Curse The Mainframe! 142 Cacophony Of Sound

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At his words, the rest of them understood what kind of trouble they found themselves in now.

Since it wasn't common, none of them had connected what they were currently experiencing to having slipped into a crack between realms, but now that they knew, they were more settled, if vaguely uneasy about the battle that would be soon to come.

Besides that, there had been a faint unrest and unease at the sight of various strange people that suddenly appeared within the mercenary troop's camp previously.

However, now that they found themselves in such a situation, no one had time to be bothered anymore.

Unlike the mercenaries who were generally uneasy, the Spectres all felt like their blood was heating up their bodies at the thought of a prolonged battle.

Their blood was boiling in excitement at getting to let off steam and ridding themselves of the stress about acting 'good' in the sect. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As expected, following their boss was the right choice!

They'd barely even come under his care, yet the boss was already bringing them out to play!

Being treated to something they loved after experiencing the boss' harsh training, the various Spectres were in such a good mood that their loyalty deepened from Alec's action of calling them out here.

The wind howled in an eerie manner, and the ground continued to tremble under their feet.

The trees that had been far away previously started moving around in an eerie manner that caused the hair on the backs of their necks to stand, causing some of the mercenaries to suck in a breath.

"Don't attack the trees! Those are sentient and react to bloodl.u.s.t and killing intent against it. They're called Vampiric Willows. As long as you don't provoke it, it won't make a move against you. However, just to make sure, steer clear of them."

The trees looked both ominous and alarming, with their deathly-looking appearance and red veins that ran throughout the various parts of the trees, but everyone stayed their hand no matter how close the trees approached.

The trees didn't move too close to them and continued moving without any visible rhyme or reason, in and out of the mercenary camp.

Tatiana suddenly realized that Dietrich's magic was still blocked off by her magic.

Without any embarra.s.sment that she was doing this in front of a crowd, she pulled hooked a hand behind his neck, pulling him down for a deep kiss.

Dietrich, startled, was unable to stop her from doing so, flus.h.i.+ng as all eyes were locked onto them. He wanted to ask what she thought she was doing, but Dietrich could feel his control over his magic returning, causing him to bitterly endure.

Tatiana pulled back and licked her lips in satisfaction, looking at Dietrich with a deep gaze. Well, she didn't really need to kiss him, but she did it this way to cement her image in the man's heart in case someone tried to steal him away.

Dietrich looked away, only to see Alec's terrifying smile, causing him to pale.

The mercenaries whistled and catcalled when they saw their boss have her way with the man that she'd kidnapped from goodness' knows where, the tense atmosphere lightening up a bit.

A brief period of time pa.s.sed before they first saw a monster on its lonesome.

Yet, before the monster could approach them, they were summarily skewered and pierced by the various roots of the strange trees that surrounded them, its limp body hanging off the roots as its life came to an abrupt end.

The monster quickly disintegrated before their eyes, withering and turning into dust in a spine-chilling turn of events.

Not even the bones were left of the monster before, as if it had ever existed in the first place.

More than one person drew in a cold breath.

However, that single monster was only the herald of many more to come.

Alec could tell that a vast number of monsters were pouring in from somewhere, heading towards them at a frightening speed.

Even without having his magic spread out, the calls and roars in the air were heard from a distance away, causing the hairs on the back of their neck to stand. The sounds blended together to form a cacophony of sounds.

Just from the sound alone, they could already tell that there were more beasts than they'd ever seen in a single battle.

The one bright spot in this situation was the presence of the trees that seemed to take the monsters as their enemy as well.

Though it should have seemed bleak, the mercenaries under Tatiana's commands didn't cower or back down. Instead, they stood with their backs even straighter, and their eyes gleamed with desire for battle and the courage to live.

Alec looked at them approvingly. Tatiana really had grown a lot since the last time he saw her.

In comparison, the Spectres were similarly excited for the battle to come, but their form was all over the place. They couldn't even be compared to Tatiana's organised troops at all, causing Alec's face to darken inwardly, but he had no time to correct them now.

It really was too soon to bring them out into the field, but he was also hoping that allowing them to vent some of their dissatisfaction would cause them to be more mellow and susceptible to his commands.

"Listen up," Alec said to his Spectres. "None of you are allowed to die, understood?"

The Spectres' attention s.h.i.+fted to their boss, their eyes gleaming happily at the prospect of battle. "Yes, boss!"

"Pair up in fours. If any team of you end up with a dead member…" Alec trailed off, leaving the punishment to their imagination.

Inexplicably, the Sins felt like they'd been doused in cold water from the threat of punishment. Just their boss' light sparring was already so torturous, let alone having to face a punishment from him?

They didn't want to find out.

Most of the monsters that were approaching thus far were generally rank one, so they weren't hard to kill. It was their numbers that made it troublesome.

Leaving the Spectres to divide themselves, Alec turned his attention to the approaching monster horde. He could feel his own blood thundering in his veins.

The last time he'd felt this way was when he had fought off against Fenrir's and Echo's group, heavily outnumbered.

In this aspect, Alec himself was no different from his bunch of rowdy Sins, so he could understand their excitement.

It had been so long that Alec almost forgot that he was really a Sin and not an Every like he was supposed to appear to everyone else.

His blood revealed his true nature, but Alec's smile remained just as it usually was.

Tatiana took a few glances as Alec's expression, only calming when she saw that there was nothing out of place. This was the little brother that she remembered.

Calm, unflappable but gentle Alec.

Then, she looked at Dietrich, telling herself to keep an eye on him in battle. Though, it wasn't like she thought he really needed it. She still remembered his form when he had been cutting through the bandits like they were hay instead of real people.

The monsters approached all at once. No matter how many of them the trees skewered, they too could not keep up with the tide that was incoming, so the monsters constantly slipped through their net.

Alec was surprised that the Spectres' had not already charged forward to launch themselves into battle, instead staring at him and waiting for his signal.

Alec's lips curled further, pleased. They did learn. However, he himself couldn't quite wait any longer.


The moment that word left Alec's mouth, the Spectres charged forward, launching themselves into the sea of monsters. The screams, yells and blood splatter were like a siren's call to the Sin's primal nature.

On cue, the mercenaries started making their move in the opposite direction as well, steadily advancing as they made sure that none of the monsters slipped past their guard.

Alec slipped into the flow of battle, moving stealthily and quickly. He used his master's gift to him for the first time, allowing him to move around without any problem.

Curse The Mainframe! 142 Cacophony Of Sound

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