A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 261 She Will Get Better!

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The smell made Luna's mouth water. She took a look at the kids eating happily, and then took a bite of the chicken.

Her eyes widened in surprise. The soup is scrumptious, and the chicken is so tender and soft. She recognized fire chicken, but she didn't know how Mag had made the soup so delicious.

Luna picked up a piece of s.h.i.+take. What's this? An aromatic smell tickled her nose. It looks like some kind of mushroom, but it smells so much better than other mushrooms.

Maybe the secret of the soup lies in this. Luna put the s.h.i.+take into her mouth and bit into it. The soup came out; meanwhile, the s.h.i.+take tasted silky, and had a chicken-like texture.

After she swallowed, the delicious taste lingered in her mouth.

"My compliments to the chef," Luna said. Yangzhou fried rice, Roujiamo, and tofu pudding, and now this braised chicken and rice. Every dish of his is so different; he's really talented.

Mag smiled. "Thank you."

The kids finished their food in no time. All but two boxes were empty. A seven-year-old boy put the lids back on carefully, and asked Mag, "Can you lend me the two boxes, sir? I want to bring these home to my sister."

"Sure. These boxes are disposable. You don't need to give them back to me." Then Mag took a box of braised chicken and a box of rice from the bag. "And take these. Don't let your sister go hungry." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"But I don't want to throw them away. They're good containers. Can I keep them, sir?" Jessica asked Mag, touching her boxes.

"I want to keep them too," others echoed. They held the boxes in their arms as if they were something precious.

Mag was touched by their plight. Children as they were, the worries of everyday life were already weighing down on them; they were struggling to survive.

Mag smiled. "All right. You can keep them."

"Thank you, sir!" they cried in delight, and held the boxes over their heads as if they were prizes they had just won.

"It's getting dark. I gotta go home. Bye, Teacher Luna, mister, and Amy," a kid said, and ran away with his boxes.

The other kids said their goodbyes and left too.

"Be careful! And take the major road!" Luna reminded them as she watched them leave.

"I have to head home too, Amy. Mother is waiting for me," Jessica said. "Thank you for the food. I hope to see you and Ugly Duckling again soon." She flashed an innocent smile and touched the kitten's head.

"How is your mother, Jessica? Is she still coughing? Did her eyes get better?" Amy asked with concern.

Jessica looked a little down. "Her health has worsened…" She paused for a moment, and smiled. "But she said she would get better in winter, and that she would be able to do needlework again. Then I won't need to go out in the cold to scavenge."

Her mother is sick? If she was ill in bed right now, I don't think she would survive this winter, Mag thought, frowning. Amy was in a similar situation to her. If her mother died, she'd be left alone.

"Don't worry. She'll get better soon," Amy said, patting Jessica on her shoulder. Then she pulled out something from her pocket, and held it behind her back. "I have a present for you, Jessica. Guess what it is?" she said mysteriously.

"A pretty stone?"


"Heart-shaped roots?"

Amy shook her head again. "No." Then she pulled her hand from behind her back and revealed a yellow b.u.t.terfly hairpin. "Yellow is your favorite color, right?"

Jessica's eyes lit up. "Yes! It's so beautiful!" She hesitated for a moment, and then shook her head. "I can't take it. It will look much better on you."

"No. It will look better on you. Let me put it on for you." Amy stood on tiptoe and put the hairpin in her hair. "It looks perfect on you, Jessica!"

She smiled. "Really?" She rolled her eyes upwards, trying to look.

"Yes." Luna smiled. She was touched by their friends.h.i.+p.

"Thank you, Amy!" Jessica hugged her friend and touched the hairpin lightly.

Mag pulled out a dragon coin, and secretly put it between the box of braised chicken and the box of rice.

Mag tied up the bag and handed it to Jessica. "Take this home with you. Be careful not to spill the soup."

"Thank you, mister. I'm sure mother will get better after eating this."

"I'm afraid that is not some sort of magic bullet. You must take her to a doctor."

Jessica nodded. "I will." She waved at them. "Bye, Teacher Luna, mister."

Luna smiled. "Bye, Jessica."

Then she waved goodbye to Amy and left, holding a bag and two empty boxes.

"They will grow into respectable adults," Luna said as she watched Jessica's back.

Mag nodded. "Thanks to you. You're a good teacher."

"Will her mother get better, Father?" Amy asked, worried.

Mag touched her hair with a smile. "I'm sure she will."

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 261 She Will Get Better!

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