A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Chapter 1043 – He Will Become The Military“S Commander–In

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Chapter 1043 He Will Become The Military“s Commander-in-chief

The bull-headed guys walked to the front of Mamy Restaurant. It was already very late at night, so there weren't any pedestrians in the streets. They, too, had no idea how long they had slept.

“Dasha, the door is already locked, so how do we go about grabbing him? How about we find a place to sleep for a while longer and take action when the sun rises tomorrow?” Ersha said as he rubbed his eyes and yawned.

“You are right.” Dasha nodded, but then he quickly shook his head. “No way. The king said we only have three days to do this. We've already spent one day on the road. If we don't get him out of the city today, we won't be able to make it in time.”

“Then, what do you think we should do? The door's already locked,” Ersha said in panic.

“We are not here for a meal, who cares if the door is locked. We can just kick it open. It's also easier to kidnap him in the middle of the night.” Dasha slapped Ersha on his head and smiled.

“You are right.” Ersha nodded with a sheepish smile.

The door of this restaurant was just a wooden door which didn't look very secure. He was a 4th-tier minotaur demon who could easily send 10 doors like it flying with one kick.

Dasha was watching leisurely at the side. The king was wasting resources by sending the two of them to capture a human cook. They couldn't even have a good night's sleep.

Ersha's kick on the wooden door seemed to have landed on a piece of iron. The wooden door didn't move an inch, but his leg was already numb from the impact.

“This wooden door is made of iron?” Ersha mumbled, stunned.

“Did you forget to eat dinner, Ersha? You can't even kick open a lousy door like this!” Dasha laughed at Ersha who still had his foot on the door. He was prepared to push him away and do it himself.

“A 4th-tier attack was detected. a.n.a.lysis: The intruder's abilities are too low. Threat level is 0. No need to inform the Host. Activate automatic defense system. Activate Rebound technique, rebounce by 10 times!”

A line of words as tiny as ants flashed across the deep part of Mag's mind.

A green light flashed over the wooden door.

Ersha, who was about to retrieve his right leg, felt a scary force on his foot, just as if he had been kicked. He became a parabola and landed on a gra.s.s patch 20-30 meters away.


Ersha's shrieks could be heard.

Dasha blinked, but he still didn't understand what had happened. Ersha was kicking the door and ended up sending himself flying. He turned and ran over to Ersha when he heard his screams. “Ersha!”

Dasha dragged Ersha out of the gra.s.s and looked at his right leg that was already deformed.

“Ersha, what are you doing? How did you get yourself into this, you dumba.s.s?” he said in shock.

Ersha grabbed his leg with a painful expression, and said, “That door, it kicked me!”

“Let me have a look.” Dasha squatted down and started to twist around blindly. He successfully twisted off Ersha's broken leg totally.

Dasha stood up and wiped away the sweat on his forehead as he faced Ersha, who looked very pale, and said, “You should feel better like this?”

“Mh-mm, the pain is less obvious.” Ersha nodded.

“That's good.” Dasha was relieved. He picked a big rock from the side and walked toward Mamy Restaurant furiously. “Dumba.s.s, how dare you hurt my brother? I will smash you into smithereens!”


The rock crashed into the door and made a thud sound.

Then, that rock crashed into Dasha's head with an even faster speed, and sent him back next to Ersha.

“Dasha, are you okay?” Ersha asked Dasha, who was still lying on the ground, in panic.

“I… am still okay… Can you feel whether my head is still on my neck?” Dasha asked dizzily.

“Your head is still there, but your horn…” Ersha looked at the half of a bull horn left on Dasha's head before he swallowed his saliva. “Your horn is gone…”

“What!? My horn…” Dasha's eyes flicked open, and he saw that broken half of his horn. His eyes rolled up and he fainted straightaway.

“Dasha! Dasha!” Ersha crawled over and patted Dasha's face. He looked at the restaurant with a woebegone look. “That door is possessed! I have to report this incident to the king!”

Roth Empire. The Royal Palace.

In a resplendent hall, the king of Roth sat on the high throne, and the first prince, Sean, and the second prince, Josh, stood below it.

There were only three people in the great hall.

The three most exalted people in the Roth Empire. The current ruler and the future ruler all stood here today.

“Just two more months before the eight species have to renegotiate the new peace treaty. How do you two think Roth Empire should go about the negotiation?” the king asked the two of them calmly.

Sean took a glance at Josh before he clasped his hands together, and said, “Your son believes that after 100 years of development, our Roth Empire's power has far exceeded all the other species, except the giant dragons. We shouldn't renew this peace treaty. Instead, we should take this opportunity to expand the territory of the Roth Empire to the entire Norland Continent!”

There wasn't any change in the king's expression, but his hand that was holding two spheres clutched a little tighter.

“I do not agree with my royal brother.” Josh stepped forward, and said to the King, “Father, although our Roth Empire was getting stronger in the past few years, and is stronger than the usual species, it's still too early for us to conquer the entire Norland Continent. Even though the giant dragon tribe is not united, they would never sit aside and watch us conquer the Norland Continent. Furthermore, there were many alliances forming among the species recently. If the Roth Empire goes to war with two species simultaneously, I am afraid we cannot win easily. Hence, your son believes it's still too early to talk about conquering the Norland Continent now.

“We should renew this peace treaty. However, we should ask for the rea.s.signment of territory. Given our Roth Empire's powerful strength, we should be ent.i.tled to a wider area. Those weaker species will cede some to us if they want to avoid a racial war. Subduing the enemy without fighting is the best outcome.”

“Territory isn't something that could be gained via talking,” Sean said to Josh in a sarcastic tone. “Even those goblins hiding underground wouldn't cede their territory so easily. War is the only method to rea.s.sign Norland Continent's territory. The iron hooves of the Roth Empire will flatten all our enemies!”

“The number of sorcerers in Magus Tower is increasing rapidly now, and their power has improved tremendously in the past few years. Given enough time, they will become the strongest combat power in the empire,” Josh said to Sean, t.i.t for tat.

“That's enough.” The king's deep voice interrupted their argument. His lips curled in a smile. “You two seem to have forgotten about one person.”

Sean's and Josh's demeanor changed slightly. Obviously, they had not forgotten.

“Tomorrow, I will make it known across the world that as long as he returns to the Roth Empire, he will become the military's commander-in-chief.”

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Chapter 1043 – He Will Become The Military“S Commander–In

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