A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 589 If I Don't Go To Hell

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The lava demons behind Sargeras also roared in unison with the same reverent expressions on their faces. They spread open their arms, and the same reddish-golden flames also appeared on their bodies, igniting veins of lava that flowed throughout their burly frames.

Sargeras clenched his fist tightly, and the flame was snuffed out. He then led the lava demons on a circular march on the stage. Their movements couldn't be referred to as graceful or elegant, but they were surprisingly quite synchronized, and their reverent expressions made it appear as if they were performing an important ritual or ceremony rather than a dance.

Mag's eyes lit up as he turned off the two spotlights. The reddish-golden flames lit up the entire stage, while the lava demons exuded a powerful scorching aura. Their reverent expressions and powerful movements made them appear as if they were performing a ritual around a volcano rim.

"That's the lava demons' Fire Ritual Dance. I didn't think I would ever get to see it again." A hint of surprise intermingled with melancholy appeared on Kra.s.su's face as he looked at the lava demons.

"It somehow feels like I'm witnessing something quite sacred," a young man remarked.

"You're right, and they look so cool dancing in the darkness light that. It felt a little scary at first, but I'm really impressed now!" a young woman exclaimed excitedly.

"This is most likely a ritual rather than just a dance," an elderly man whispered, clearly rather displeased with the commotion the young people were making.

Such an awesome dance deserves some good background music… Mag thought to himself before a thought occurred to him. His eyes abruptly lit up as he instructed internally, "System, play 'If I Don't Go to h.e.l.l'!"

Tense and fast-paced music began to play. Sargeras faltered initially upon hearing it, but then his eyes gradually lit up. This music was very suitable for their dance, and he fell in love with it straight away. A long time ago, the lava demons had musicians that performed during their rituals, but they had all disappeared over time, and their skills were not pa.s.sed down. As such, he was very happy to have such an appropriate background music complementing their dance.

All of the other demons also wore similar expressions as they settled into a new rhythm to match the music. With the music's rhythm guiding them, their footsteps became even more accurate and synchronized than before. Their stage presence also improved significantly as a result, making for a marvelous spectacle for the spectators.

"As expected, the Burning Legion's ritual dance coupled with this background music creates a great combination." Mag nodded with a pleased expression. It appeared that his experiment had resulted in a resounding success.

With their new background music, the Burning Legion was immediately able to set the atmosphere alight. Many of the spectators were beginning to sway along with the music as they looked on, transfixed by the lava demons' rhythmic ritualistic dance.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

The background music drew to a conclusion, and Sargeras raised his right fist as he roared, "Burning Legion!"

The lava demons raised their hands in unison, and roared, "For roujiamo!"

Silence settled over the entire crowd before everyone burst into raucous laughter and applause. Everyone had been stunned by the powerful dance they had witnessed, but they were quite amused by that final chant.

"That was a very spectacular performance. Seeing as you all danced as part of a group, you can get two gift boxes of mooncake. You can choose whatever flavor you'd like." Mag also wore a smile on his face. Even though he had heard that same chant being repeated many times, he was still struck by the urge to laugh every time he heard it.

"Hehe." Sargeras wore a bashful smile on his face as he rubbed his hands together in an embarra.s.sed manner. Kiel, Mond, and the others all also wore similar expressions.

"Boss Mag, what's that song that you just played? My blood was boiling when I heard it. It would be great if we could have this music every time we performed our Fire Ritual Dance. Our brethren would also be really happy to hear it." Sargeras and the others were very interested in the name of the song. The addition of the music had completely taken their dance to another level, just as if it had injected soul and purpose into the ritual. That was quite a wonderful feeling.

"The song is called 'If I Don't Go to h.e.l.l'. If you'd like to play this song during your Fire Ritual Dance, you can come to me and I'll lend you my music player. All you have to do is play the song on loop," Mag replied with a smile. He hadn't thought that these lava demons would get hooked on the song.

"Alright, thank you in advance, Boss Mag." Sargeras nodded with a smile before departing with the lava demons.

Following the Burning Legion's performance, all of the customers were eager to perform again. With a gift box of eight mooncakes of their choice available as an incentive, many customers began to take the stage.

Some performed magic spells, some performed acrobatics, and there were even some who simply put on a lovey-dovey show… One of the latter performances was performed by Xixi and Lulu, and they were greeted by a chorus of boos from all of the single spectators present as they got off the stage with their prize of mooncakes.

The gift boxes were soon all given out, and all of the remaining mooncakes had been distributed. Amy's trio had already changed into qipaos at that point, and they performed a "Spring is Here" dance to conclude the celebration.

All of the spectators gave a round of enthusiastic applause following the performance, and they began to depart following Mag's announcement of the festival celebration's conclusion.

Everyone left with joyful smiles on their faces. The performances they had witnessed today might not have been performed by professional entertainers, but they somehow possessed far greater entertainment value. Furthermore, there were delicious mooncakes for everyone to sample, making this moon festival celebration a very memorable event.

"Mommy, Mommy, will there be a moon festival tomorrow as well?" A little boy was looking up at his mother with antic.i.p.ation in his eyes.

"Boss Mag said that the moon festival is an annual festival, so we'll have to wait until next year for the next one." The young woman patted the little boy's head with a smile on her face.

"Alright then…" The little boy was rather disappointed, but his eyes soon lit up again as he said, "Then I'll just have to wait until the moon festival next year. I still want to eat delicious mooncakes, and I want to perform on the stage next year as well!"

Benevolent smiles appeared on the faces of the surrounding bystanders upon hearing that. The little boy's words echoed the thoughts in everyone's hearts. Even though the moon festival was a foreign one to them, it had been deeply ingrained into their hearts following this spectacular celebration. Furthermore, there were delicious mooncakes to sample as well, and everyone couldn't help but look forward to the same occasion next year.

"Thanks for your efforts, everyone. Here are some mooncakes I prepared for all of you. You can take them home and share them with your family and friends." After Sally cleaned up after the celebration, Mag brought out another large basket of mooncakes, and handed them out to Xixi, Lulu, and the others.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 589 If I Don't Go To Hell

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