A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Chapter 816 – My Daughter Is A Half

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Chapter 816 My Daughter is a Half-elf

The city lord's castle located in the eastern part of the city was still brightly lit, and there were still many employees entering and exiting the buildings as if there were no end to the work that they had to do.

In a quiet study located in the western part of the city lord's castle, there were two figures standing in front of a desk with solemn expressions on their faces, inspecting a map of the Norland Continent.

After a prolonged period of silence, Novan sighed. “The re-signing of the peace treaty in three months most likely won't progress very smoothly. Alex isn't dead, and he killed Benson as well as six other 10th-tier beings from the demon, orc, and forest troll races. Even though they've been dealt a heavy blow, their alliance won't be willing to swallow this bitter pill.”

“No, what we have to worry about right now isn't them; it's what he thinks,” Michael said as he slammed his hand onto the word “Rodu” on the map.

The restaurant suddenly fell silent, and all of the elves stared at Mag with incredulity in their eyes.

The restaurant owner who had just provided them with an unparalleled culinary experience was now also going to be looking after them?

They had suffered a horrendous ordeal at the hands of the demons, and even though Princess Irina saved them in the end, she had only guaranteed that no one from the Wind Forest would hunt them down again.

But why was this restaurateur, an ordinary human, offering to help them? And how was he going to help them?

Blour and Sally were also staring at Mag with unadulterated shock in their eyes. Boss Mag was undeniably a good person, but he was also most definitely not someone who liked to attract trouble, so why was he suddenly offering to take care of these elves? Could it be that he had some kind of brilliant plan in mind?

Uncle Mag really is a good person. Anna stared at Mag and recalled that night at the entrance of the restaurant. Mag was far from the most powerful being on the scene, yet he had been the first one to charge out of the restaurant while wilding his chef's knife.

Indeed, Mag wasn't someone who liked to attract trouble. Even though he was very sympathetic toward these elves, working overtime and cooking this meal for all these elves was already the extent of what he was willing to do. As for where these elves were going to be settled in Chaos City, that was not his concern.

However, after hearing that Irina had been the one to save them, those words suddenly slipped out of his mouth. Mag looked at all of the astonished eyes that were fixed on him, and he heaved an internal sight. Seeing as he had already made a promise, he was going to see this through to the end.

Thus, he turned to Blour and Sally, and said, “I have a few connections in the city lord's castle; perhaps I can get them to provide us with some a.s.sistance. If all of you want to settle permanently in Chaos City, you'll be able to receive protection from the city lord's castle and the Gray Temple if you become legal citizens of the city.”

“We can become citizens of Chaos City?”

All of the elves' eyes lit up upon hearing this. They had heard some stories about Chaos City, depicting it to be safe haven for elves where they didn't have to worry about being attacked and hunted by demons. However, due to the pressure that the Wind Forest was exerting on Chaos City, it had become exceedingly difficult for elves to become citizens here.

But now, Mag was claiming that he could organize for them to become citizens of the city; this was undoubtedly fantastic news for them.

“Can you really do that?” Blour was also elated to hear this. He had considered getting the elven emba.s.sy to arrange citizens.h.i.+p for all of the these elves, but in that case, Yngwie and the entire emba.s.sy would be seen as the enemies of the elven race, and it had yet to be seen whether the emba.s.sy would even be able to organize citizens.h.i.+p for the elves in the first place.

However, if Mag could correspond directly with the city lord's castle to organize a place for the elves in Chaos City, then that would undoubtedly be the best solution.

Mag nodded with a smile, and said, “I'm not sure if I'll succeed, but I'll do my best.”

“Thank you.” Blour rose to his feet and extended a deep bow toward Mag.

All of the other elves also rose to their feet and followed suit in order express their grat.i.tude toward this human who they'd only just met, yet had provided them with an incredibly delicious meal, and was now going out of his way to help them.

“There's no need to thank me, everyone. My daughter is a half-elf, so we're all friends here.” Mag smiled as he said, “Let's go to the city lord's castle now. I have limited s.p.a.ce here, so I won't be able to accommodate all of you; perhaps the city lord's castle will have a better solution.”

“Alright.” Blour nodded in response.

Mag then turned to Sally, and said, “Aisha, Amy is still asleep upstairs. If you don't mind, can you look after her for me? If you're tired, you can sleep here tonight as well.”

Sally hesitated momentarily as she looked into Mag's earnest eyes, but she nodded in the end, and replied, “I can do that.”

“Anna, you go back to bed as well. Uncle Blour will come to pick you up tomorrow.” Mag stroked Anna's hair with a smile on his face. It was quite cold outside, and both he and Blour were going to be quite busy, so it was best for her to stay at the restaurant for one more night.

“Alright, Uncle Mag.” Anna nodded obediently before latching onto Sally's hand and giving her a warm smile.

“Thanks for your hard work,” Mag said to Babla with a smile on his face. Babla's spatial magic had made the serving process a lot more efficient tonight. It appeared that the more customers there were, the more her abilities would come in useful.

Babla wore an indifferent expression on her face, but the corners of her lips perked up ever so slightly as she turned around, and said, “If there's nothing else for me to do, then I'm going back upstairs to read my book.”

Blour leaned down with a smile on his face, and said, “Goodnight, Anna; I'll come to pick you up tomorrow.”

“It's a promise, then,” Anna said with a serious look on her little face.

“For sure.” Blour nodded in response.

Mag led the elves out of the restaurant, and headed directly toward the city lord's castle.

The group of around 100 elves naturally drew a lot of attention from the pa.s.sersby on the streets, and everyone was wondering when so many elven beggars had appeared in Chaos City.

Blour wasn't traveling with the rest of the elves. Instead, he was walking along quite a distance away to avoid having any connections drawn between him and these elves.

The city lord's castle was still brightly lit by the time the group arrived, and the guards outside the gates all wore tense expressions while placing their hands on the hilts of their longswords at the sight of such a large mob approaching the castle.

“Wait here for me for now.” Mag indicated for everyone to stop before hurrying over to the guards alone.

“Greetings, Boss Mag. Why have you come to the city lord's castle at such a late hour? And who are those elves?” The leader of the guards was quite relieved to see that Mag was the one leading the group. He had been one of the guards present during the conference between the dragon and the demons held at Mamy Restaurant, and after that, he'd become a loyal customer of Mamy Restaurant, heading over for a roujiamo whenever he had some spare time on his hands.

“I have something to report to the city lord in person, so I hope you can report this matter to him.” Mag had naturally also recognized this leader of the guards as a regular customer at the restaurant, but seeing as this was an official setting, he didn't try to use this personal relations.h.i.+p between restaurant owner and customer to his advantage.

“Alright, please wait for a moment; I'll inform the city lord right away.” The guard leader nodded before quickly departing. The city lord had issued orders that if Mag were to visit the city lord's castle, the city lord had to be immediately informed.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Chapter 816 – My Daughter Is A Half

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