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Alec stayed quiet as he listened to the man speak. Though he was listening to the proctor speak, his eyes were lingering on the runes that floated in the air, just waiting to be activated.

He'd made out that the array would cause them to fall into an illusion where they were in a separate s.p.a.ce.

His head tilted and his eyes moved around, giving the others the illusion that Alec had no qualms about ignoring the proctor's words. It only made them sneer. Of course he was acting this way.

They hadn't expected that he would act any other way in the first place. He wasn't even paying attention! This was Edward Little. Edward Little, alright?! They felt honoured that they could bask in his presence, but the brat wasn't even paying him any attention!

What they didn't realize was that Edward's eyes had lingered in interest on Alec's actions before turning away, continuing his explanation like he never noticed.

There were four stages of the array proficiency test for masters.

The first test would take a total of six hours, no breaks. It was the test to gauge the basics of their acc.u.mulated knowledge. Basically, they were to take a written test regarding their general and specified knowledge about arrays and runes.

After that, without taking a single break, they would have another test that required them to solve various problems and defects within a number of arrays, yet again for six hours. The more they solved within these six hours, the higher their score.

Not only that, they had to fight against the remaining candidates for the 'questions'. Someone who was too slow would be left eating the dust. The inst.i.tution really wasn't making things easy for anyone who wanted to call themselves an array master.

After that, they were to present their already prepared 'new' array to a panel of judges.

If they pa.s.sed that stage, they would be directly allowed to take the last stage, where they had the span of a day to modify an array. The question theme of the last exam would be provided to the candidates that remained for them to follow.

The first three stages of the exam were the 'easy' stages, whereas the last stage was the one that truly tested whether or not the candidate deserved the t.i.tle of array master.

Alec thought that it sounded simple enough. The proctor's explanation was easy to understand, and the duration of it wasn't long either.

If the other examinees were able to hear Alec's thoughts, their spittle would long have started flying.

Simple? Simple? Simple his head!

Did he know just how much focus and concentration taking four continuous tests without any breaks needed?

Not to mention, whatever food or drinks that they ate needed to be factored into that time as well.

They didn't even have any time to go for bathroom breaks – since it cut into their time! They would have to constantly use their magic inside their body to repress their urges. Only someone with fine control over their magic would be able to continuously use their magic without stopping.

There was no doubt that they would have strangled Alec, this abnormality, had they been able to hear his words. This kid that was younger than their own grandchildren was mouthing off because he didn't know how hard it was!

Even though they had been preparing for the proficiency exam for a long time, just how many of them were able to handle the tests that were thrown at them with grace under the strong pressure and pa.s.s?

Everyone who made it to the master rank was a gem that had been thoroughly polished until it sparkled with resplendent light, dazzling others with its splendour, so was it any surprise that the lot of them treated Alec's presence in this exam as anything but a joke?


But this was the reality of their profession. Pride had been bred into their bones, and unless they were shown otherwise, they wouldn't act any other way. You wanted their respect? Then you had to smack them in the face with your skills.

Most of the candidates had been dreaming about pa.s.sing the test for most of their lives.
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Other than Alec, everyone here was at least eighty or ninety years old at least. Was it any wonder that they didn't believe Alec could achieve anything?

The only array master in the room and their proctor, Edward, waved his hand, and the arrays that had been previously dormant activated, shrouding the master candidates in its midst.

Alec's vision blurred out even when he was able to see runes, which interested him.

Still, he moved his attention to the screen that worked like a tablet. It would instantly calculate his score once he submitted his paper.

Alec didn't move to hurriedly write down his answers, instead scanning and reading through the questions one by one.

There were a total of five hundred questions in total. They differed in terms of difficulty and complexity randomly, which would have given others who hadn't practiced as thoroughly a headache.

The other candidates had already long started answering the questions to the best of their ability, skipping over some of the more complex ones.

Edward, who was standing with his arms crossed and looking over the various candidates, felt his eyes linger on Alec, who was reading through with a calm expression.

Compared to the tensed expressions on the other candidate's faces, the calmness that Alec radiated was noteworthy.

The ability to keep calm at all times was something that they valued in the master candidates. Even if the others tried to project a feeling of calmness, Edward could see from the smallest actions that they weren't as calm inside.

Just who was this boy?

Edward checked the registration list that was in his hands and raised an eyebrow. Alecris Neil from the Heavenly Ascension Sect. This was the first time that he'd seen someone from the Heavenly Ascension Sect that wasn't taking the journeyman test the first-time round.

As far as Edward was aware of, the Neil Clan had only produced a single genius array master – Annalise Neil. She'd torn through the exam and excelled at the age of thirty-one, which was just barely older than Edward had been when she'd taken it.

Hearing about her feats had been what led Edward to take the master array proficiency test before he was sure that he would pa.s.s it.

Yet, here was this boy who was sitting here calmly, his eyes a still pool of water. Just where had they found this boy?

Was he as good as he seemed, or was he just boasting without anything to back it up?

Without realizing it, Edward had a little bit of antic.i.p.ation that bloomed within his heart as he watched the young boy's actions.

Finished reading through the questions, Alec picked up the crystal pen that lay by the side and started jotting down his answers at lightning speed onto the projected screen.

Luckily for Alec, he had Awakened the strength within his body evenly and reinforced his bones, so even when he pushed his writing speed to the limit, his body was able to handle it. Followed with his Awakened vision, Alec's speed was noteworthy.

He didn't think that this was somewhere he would have to use his extra attributes, but Alec felt quite happy that he was getting a workout even when he was supposed to be taking an exam. Maybe he could incorporate this into his daily practice as well.

Don't think that this first test was simple and easy. Not only did the candidates have to manage their time tightly, they had to think quickly and write just as flawlessly.

No matter how rushed they were for time, their calligraphy was not allowed to deviate a single iota from when they first began. This was why the screen that usually picked up people's thoughts and reacted to them were presented this way.

It forced the master candidates to write by hand instead.

Many failed out from the first test alone because of this restriction.

To call the master proficiency test hard was calling it lightly! There had been countless evolutions and thoughts put into each stage of the exam that would ensure the person who achieved their rank deserved it fully.

Curse The Mainframe! 118 Proficiency Test Ii

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