A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 455 Kebabs And Cold Beer!

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"Please give a review for the restaurant upgrade: five stars is extremely satisfied, four stars is very satisfied, three stars is neutral, two stars is dissatisfied, and one star is very dissatisfied." The system's voice sounded.

"One star, very dissatisfied," Mag immediately replied.

"That's a malicious review! You just said that this was perfect, and you're clearly very happy with the upgrade! The system has video footage as evidence!" The system's enraged voice sounded.

"That's right, it is indeed a malicious review. What are you going to do about it?" Mag put on an infuriating smirk.

"What you have done is very unscrupulous, and I'm going to lower your credit rating, and decrease the cap on the loan you can take out! I'm also going to—" The system was furious.

"You want me to amend the bad review, right?" Mag continued to smirk.

The system's words immediately faltered, and it hesitated momentarily before asking, "I would, but would you be willing to change it?"

"Give me two copper coins, and I'll adjust the review," Mag replied.

"That's not right! I only asked for one extra copper coin from you for the playground, but you're asking for two just to amend your negative review!" the system grumbled.

"If I ask for just a single copper coin, then I wouldn't be making any profit. I have to at least earn back a copper coin." Mag pursed his lips with a hint of impatience as he urged, "Are you giving it to me or not? If not, I'm going to increase the price."

"D… Deal!" the system spat through gritted teeth.

"Ding! Two copper coins have been returned to your account!"

A content smile appeared on Mag's face upon hearing that, and he adjusted the negative review.

He turned his attention back to the outdoor dining area, only to find that there were a few outdoor umbrellas situated off to the sides. Those could be used to keep out the sun, and were also useful during brief showers. After that, Mag returned to the restaurant, and prepared to go to bed.

Right at that moment, the system's voice suddenly sounded. "Ding! The restaurant has been successfully upgraded, and a review has been left, so an additional reward had been unlocked: one beef kebab recipe! One beer-brewing recipe!"

Mag's footsteps faltered, and a surprised look appeared on his face as he asked, "What did you just say? Beef kebabs and beer?"

"That's right. Due to the fact that you were able to upgrade the restaurant to level two in just a month and a half, the system is rewarding you with the recipes for beef kebabs and brewing beer! Keep working hard, improve your cooking skills, and upgrade the restaurant as quickly as possible at the same time. There will be more rewards waiting for you down the track!" The system's vehement voice sounded.

"Alright, I'll be sure to do so." Mag gave an offhand response, but his attention was already drawn to the two s.h.i.+ny golden experience bags in his mind.

Kebabs and beer was the ideal midnight feast combo, which he hadn't thought would be realized so soon!

The beef kebab recipe has been rewarded, so the lamb kebab recipe can't be far away, right? That would be even more perfect when eaten with cold beer. An elated smile appeared on Mag's face.

After going upstairs, Mag was wondering whether he should work on the kebab recipe or the beer-brewing recipe, but then he heard Amy utter a painful groan as she lay in her little bed.

"Hmm?" Mag quickly switched on the light, and made his way over to Amy's bed. Her face was a little pale, and her brows were furrowed as she clamped her little hands over her stomach with a pained expression.

"Amy, are you alright?" Mag hurriedly cradled Amy in his arms, only to find that her little body was a slightly cold, which made him even more concerned. Something like this had never happened before.

"F-Father, my stomach… hurts…" Amy forced her eyes open in a feeble manner before closing them again as she clutched her stomach.

It must be the ice cream! What do I do now? There are no hospitals around here! Mag instantly began to panic. At the same time, he was kicking himself for giving in and allowing Amy to have that ice cream before bed. That was not something that a good father would have done.

His experience as a father had been quite a smooth one so far, but that was mainly because Amy had always been very good and obedient. However, he was still a noob father that had only been on the job for just over a month, so he was at a complete loss for what to do.

"Meow~" Ugly Duckling had also woken up, and it rubbed its head against Amy's little hand with a concerned look on its face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

I don't know where Sally lives… Wait, I can go find Xixi! Mag's eyes lit up as he wrapped Amy in a blanket, and quickly carried her downstairs in his arms.

Xixi's nature magic had super powerful healing abilities, so it should be just as effective as Sally's life magic. Furthermore, she was living in Urien's magic potion shop, which was very close to the restaurant.

"Ms. Xixi! Ms. Xixi! Are you there?"

Mag held Amy in one arm while knocking on the magic potion shop's door with his other arm.

"Mag?" The door was opened, and Xixi emerged as she rubbed her bleary eyes with a perplexed expression on her face. The big and burly Lulu stood behind her, and he looked at Mag with his usual bashful smile.

"Ms. Xixi, Little Amy is suffering from a stomach ache. Can you use your magic to treat her? She seems to be in a lot of pain." Mag immediately gave an urgent explanation.

"Come in." Xixi immediately snapped wide awake upon hearing that, and she turned her attention to Amy, who was wrapped in a tight blanket coc.o.o.n, before quickly striding into the magic potion shop. Lulu hurriedly followed behind her.

"Place Little Amy on the counter here. Did she eat something tonight?" Xixi pointed a finger, and the oil lamp in the corner lit up. A dim yellow light illuminated the magic potion shop as she turned to Mag.

"She ate half an ice cream cone before going to bed tonight. I shouldn't have let her eat it. That must be why she's having a stomach ache." Mag gently placed Amy on the counter with a self-critical expression on his face.

"Children's bodies aren't as strong as adults'. You need to be more careful next time, Mag." Xixi adopted a serious expression as she placed her hand on Amy's forehead, then on her lower abdomen. After a short while, she heaved a sigh of relief, and said, "Don't worry, it's not a big issue. Stand back a little."

Mag immediately backed away slightly, but his nervous gaze was still fixed on Amy.

Xixi hovered her hand over Amy's lower abdomen, and her little body levitated up from the counter. A green light began to emanate from Xixi's hand, and a tiny green seedling sprouted from Amy's lower abdomen. The green light then fell like a shower, enveloping Amy's entire body.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 455 Kebabs And Cold Beer!

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