A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 265 Could She Be His Wife?

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After breakfast, Mag packed food for Kra.s.su and wheeled the bike out.

Ugly Duckling hesitated a long while between home and the bike. It chose the bike at last. Mag didn't understand why it didn't like staying home by itself.

As Mag locked the door, he took a look at Mobai's forge. It was closed, like yesterday. Weird. I hope he won't invent anything too destructive. He was a little worried about the safety of his restaurant.

Mag walked into the school gate with Amy. The door of the magic room was left ajar. He knocked on the door, pushed it open, and walked in.

"Good morning, Amy," Kra.s.su said as he held a flask-like gla.s.s container, in which were three potions of different colors: red, blue, and white. They were in the same container, but they wouldn't mix.

"What is that, Master Kra.s.su?" Amy asked curiously.

Mag was also intrigued. The magic potion made by this old magic caster must be very powerful. Maybe it's some kind of magic barrier that can protect Amy.

"Prepare to have your minds blown!" Kra.s.su said, smiling enigmatically. He shook the gla.s.s container vigorously. The three potions swirled and intertwined with each other. Suddenly, a three-colored rose appeared from the mouth of the container. Kra.s.su plucked it and handed it to Amy. "Do you like it?"

Amy smiled a big smile. "Wow. That's really amazing, Master Kra.s.su. This flower is so beautiful!"

Mag gave a wry smile. Apparently, he had never seen this coming. Didn't he go a little far just to impress his disciple?

"Did you bring braised chicken and rice and tofu pudding for me, Mag?" the old man asked with antic.i.p.ation.

Mag nodded. "Yes." He put the bag on the table.

"That will be 1,050 copper coins, Master Kra.s.su," Amy said, holding out her hand. "And I had a braised chicken and two bowls of rice and a tofu pudding this morning. That's also 1,050 copper coins." She smiled.

Kra.s.su couldn't help but smile. "Okay." He and Urien might be the only two masters who had to pay for their disciple's everyday meals.

Mag felt a little bad for the old man, but he took the money anyway.

"Oh, I can't bring Amy back this afternoon. You have to come pick her up at 4:30," Kra.s.su said as he opened the bag carefully.

"All right." Mag stroked Amy's hair and left.

When he got back, a few people were already waiting in line. They greeted him and gazed wonderingly at his bike.

Mag smiled back, opened the door, walked in with Yabemiya and Sally, and closed the door again.

The people outside started chatting.

"That beautiful elf went in as well, why?"

"Could she be his wife?"

"Maybe. I've never seen his wife."

"No. She can't be. She looks around 18, but Mag's daughter is already four."

"A 300-year-old elf can look as young as her. They can live up to 800 years, don't forget. And those who can use life magic are able to stay young forever."

"She's a new waitress, I think. If she were his wife, she would have keys, but she was waiting outside with Yabemiya."

Mag put the bike away. He took a look at the dizzy kitten, and then turned to his waitresses. "It's your first day working here, Aisha. Just relax and take it slow. Try not to make too many mistakes."

"Do you need my help with the fire chickens?" Yabemiya asked.

"No. I bought chicken drumsticks. You two can have some rest." She's really a good worker.

"Okay," she said, a little disappointed.

"Maybe we can dance a little…" Sally suggested in a whisper. Some of the dance moves were too s.e.xy for her, but somehow she couldn't get the dance out of her head. She had even practiced a lot by herself last night.

"Can we?" Yabemiya asked Mag, excited.

"Sure." Mag took out the music box and turned it on. I may be an exploitative boss, but I let them do whatever they want when there is no work.

The people outside were still chatting, but they had changed the topic.

"Something happened to the restaurant yesterday."

"What? Mag went out to find ingredients, didn't he?"

"Yes. But in the afternoon, I heard someone attacked the restaurant, and completely leveled it. There was even a crater a dozen meters deep in the ground!"

"Oh no! Who would have done such a frenzied thing?!"

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 265 Could She Be His Wife?

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