Refining The Mountains And Rivers Chapter 71: Demon Lord

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Qin Yu sat cross-legged under the Radiant Scarlet Tree, his energy surging throughout his body, rumbling like thunder! His eyes suddenly open, flas.h.i.+ng with vigor while his robe fluttered. A powerful aura—like mercury—flew out and stirred the dust in a large area.

The 2nd layer of the Golden Core realm!

After carefully feeling the extent of his power, Qin Yu showed a bit of a smile but soon sighed lightly, seemingly out of helplessness. Radiant Scarlet Fruit was indeed formidable, having such degree of pure spiritual energy of heaven and earth. The best proof was his cultivation that rapidly reached the 2nd layer of the Golden Core realm in only a month.

It was unfortunate that even using the Radiant Scarlet Fruit had a limit. After ingesting it, the body's absorption process was really slow—not because he grew resistant to it—but that his body was unable to endure being bathed in this high purity spiritual energy for a long time. Qin Yu persevered for a month—only because of his resilient body—while any other early Golden Core cultivator couldn't last more than a week.

It was good that his body's exhaustion could be relieved with some rest, in just a month. It was just so sad that his cultivation speed halved... If other Golden Core cultivators knew Qin Yu's thoughts, they would have strangled him to death, all the while cursing his 'pitiful' situation!

Qin Yu didn't waste the time while recovering, as it could be seen from the use of Beast Manipulating Art to control the Blue Winged Ants. Along with a profound and broad part of the myriad of information—from The Art of Medicine— he also needed a long time to learn and comprehend them.

Even if it might not all be useful, a day may come when he would receive unimaginable benefit from using just a fraction of this knowledge, or it could even save his life. This was all for the future, but it was always good to have more skills. Thus, Qin Yu immersed himself in the two profound records, mulling them with keen interest.

A month later, Qin Yu resumed his cultivation.

Through the course of rearing the Ant King with the Great Sun Tree, it became much stronger. It surpa.s.sed its compet.i.tors and the buzzing of its wings was more p.r.o.nounced, all the while its fondness for Qin Yu reached extremes. Receiving master's order, it immediately sent its minions to pluck the Radiant Scarlet Fruit, and formed a pile on the ground.

Seeing the Ant King pleading for a reward, Qin Yu laughed and took out several Great Sun Tree leaves. This guy was so excited it was s...o...b..ring. It threw some glares at the ants' pitting looks and began gorging itself. Only the Ant King was allowed to eat Great Sun Tree leaves, so he could control the entire ant swarm through it. If not, when another Blue Winged Ant reached the level of a king, the swarm would divide and give him a headache.

Once he began, Qin Yu didn't let things be half done, and since the Radiant Scarlet Tree had no way of stopping him, the Blue Winged Ants picked it off of all he needed.

As each layer was overcome, a Golden Core's cultivation showed noticeable improvement. With a difference of two layers, the weaker one had no hope of winning. The exception being someone with a valiant and inherited strong body, a freak like Qin Yu. Regarding this, something had to be pointed out. Cultivation at the Golden Core realm was very difficult, to the extent that even the initial Golden Core cultivator, had an outstanding talent for advancing one layer in three years.

Even with a cheat like Radiant Scarlet Fruit, Qin Yu could reduce the difficulty to only a third. He just recently reached the 3rd layer of Golden Core, after spending almost five months. Without any restraint on using the Radiant Scarlet Fruits, along with staying under the Radiant Scarlet Tree, this amount of time made even Qin Yu blush inwardly. While the two Golden Core cultivators who entered with him, improved in just a month, without eating any fruits.

In comparison, the meagerness of his apt.i.tude was enough to scare people. If it weren't for the Little Blue Lamp, his life would have been fated for mediocrity. There were many wondrous and extraordinary things in this vast world. With the existence of this heaven-defying item like the Little Blue Lamp, it was certain that there were also ways of improving one's apt.i.tude. If the chance revealed itself in the future, he would definitely seize it.

Everyone had inside them, the dream of reaching the top!

Qin Yu shook his head of these thoughts. He already stayed here for half a year, and even though there was no one to disturb him, as he continued like this the chances of being discovered would only grow. Breaking through two layers could be said it was a considerable harvest, and knowing when to stop was an excellent way to escape unscathed. But seeing the tree filled with fruits, it made it hard for him to leave like this.

Everyone knew it wasn't good to be greedy, but who could help themselves, who could resist the temptation before them? Those calm and determined people were all shooting their mouth off, only talking rubbish.

The cloudy sky above the valley began to s.h.i.+ft. The heavens seemed to have sensed Qin Yu's hesitation and they made the choice for him. An invisible pressure, heavy as a mountain, landed on Qin Yu's chest. Even with his cultivation of the 3rd layer of Golden Core, his chest tightened and felt difficult to breathe.

The Blue Winged Ants shrieked restlessly—flapping their wings—but not daring to leave the Radiant Scarlet Tree. Through the Soul Imprint, Qin Yu was able to sense the fear inside the Ant King. Just what made these Golden Core devouring ants terrified to such extent?

The Radiant Scarlet Tree shook strongly, releasing thick scarlet light—akin to flames—from every part of its trunk, dying the valley in red. The original gentle and peaceful light became as red as blood; cold, severe and deadly! The fruits on the branches withered, shriveled and fell. The pure spiritual energy has—at a crucial time—returned to the tree.

Flames appeared in the sky. Their scorching heat was so powerful that its frightening temperature could be sensed from afar. This was the ability of the Radiant Scarlet Tree's Domain. Just what happened, to even make the Radiant Scarlet Tree spare nothing and extend its Domain to such limits? Was it refusing the terrifying being from reaching here?

