A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 761 That's A Great... Pity

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Mag took a final glance at Yuri for looking away. He was lucky that he'd backed down in the end. Otherwise, Mag was considering whether he should use his one chance to return to the height of his powers and send the big-headed prince to the other side.

He was perfectly capable of doing something like that for Amy's sake.

However, it appeared that he wasn't actually very interested in Amy. He was indeed a genius, but his EQ was probably even lower than Amy's.

With that in mind, Mag was feeling a lot more relieved.

At the same time, he began to consider the impact that this battle armor could potentially have on this world.

To a certain degree, it had dealt a heavy blow to Mag. He was just preparing to promote his steam engine, and Yuri had already developed a Gundam. He felt as if he had been completely overshadowed.

Thankfully, steam engines were suitable for basic industrial work, while these suits of battle armor were cutting-edge high-tech constructs that required the use of magic spell formations, so they would certainly expend a lot of resources to produce.

As such, it would be very difficult to facilitate ma.s.s production, while that limitation didn't exist for the steam engine.

In any case, Mag could see the potential for Yuri to become a brilliant scientist.

This kind of science was only possible in a magic world like this. The ability to integrate magic into his inventions set him apart from all of the scientists on Earth.

Perhaps I should also consider some alternative avenues and not restrict myself solely to Earthly technology. Mag nodded with a contemplative expression. Yuri's Gundam had broadened his horizons, providing him with the idea that it was perhaps plausible to incorporate magic into some revolutionary Earthly inventions.

Kra.s.su also withdrew his stern gaze from Yuri.

Meanwhile, Yuri himself sheepishly sat back down next to Irina. He cast a surrept.i.tious glance at her, only to find an intrigued smile on her face, and a chill suddenly ran down his spine.

"Little Mushroom Head, have you forgotten that I said I was going to get my daughter to marry you?" Irina asked with a smile.

"What? Did you say that? When?" Yuri feigned an oblivious expression.

Irina's expression immediately cooled. "You dare to forget?"

Yuri's face immediately fell as he put on a pitiable display. "Please spare me, Big Sister Irina; I feel like… I feel like a big-headed freak like me definitely isn't worthy of your daughter."

"Looks like you do know your place, after all." Irina nodded with a content expression.

"Huh?" Yuri's eyes widened with surprise. He had thought that Irina was going to force the marriage arrangement on him, but it appeared that this wasn't her intention.

"You're not going to get your daughter to marry me anymore?" Yuri asked hesitantly.

"You've already lost that opportunity," Irina replied with a shake of her head.

"That's a great… pity." Yuri was almost unable to suppress his smile.

"I hope you won't regret this in the future. My daughter is going to be the second most beautiful woman in the world." Irina was looking at Yuri with a hint of pity in her eyes.

The Gundam that Yuri had offered was quite a shock to everyone, creating even more of a stir than Sean's Crimson Flame Sword did.

All of the presents offered by the guests and officials were much more mundane in comparison, and there wasn't anything particularly noteworthy.

Following the present-offering segment, the king's birthday banquet drew to a conclusion.

The king had important matters to discuss with the representatives of each race and a few high-ranking officials, while everyone else began to disperse.

Kra.s.su euphemistically turned down the king's invitation to attend the meeting and prepared to leave with Amy.

As she rose to her feet, Irina stole a glance toward Mag, just in time to catch him also looking at her. Their eyes met, but she quickly withdrew her gaze and departed with the representatives of the other races to a side palace.

"Father, will we meet Big Sister Irina again?" Amy asked with a concerned look.

Mag nodded firmly, and said, "Of course we will."

"That's not difficult to arrange. If you want to see her, I can take you to meet her any time," Kra.s.su interjected.

Only after the king had departed from the palace did everyone rise to their feet. Mag hadn't gone far when someone patted him on the shoulder, and an excited voice sounded from behind him. "Boss Mag, do you remember me?"

Mag turned to discover a beaming Abraham, and he smiled as he said, "Duke Abraham, to what do I owe this honor?"

This lackadaisical yet benevolent duke was quite unique in the Roth Empire. He was very approachable despite his lofty status, and Mag had a rather positive impression of him.

Abraham sighed with a hint of awe in his eyes. "Looks like you do remember me. I thought you were just a streetside vendor yesterday, but who would've thought that you'd be coming to cook for His Majesty today? If I'd known this earlier, I would've asked you to prepare a portion of your dishes for me as well. I really want to taste that braised chicken and rice and spicy grilled fish as well."

Duke Abraham was almost pouting like a little girl as he spoke, and Mag had to repress the urge to laugh as he nodded, and said, "If you have a chance to visit Chaos City, you can come to my restaurant, Mamy Restaurant, for a meal. It's in the Aden Square, and there are many more dishes that you can choose from."

"Really?" Abraham's eyes immediately lit up. Just that black pepper steak alone had been absolutely phenomenal, and it sounded as if Mag was capable of making more than just those three dishes.

Abraham thought to himself for a moment before immediately arriving at a decision. "How about this, Boss Mag? You come and live at my manor today, and I'll go back with you whenever you're returning to Chaos City."

"Are you in that much of a hurry?" Mag looked at Abraham with a rather surprised look on his face. He was one of the 10 great dukes of the empire, yet he was willing to leave with Mag to Chaos City right away just for the sake of satisfying his stomach. Such an avid foodie really was quite rare. Mag considered his invitation before shaking his head as he said, "Thank you for your kind invitation, Duke Abraham, but I'm feeling rather tired today, so I want to go back and rest with my daughter. We're preparing to head back to Chaos City first thing in the morning the day after tomorrow, and you can come with us if you'd like."

"I see. I'll be sure to come and see you then." Abraham nodded with a slight forlorn expression, but he was very determined to go to Mag's restaurant as quickly as possible.

After Abraham left, Mag carried Amy out of the palace, only to be greeted by the sight of Luna and her grandfather.

"Teacher Luna!" Amy opened her arms joyfully, and Luna carried her over from Mag with a smile on her face.

"Mr. Mag, my name is Byron Field, and I'm Luna's grandfather." The elderly man strode forward and extended his hand toward Mag.

"Greetings, Master Byron." Mag hurriedly shook Byron's wizened hand. Despite his old age, his brown eyes were crystal clear and twinkling with wisdom.

Byron smiled as he said, "Mr. Mag, your multiplication table is a stunning invention. If possible, I'd like to invite you to partic.i.p.ate in our numerical system debate tomorrow. Would you be able to attend?"

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 761 That's A Great... Pity

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