his darling. Or he could not establish his prestige.

Old Zhang rolled up his sleeves, and laughed when he saw the view of Xing Biao's back in a hurry. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d was loved by somebody.

Xing Biao put Su Mo in the car.

"Wait a moment. I'll get that bottle of liquid medicine."

Old Zhang carried the bottle of the liquid medicine at the door, snorting at him.

"With sharp eye expressions, that young man is not simple."

"Of course he is not simple. He is brilliant with high educational background."

Undoubtedly, Xing Biao was attracted by that young man. He seemed so happy with that young man. That was his darling but not his son. He deserved to be attracted. Xing Biao could not control a smart guy.

Xing Biao got on the car happily.

"Let's go home and have a see there. I've finished the decoration. You tell me what else do you want, and I'll buy them."

"You just send me to the building of the lawyers, and I have an appointment with somebody and talk about work."

"I can feed you."

"Please remember that I'm a man. I'm not your toy boy."

"But your face is really white. I'm serious that we'll get married soon, and your foot is injury now. Do not work lately. You can get back to work later. I do not mind what kind of work you do. You just work happily. By the way, you can work as my legal adviser. All employees in my company are illiteracies. Our accountant is an economic prisoner discharged from the prison not long ago."

Su Mo was curious about the brain circuits of Xing Biao.

"You employ an economic prisoner to work as your accountant? Aren't you afraid that he may embezzle the capital of your company?"

"Anybody may make mistakes. 80% of the employees in my bodyguard company have previous convictions, including me. They want to seek for a legal job to live an ordinary life, but they are not selected by ordinary work posts for they have been thrown into prisons. Some of my old acquaintances come to me to seek for a job. I have to try my best to take care of them. That young man, the accountant, was a top student in a finance and economics university. He had a girlfriend after graduated from his university. His girlfriend insisted on buying a house, and he had no other choice but embezzling some money of the company. He intended to repay later, but he was detected in the accounts check. He was then thrown into the prison. The vice-general of my company, the leader of the action team and the public securities of the entertainment venues used to be thrown into prisons, too, but they work well now."

Xing Biao did not care about it. Every one needed a new start after making some mistakes.

"We have a lot of accounts now. I don't understand some of them. You can help me if you have time. The end of every month is the most bothering time for me. I don't want to read the account books, really."

"How do you manage your company with messy accounts? Do you know the expenditure and the benefit of every month?"

"s.h.i.+t. It's not as straight as fists."

"You are rash and mindless, not skilled in management."

Xing Biao was so lucky that his company did not go into liquidation. Did fists solve everything?

"Darling, don't work for others. You deal with these things for me in the company, and I deal with other things. What about that? We work together to manage the company."

Xing Biao thought it really a good idea.

"We are really perfect match, and we can complement with each other."

"Do you know disadvantages of mom-and-pop stores? Do you know disadvantages of family business? I can buy some books for you to read. I'm not a major of economic management. I'm a lawyer."

"You are so smart. You will be good at everything."

Su Mo snorted, and he was pleased about the flattery.

"I'll see the environment of the building of lawyers that I am invited to work in. You just wait in the car then."

"How long?"

"One or two hours. I have a lot of things to talk about."

"Do you know the person in charge?"

"My previous senior fellow apprentice."

"A man?"

Su Mo stared at him, and asked, "What do you mean?"

Xing Biao touched his nose and said nothing. Su Mo was handsome, and that senior fellow apprentice had been acquainted with him for many years. Did that guy like him? But Xing Biao did not dare to say. He was obedient with a contemptuous look from Su Mo.

I Heard You Are Going To Marry Me Chapter 20: I Feed You, My Darling

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