A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Chapter 184

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Chapter 184: Sorry, But I Have A Cooking Job To Do

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Someone is stealing an electric bike? No, there are no electric bikes in this world. But the alarm…

My bike! Mag became worried and quickened his pace. He hated bike thieves—he had lost several pro race bikes to them, and some of them were limited-edition models.

When he reached the gate, he was surprised to find his bike being surrounded by many people who were craning their necks to get a better look. Some were parents, some were teachers, and others were probably just pa.s.sers-by.

The alarm was still ringing, with the screeching of the cat.

Mag raised an eyebrow. What's going on?!

“I'm sorry, I…” the old man said apologetically to Mag.

It's just a bike. No need for all this fuss. Mag didn't understand.

“Mr. Hydle, the owner is here!” the orc shouted to the crowd.

“Please disperse. There's nothing to see here,” Hydle said. Then the crowd parted and looked at Mag.

“Hi, I'm Hydle, the dean of the mechanical school. I saw you ride this. Can you please tell me what this interesting object is? Did you make it yourself?” Hydle asked with a smile, his eyes full of curiosity.

Mag's bike had really intrigued them. It was like a work of art, s.h.i.+ning in the sun. Some even a.s.sumed it was a new sculpture made by the Chaos School.

They were wondering how it was making such a loud noise.

They looked at Mag, waiting for his answer.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Hydle. This thing is called bike. I guess you could say that I made it,” Mag said with a smile, relieved when he saw his bike and the cat were both safe and sound.

The Chaos School had a primary section and a secondary section. Children in the primary section studied basic knowledge. The secondary section was somewhat like a university; it had a magic school, mechanical school, language school, etc., and they would provide all kinds of talents for the Gray Temple and the Lord of Chaos City.

I guess it makes perfect sense for a dean of the mechanical school to take such great interest in this bike, Mag thought.

“Bike…” Hydle murmured. “I like its name. Oh, I'm sorry. I touched it and it started ringing.”

The crowd was staring at Mag curiously, wondering if he had cast a spell on this bike.

Mag smiled. “Don't worry about it. It's just the alarm.” He touched the lock and his fingerprint unlocked the bike immediately. The alarm stopped ringing.

“Meow, meow!” Ugly Duckling cried happily. It looked toward the gate as if trying to find Amy.

Mag touched its head. “Amy is in cla.s.s right now, and she won't be back until noon. We'll wait for her at home.” He spotted Dicus in the crowd and nodded to him with a smile. He then got on his bike, ready to leave since he had to open soon.

Dicus nodded and smiled back. He won the race fair and square; he must be somebody.

“Can I ask you a few questions about this bike?” said Hydle. “We can talk more in my office. I've been trying to make a vehicle that can run without horses. I think maybe you can join me in this project.”

“The dean is inviting him to join his cause? They have been working on this project for decades.”

“Yeah. I heard the princ.i.p.al said 15 years ago that every partic.i.p.ant of the project would be hugely rewarded if it succeeded. Many people want to be in. There're only seven core members, and they are the best of the best in mechanics and iron working.”

Some teachers started to chat, whispering to each other. Dicus also looked very surprised. He knew about that project. The Lord of Chaos City had also seen the value in this project, and funded it because he knew it would change the world once it succeeded.

Smiling, Mag shook his head. “Sorry, but I have a cooking job to do. Maybe another day.” He patted the kitten on the head to signal it to sit down.

He had to go. He didn't want to waste another minute here.

Hydle stared at Mag with wide eyes. He couldn't believe that he got rejected, and with such a ridiculous excuse too.

The crowd was no less shocked than Hydle. He just threw away such a great opportunity like it was nothing. Is he arrogant or stupid?

Dicus smiled. Interesting.

“Good morning, Mag. What are you doing here?” Luna asked, walking over to him with a handbag.

“Good morning, Luna,” Mag said with a smile. She was wearing a long black dress and the same silky scarf with a golden lily around her shoulders. Clearly, she really liked that scarf. “I took Amy here to study magic. She's in the magic school. Come to the restaurant when you have time. I've got to go now.”

Luna nodded. “Okay.” She watched as Mag pedaled off. What is that?

The crowd was even more shocked now. That thing goes so fast!

“Teacher Luna, do you know that man?” Hydle asked, looking excited.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Chapter 184

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