At this thought, Qin Yu felt as if he sank into an ice cave. He just couldn't understand what could possibly make the Radiant Scarlet Tree so frightened. What was important, was that he was still here! Qin Yu finally understood the saying 'The burning gates are a disaster for the fish in the moat'(1). 'So much hesitating, if I live after this, the next time I should leave, I will definitely leave!'

Clenching his teeth, Qin Yu stood up. Even this simple movement left him pale and panting for breath, yet he began staggering to the edge of the valley. The culprit was definitely aiming for the Radiant Scarlet Tree, since he was disregarding the entire Ancient Immortal Valley. The farther he was, the safer. This was the only solution he could come up with, and as for the aftermath, he would have to deal with it one step at a time.

A loud sound suddenly echoed, like the heavens were falling. Qin Yu's scalp went numb, and when he lifted his head, he was just in time to see the flaming sky rupturing. The Radiant Scarlet Tree shook greatly, as many scarlet leaves burst to pieces. It received a tremendous. .h.i.t when the Domain was forcefully broken, but what was terrifying was what happened next.

Through the crack in the sky, a white skeletal hand emerged—several hundred zhang in length—s.h.i.+ning like jade and overflowing the heavens with its vicious aura. Qin Yu's mind was overwhelmed and rooted in place, as in his mind he saw a great hand breaking the sky and coming to grab him.

Spitting a mouth full of blood, Qin Yu was on the verge of collapse, feeling his mind hacked by a blade!

Without pause, the big white skeletal hand went to grab the Radiant Scarlet Tree, intending to uproot it.

The Radiant Scarlet Tree's branches swayed, its scarlet light came like a tide, but proved to have no effect against the white skeletal hand. A lofty figure appeared right when the white skeletal hand was about to grab the Radiant Scarlet Tree. His white robes were fluttering, as it faced the vicious white skeletal hand with just a finger.

When they collided, a cry of thunder came from the nine heavens, followed by a boundless wave of power spread outward. Qin Yu was lifted and then thrown away, as blood flowed out of his seven apertures. His body had countless cuts, and if it weren't this powerful, he would have been shaken apart!

The white skeletal hand trembles a bit then turned into s.h.i.+ning specks and disappeared. A loud laughter came from the crack, "Pill Cauldron, this Lord despises you. It seems you have become stronger over the years."

The white-clothed Daoist was calm, "You exaggerate Demon Lord. For me to tie with you, I had to borrow the sacred tree's power."

"Hahahaha, you're so straightforward. Too bad you never take a step outside of the Ancient Immortal Valley, making it impossible for this Lord to kill you."

Daoist Pill Cauldron lifted his head, eyes s.h.i.+ning like stars, "Demon Lord, whether you can kill me or not is yet to be clear, but if you don't leave now, you might never get the chance."

A m.u.f.fled rumble echoed in all directions, as the Ancient Immortal Valley's great formation was activated. If all of its power were to be released, then not even a Nascent Soul could escape.

Demon Lord sighed, "Your Radiant Scarlet Tree is truly no bad, such a pity..."

A white bone hand reached for Qin Yu, less than a hundredth then the one used to grab the Radiant Scarlet Tree, but it was enough to deal with a Golden Core cultivator. This instant, Qin Yu's frozen stiff body was locked on by a ferocious beast, unable to talk, escape, or even think.

The Ant King—on the Radiant Scarlet Tree—let out a mournful cry. Sensing the danger its master was in, it recklessly flapped its wings and charging over. A sigh reached his ears, as the earth burst and a thick root came out to meet the white bone hand.

The root broke into countless fragments, but it also temporarily stopped the white bone hand. Daoist Pill Cauldron also rushed over, saying simply, "Seems like Demon Lord is very curious about the Ancient Immortal Valley's great formation, so don't leave!"

The crack in the sky quickly closed while the Demon Lord laughed coldly and his aura disappeared.

Daoist Pill Cauldron wasn't careless, intending to completely activate the great formation—scattering the fierce aura around him. His ruddy face paled, while fine wrinkles seemed to have deepened. He looked at Qin Yu with s.h.i.+ning eyes.

Qin Yu was sweating like a pig, feeling as if he left the wolf's den only to enter the tiger's cave. His mouth moved, but no sound came out as his throat was bone dry.

Daoist Pill Cauldron's expression grew weird. He made some hand gestures and gave off a knowing look. He watched Qin Yu from time to time, and every time his eyes grew brighter. He sighed suddenly, "It's Heaven's Will. I never had a disciple for all my life, and never imagined I will meet him today. Kid, are you willing to take me as your Master?"

As if he was struck by lightning, Qin Yu's entire body went numb. The endless thoughts about begging for his life vanished on the spot.


'Are you sure you didn't get the wrong script? Is this a serious, cruel and fierce xuanhuan play? Just where did this dumb melodramatic scene come from?'

Daoist Pill Cauldron's thick old face had a hint of red when Qin Yu looked at him in deadpan. He coughed once, " Don't think too much, kid. You finally witnessed a bit of this immeasurable world. Follow this old man out of this place." As he spoke, he brushed away his sleeve and they both disappeared.

The Ant King was angry and was about to chase after him but the Radiant Scarlet Tree let out a light and carried it back on the tree top. The broken earth squirmed like a stampede of animals and all cracks soon vanished—along with the broken leaves and branches.

Silence returned to the valley.

Refining The Mountains And Rivers Chapter 71: Demon Lord

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